The Tri-Island Tournament. The Tournament open to all Time Sweepers and Tom-Toms. The Prize this year is a fragment of the Big Crystal, which somehow went missing...

The Tri-Island Tournament Chapter 1 Registration

Blinx walked up the steps, opened the doors and entered the Time Factory. "Yet another day of work..." he thought unenthusiastically. "There haven't been any good missions, although I guess that's good, since that means that time is working perfectly..." he thought as he stepped onto the giant conveyer belt which went up and down Gateway Hall, which held all of the gateways to all of the worlds. "Hmmm, should I go to the Everwinter world today or the Time Oil Well...?"

Suddenly, unexpectedly, an alarm started sounding in Gateway 1. Then, it spread to all of the other gateways, just like it had a year ago. "Oh no! The Tom-Toms have been messing with the Big Crystal again!" Blinx thought as he ran through a nearby door. He ran up a staircase, opened another door and found himself in the CEO's room.

"Well, well, I didn't think you'd be here so quickly, since I was just about to call for you Blinx." "Oh, but I thought this was a Gateway Room..." Blinx admitted. "Oh well, anyway, I need you to enter the Tri-Island Tournament, which is located at the Sky Castle World. Apparently, the Prize this year is a Big Crystal Fragment, which I believe has been taken from a Tom-Tom" the CEO explained.

"So, you want me to just go to retrieve the Fragment?" asked Blinx. "Unfortunately, it's not that easy. You need to register for the Tournament by going through the portal behind you" the CEO said as a portal to Tri-Island opened behind Blinx. "Once you enter the portal, you will enter the first round instantly. You will be battling a Tom-Tom team called Blackout. After winning the round, you will be given a short break, then you will go onto the next round, then the next, then the next and so on, until you reach the final round." The CEO explained. "Once you beat the other finalists, you will win the Big Crystal Fragment, then you will be instantly transported back here" the CEO finished explaining.

"So, are you ready? If you are, then go now." "I'm going now!" said Blinx, then he jumped into the portal and landed on a triangle-shaped castle in the middle of the sky. He looked around and saw a team of Tom-Toms, all wearing black clothes. Then, a voice from somewhere said '3, 2, 1, Fight!' Then the battle began...