Chapter 1: You found me

The last thing I remember was the green shrubbery of the forest, and now I was lying in a pool of blood. How did things change so quickly?

More or less, the thing that scared me the most, was. . . It wasn't my blood I was lying in.

"Mommy. . . Daddy? Where are you?" I asked, my voice crackling.

I looked down at my blood soaked t-shirt. What has happened?

I started to sob. "Mommy?"

Before this my parents and I were hiking thorough the comforting forest I've come to love. I laughed happily as I followed them deep into the trees.

But now everything had changed. But. . . Why?

I tried to get up but stumbled. My eyesight was blurry from the tears.

"Daddy!" I yelled, not sure if he could hear me. "Mommy?"

All that I longed for was a hug.

I looked down at my grazed knees, and cried harder.

I slumped down to the ground, not sure what to do.

"Oh Esme! Don't worry! Your garden will be fine!" said a sing-song voice from the other side of the shrub.

"Mommy? Is that you?" I yelled to where the voice was.

I looked over the bush, and saw 7 people frozen in the forest. They all had their hands over their mouths and noses.

"Everybody stay here. Promise me you won't move." said a man with blonde hair. "I'm going to go and see where the smell is coming from."

I crouched behind the shrub, startled as the man walked in my direction.

I started to sob again. My Mommy and Daddy said not to talk to strangers, so I kept my mouth shut.

Suddenly the man appeared in front of me, with a surprised look on his face.

"Carlisle, what has happened?" asked another women.

The man crouched in front of me, and looked into my blue eyes.

"What's your name little boy?" he asked, looking puzzled.

"I'm. . .I'm Emmett." I said hesitantly.

From behind him came a women with caramel colored hair. Just like my Mommy's.

I cried again.

"Shhh. . . " said the women, crouching next to the blonde haired man with her white hand over her nose and mouth. She reached out to touch my hair.

"My name's Esme honey. This is Carlisle." she said, with a sparkle in her eye.

"Hello," I said timidly. "Do you know where my Mommy and Daddy is?"

They looked at each other. "Your Mommy and Daddy aren't here anymore Emmett. I'm so sorry."

I sobbed into my hands. My Mommy and Daddy were gone. . . Forever. I sighed as I cried.

"Where have they gone?" I asked. Are they being taken care by God now?

"They've gone. . . To Heaven. But they'll be happy there. I promise they will. They wouldn't want you to be upset." said Carlisle, looking down.

"Ok. I'll try to be strong. Can I change my shirt?"

At that Carlisle took off his jacket. I pulled off my shirt and flung it behind a tree. I put the blue jacket on. It was a little too big.

"Thanks. You guys have been so nice." I said, forcing a smile.

Esme smiled at me and picked me up. She hugged me close to her. She smelt like lavender, and reminded me of Mommy.

But where were the others? "I saw other people with you before. Where are they?" I asked confused.

"They had to leave. But you'll see them soon. We're going to take you to our home, and clean you up. Ok?" asked Esme, looking into my eyes.

I nodded, and buried my head into her hair. Before I knew it, I drifted into unconciousness.

I woke up to a white room. I looked around and saw white couches. I was in Esme's arms again.

"Hello Emmett." said Esme, moving my hair from my face.

I smiled up at her. Her hands felt so cold. "Are you ok Mommy.. Uh I mean Esme. . . Your very cold."

She smiled, but looked troubled by something. "Yes honey, I'm just fine."

I smiled, happy she was ok. I looked around me and saw the same people from in the forest. I cringed at the memory.

"Hello Emmett. . . I'm Alice!" said a small girl with spiky hair. I reached up to touch her hair. It was sticking out in all directions. I laughed. She smiled and moved back to sit on the couch.

"It's nice to meet you Emmett. I'm. . . Jasper." said a tall man with brown and blonde hair. He seemed so nervous, but I didn't know why.

"My best friend's name is Jasper!" I said, remembering my friend. He had the best legos. Jasper walked back and sat next to Alice.

"Hi Emmett. I'm Bella." said a women with chocolate brown hair. She squeezed my cheek. "He's adorable!"

I laughed. I'd never been called that before.

Next to her was a tall man, with reddish brown hair. "How are you Emmett? My name's Edward." he asked, smiling at me.

"Good." I said. I liked Edward.

There was 1 more person, I knew it. She sat in the corner of the lounge. She seemed upset by something.

I climbed from Esme's arms and ran to the women. She was very pretty. Her blonde hair was nice.

"Hi. I'm Emmett. You look sad. . ." I said pouting. For some reason, I didn't like seeing this lady upset.

I looked behind me at Esme in approval. I hoped I was doing the right thing.

She nodded and smiled at me.

I stood in front of the women, waiting for an answer.

She looked at me, her eyes wide.

"I'm great Emmett. I'm Rosalie." she said, taking my 2 hands in hers.

For some reason, I could tell she was lying. She was hurt. I wanted to help.

I jumped up onto the couch, and sat next to her.

She seemed stiff. I wrapped my arms around her.

I looked up into her golden eyes. They were prettyful.

She hesitated then responded to my hug. She smiled and buried her face into my hair.

Esme smiled at us.

I closed my eyes. I inhaled her scent. Mmmmm. . . Chocolate.

"You smell nice." I said looking up at her.

She shook with laughter underneath my face.

"Emmett?" asked Carlisle.

I looked at him. "How old are you?"

It took me a while to remember. "I'm 4, nearly 5!"

Everybody smiled at me.

"He has nobody Edward. He's only 4." said Esme, worriedly.

I looked around at her, confused.

"Don't worry about it darling." she said.

I smiled happily, and my stomach rumbled.

Rosalie looked down at me. "Are you hungry?"

I nodded, and she carried me to the kitchen.

"What would you like?" asked Rosalie.

I did love Macaroni cheese, brownies, spaghetti. . .

Within 2 seconds Esme was in the kitchen.

"Macaroni and cheese?" I asked, hungry by the thought alone.

"Sure honey. It will only take a minute." said Esme. I don't think Rosalie knows how to cook.

I nodded, and sat at the counter with Rosalie. "Rosalie. . . " I asked nervously.


"Is it okay if I call you Rosie?" I asked, hoping I hadn't hurt her feelings.

"Of course you can. A lot of people call me that." she said smiling at me.

I kicked my legs as I waited for my food.

"Is it nearly ready Esme?" I asked. I was getting really hungry.

She laughed at me. "Yes Emmett. Let me just put it in a bowl first silly!"

I nodded eagerly. The smell was mouth- watering.

Esme placed the Macaroni in front of me. She handed me a spoon and I shovelled in the first mouth full.

"OW!" I yelped. It was burning my mouth.

In half a second everybody was surrounding me. They all seemed so concerned. Especially Rosalie.

"It's. . . just a little. . . hot!" I yelped.

They all let out a relieved sigh. I giggled.

I kept on eating as everybody forwarded out of the kitchen. Esme stayed with me.

"So Emmett. . . How do you feel about all of us?" she asked.

"You guys are the greatest. Rosalie is my bestest friend already. Your like my Mommy. You guys already feel like a second family." I said, worried about her reaction.

She smiled tenderly and handed me some juice. I guzzled it noisily.

"Emmett. . . What do you think about Foster families?" she asked, sounding a little sad.

Tears weld up in my eyes.

"A foster famwee?" I asked, starting to cry.

"Oh honey! I didn't mean it like that! Come here!" said Esme, coming to hug me.

"I don't wanna leave! I love you guys already. Especially you and Rosie! Please don't get rid of me!" I said, hurt.

I buried my face into her hair.

"Please. . ." I was whispering.

"Shh. . ." said a different voice. Rosie.

I sobbed into her shirt.

"Shh. . .Don't cry little Emmett," she cooed quietly. "Everything will be ok."