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Day after day had passed, without him seeing her. Her cute smile, her overboard nature, her very presence. He missed her more than anything he had in his life. Absence really did make the heart grow fonder, he mused. She had completely conquered his thoughts entirely, and quite recently, his dreams. In his dreams, there were always sweet tender moments. But tonight, it was something else altogether. It was a dream filled with his love and longing for her.

She stood at the foot of his bed, smiling innocently. He sat up, gaping. She was clad in a sheer black silk nightgown, which ended just above her thighs. It was revealing and seductive; contrary to innocent expression she wore. Getting out of the bed, he stood at its' side. " Kyoko? " he whispered. " Hi. " she said, in a stage whisper, before closing the distance between them. Ren felt as if an M-80 had detonated in his brain, when she cupped his face in her slender hands and pressed her lips to his. Was this really Kyoko? He gathered her close in his arms, running his hands up and down her spine. Her lips parted, and her tongue darted between his teeth. Their tongues battled for dominance while she ran her hands through his silky hair.

Ren slid his hands lower, before coming to meet her bare, silken thigh. Slipping his hand under the gown, his palm met her soft flesh. He skimmed his palm over her soft rump to find the apex of her thighs. Stroking her lightly, all his doubts disappeared when she moaned urgently, rocking herself against his palm. Dipping his head into the curve of her neck, he inhaled deeply. She smelt of roses- like the Queen Rosa he had given to her. Sweet and alluring, the way he knew she would be. Kyoko made fists in his hair, covering his lips with hers and invaded his mouth tantalizingly. Kyoko, he thought. My Kyoko.

The next thing he knew, both of them were sprawled on his bed, with Kyoko underneath him spread out like a treat. Moving his hips between her parted knees, he devoured her mouth like a starving man. When they finally broke off the kiss, it was to slide her black gown over her head. Ren tossed it away, before settling his eyes on her person. Having worn nothing underneath, he reveled in her perfection. Her smooth and fair skin was like silk. Her nipples were hard from wanting. She lay beneath him, her eyes glazed with desire. Goddess, cried his heart. Reluctantly, he moved away, divesting himself of his pants and boxers. Climbing onto the bed again, he placed himself between her thighs. He gently laid a kiss on her forehead and murmured to her " I love you. ", before claiming her lips with his own.

Without breaking the kiss, he ran his fingers down her belly; he gave a light stroke over her honeyed folds. Kyoko lifted her hips in invitation. Ren dipped a finger inside of her and drew the slickness over the sensitive flange of flesh at her opening. At the first touch, she moaned his name softly. He stroked her faster and with more pressure until she climaxed, screaming his name. Ren stared lovingly at her while she laid in his arms, recovering from the aftershocks. Kyoko reached for his face, and kissed him tenderly. Her eyes glimmered with her love for him. He deepened the kiss, and both of them were caught in a frenzy of passion and desire. Somehow, during the kiss, Kyoko had ended on top of him.

He grinned mischievously. Just a bit higher, he thought. Sliding his body lower, he stopped when she was directly under him. He flicked out his tongue, closing his mouth over her moist flesh. Kyoko gasped loudly in pleasure. Slowly, Ren drew her into a crescendo, using his tongue as a butterfly uses its' wings. With each masterful stroke, he brought her higher and higher, while Kyoko gripped the headboard tightly.

At the peak, she spun into paradise, lost to sensation and glorious release. Flipping her onto her back, Ren knelt between her thighs, the head of his shaft pushing at her opening. In one smooth thrust, he filled her hot, wet slickness. As he withdrew slightly, Kyoko wrapped her legs around his waist. He whispered her name over and over again, while she did the same. Kyoko matched him thrust for thrust, both lost in mindless desire for each other. With each push, he took her with him, higher and faster, heading closer to the edge of the cliff, before finally falling staight into the throes of pleasure. Afterward, he lay content, with Kyoko in his arms. He finally had a taste of paradise on earth. With his Kyoko.

When he woke up the next morning, Ren was partly embarrassed, despite feeling blissful. It might have been a dream, but it was so vivid, so perfect. He knew that being with Kyoko would be the best thing that would ever happen to him. Because her smiles always lifted his mood. Because her innocence was too damn endearing. Because she was the little girl whom thought he was a fairy prince. Because she was the reason why he finally felt alive. Because he would do anything for her. Because she was The One.

Author's note:

I know I'm supposed to be working on Operation Love trap, but this idea was too enticing to ignore(: This happens to be my first M-fic, so please review:D Also, I know that the idea seems vague, but this is Ren's dream. He's dreaming it all. I was thinking of continuing this, maybe with dreams from Kyoko, Reino, or Sho. But, we'll see(: Anyways, hoped you enjoyed it :)

Reino: Heyy melina... * blows gently at the nape of my neck *

Me: Yes? * smiling sweetly, but really wants to kill him.*

Reino: Can i be next? I want a scene just like that with Akazukin-chan. * Twirls a lock of my hair around his fingers. *

Me: We'll see alright. I don't think Kyoko would want that. I certainly don't want to die in a crossfire btw you and that Ren.

Reino: Awww... Please? * Gives puppy dogface.

Me: Okay,okay, I'll TRY.

Reino: Excellent. * Grins evilly.