Dear Fans/ Random people who read my Fanfiction, I'm terribly sorry that since 2009 I have not written anything since then! Iv been busy with school work and everything that I had forgotten that I had a Fanfiction .." Gomene!

But don't worry, I'll start writing again and I hopefully can fulfil your wishes! :D
to start off with I'm going to continue with this current series tho I can't believe I wrote those last two chapters! Like seriously why in the world does Yuuki keep saying "GET READY KANAME LETS GO TO CLASS I DON'T WANT TO BE LATE" O.o"
it is truly odd to me as I don't even remember why in the world I kept writing that :l
but I all I can say is from chapter 1 to 2 obviously the week end had passed :l
well keep wishing and hoping that I will update it soon!

See you all soon~