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Kyoko's: My Prince

Kyoko sat at the riverbank, occasionally dipping her hand into the cool water. Her egg palace lay, stacked beautifully by her side. All that was missing was her fairy prince. Somehow, over the years, she missed having Corn by her side. She missed his presence, and how they used to play together. Kyoko clenched her left fist around her most prized possession, the little azure stone. Bringing it close to her lips, she prayed hard, wishing for just one more little thing.

" Please, please, just let me see Corn again. I want to see him one more time…" she wished fervently, pressing her lips against the warm surface of the stone. Her tears were spilling forth as she prayed for her deepest wish to come true. Lifting the stone up to cast the sunlight onto it, she smiled gently when the stone changed colour. I'm being stupid. Corn is a prince in the fairy kingdom. He won't have time to see me…

" Kyoko-chan? " called out a deep, velvety voice.

The tenderness and concern in the voice was unmistakable. Kyoko looked up in surprise, partly shocked at being caught crying. Instantly, the mysterious beauty of the golden haired man in front of her ensnared her.

Her amber eyes met his deep piercing blue ones, and a spark of recognition within her.


Her vision still blurred by tears, Kyoko launched herself into the outstretched arms of her dear childhood friend.

"Corn!" came Kyoko's muffled voice from the crook of his shoulder.

Her body was trembling with happiness as she shyly let go of his neck. Corn looked somewhat surprised and bent forward, pulling gently at her wrists. Kyoko let her arms fall to her sides when she felt him tugging her hands away from covering her face.

Corn pulled her close, soothing her with words. Her tears gradually eased to become soft choked sobs, before subsiding altogether.

Pulling back a little, she looked up and smiled her innocent smile.

Corn smiled softly, murmuring " There. That's the Kyoko-chan I know," wiping the tears from her cheeks. Kyoko laughed, the sound a beautiful tinkling melody.

Two figures lay under the oak tree, its huge spreading canopy of leaves shielding them from the sunshine. A feminine as well as a deep velvety laughter resonated from deep within the woods. Clutching her sides, Kyoko's giggling fit subsided. Kyoko plopped backwards onto the soft green grass, giggling as she admired the blue sky above her.

" You know what Corn, It's really good to see you again. No one has tickled me that much since we were kids," she declared happily, before closing her eyes.

Kyoko missed the slight frown that fell on Corn's face when he heard his name. She glanced over, watching as Corn propped himself up on his right elbow, scrutinizing her. " Kyoko-chan, I've been meaning to tell you, but my name is pronounced Kuon. Ku-on," he teased. "Back when we were kids, my accent must have made it sound like Corn," he continued. " And a corn is a vegetable, which I obviously am not," chuckling as he gestured at his body. Kyoko's closed eyes snapped open. "Kuon? As in Kuon HIzuri? Otou-san's son?" she asked, sitting up quickly. As Corn nodded his head, Kyoko fell back onto the grass again. " I had a feeling that Corn and Kuon were too similar," she said out loud, her eyes snapping shut again. And that was that, she decided.

She was suddenly aware that a shadow was cast over her body. Kyoko opened her eyes, a faint blush spreading over her features when she realized Corn was leaning over her, his face close to hers.

"So how about trying to call me Kuon instead?" he asked, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement. " I- I don't think I c-can…" she trailed, as she turned her head to the side, avoiding his eyes. Kyoko was nervous. Actually, nervous was an understatement to what she was really feeling. Her heart was beating furiously against her chest, her body intensely aware of the proximity of their bodies.

" Try," he answered simply. "K-K-Kuon?" Kyoko said hesitantly, making it sound like a question. " Again," he instructed gently, his fingers softly stroking her bottom lips once…twice…three times. Kyoko stammered out his name again. "One more time," he whispered again. " Ku-" she started, until Kuon claimed her pink lips with his. Kyoko stiffened before relaxing and wound her arms around his neck. A gasp escaped her, and Kuon slipped his tongue into her mouth, as if savoring mind was spinning dizzily out of control as her tongue touched his. Paradise.

She was not sure when their friendship had evolved into something so much more. But somehow it felt comfortingly familiar.

For once, Kyoko wanted to do the unexpected. More than anything else in the world, she wanted this moment. To experience nirvana in this man's arms over and over again.

She needed to do something for herself, just once.

She needed him.

Kuon broke the kiss, his breath unsteady as he gazed into her eyes. His eyes were dark and intense in hers. Her heart did a slow spin in her chest as he lifted their linked hands, and brushed his lips over the back of hers. " There's no one in this world Kyoko. Only you, and me," he told her.

Seeing the look in his eyes, Kyoko tumbled the rest of her way into love.

She lifted her arms and wound it around him, and let herself slide into it.

Into him.

His mouth was patient and passionate, possessive one moment, and teasing the next. She swayed, dizzy from the onslaught, and the fragile scent of roses and dew swirled in her head.

Touch me.

As if she'd spoken it, his hands skimmed her sides, cruising over velvet, tracing curves. Kyoko let out a soft moan at the feel of her body pressed intimately against his.

More. I need more.

His lips travelled down her throat, nipping and sucking lightly at her sensitive spots. And slowly, inch-by-inch, his hands roamed all over her body before finally settling at her hips. Kuon pulled her closer to his form, grinding his hips into hers. Kyoko gasped breathlessly as her hips undulated against his, in a rhythm as old as time. He moved his lips along the slope of her shoulders, making a guttural groan when her hands curiously moved across his chest to his back.

Kyoko buried her face in the crook of his shoulder as she heard him groan in pleasure at her touch. She arched her body into his experimentally, and was rewarded when his breath hitched. Her body was tingling with arousal, her pulse quickening. Kyoko moaned breathlessly when his hands cupped her breasts and his thumbs moved expertly over her hardened nipples. Even with her top preventing total contact, Kyoko felt desire rampantly raging in her.

Kuon busied himself by slipping the buttons from their respective holes. Kyoko's eyes closed, her senses heightened. "Beautiful," Kuon murmured in her ears as he reached down with one hand and pinched her nipples and she bucked under his ministrations. Lifting his head, he clamped his lips over one sensitive bud, while his other hand plucked the other. Kyoko's eyes flew open, her lips forming an 'O' shape. Letting go of the bud with a resounding pop, he moved to the other nipple, repeating his seductive torture.

Kyoko hummed in pleasure, her hands tugging feverishly at his shirt. Smirking, Kuon pulled his shirt over his head and Kyoko's hands roved over every inch of his hot, smooth skin. His relentless hands smoothed over her every curve, as if memorizing them. Kuon pressed his body closer to hers, nudging her thighs apart so that he could insinuate his leg in between.

His hand travelled up the inside of her thigh, before dipping into her skirt and underwear. Kyoko heard her breath echo harshly when his warm fingers toyed with the curls between her thighs, finally delving between her wet folds and rubbed her clit. Watching him, the sudden leap of lust in his smoky eyes left her heart slamming against her ribs. Kyoko blushed when his gaze left hers, travelling down slowly.

Kuon kissed her softly, deepening the kiss slowly while his fingers continued to stroke her. He shimmied down her body, his tongue trailing down south along her navel until his head was between her thighs. Easing them apart, Kuon flipped her skirt up and tugged her panties down in fervor. Kyoko's lids drifted shut as he buried his nose in her warmth and breathed deeply. Her fingers unconsciously moved to his head, holding it tightly in place.

"Look at me Kyoko," he said, blowing lightly on her wet folds.

"I want to see your eyes as I touch you."

"I want to hear your voice crying out my name."

"I want to see all of you," he confessed, his fingers easing her folds apart.

"And more than anything, I want… surrender," he whispered, pressing forward and caressing her moist center. Kyoko sighed and she watched the man worship her core. As her sweet taste settled on his tongue, Kuon moaned, grinding his hips into the ground. Kyoko felt herself coming apart at the seams. It was as if there was a line straight from her center connecting to the rest of her body. Kyoko shifted, her hips rocking in a primal rhythm as their pants and moans mixed.

Kuon continued relentlessly, his lips sealing over her opening, sucking hard. Kyoko felt his tongue penetrating her, sensation after sensation overcoming her. She gasped his name repeatedly, as he took her closer to ecstasy. He plunged two fingers into her slick core, performing a come-hither motion with them. Smiling against her, Kuon nibbled, licked, teased and played with her soaking flesh until a sudden shriek escaped her lips.

Right before the brink, Kyoko's eyes shot wide open, her consciousness returning to her as she woke. She realized that she was not by the river. Lifting her head, she glanced down the stretch of her body only to realize that her dream was not a dream at all. Kyoko could see the top of his black hair, his bent head between her spread thighs. Ren looked up, grinning deviously before continuing what he was doing. She was close, desperately close. And he knew it.

Before she could protest, Ren bit down on her clit. With a flash of white heat, Kyoko shattered and let out a long scream, her body arching off the bed. She felt her entire body convulse in pleasure and heat while Ren's tongue continued manipulating her expertly.

Finally, Ren moved over her, climbing on top of her bucking body and impaling her with one smooth, practiced thrust. His lips moved desperately over hers, searching, seeking her.

Kyoko could feel his entire length, his smooth and hard heat thrusting into her repeatedly, possessively and passionately. Kyoko pressed her hips upwards and wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting him thrust for thrust. As Ren rammed into her, Kyoko felt herself climbing higher towards the edge of paradise.

With one final thrust, her wet walls clamped down tightly around him, milking him. Kyoko screamed as she pulled him closer to her, falling into the pleasure known as nirvana. Ren's eyes fluttered close as he threw back his head and growled gutturally with rapture.

When their bodies finally settled down, Kyoko lifted her head to look at Ren.

"You're awake.".

It was not until later that night that moonlight streamed through the windows. Two bodies half swathed in burgundy silk sheets glowed in its luminescence. It gave them an almost unearthly light, like two lovers who were finally united after many years. In the bed, a beautiful woman with long black tresses lay sprawled, her head resting on her lover's chest.

Kyoko listened to the steady hum of Ren's beating heart. Lifting her head slightly, she watched as he slept contentedly, his arms wrapped protectively around her waist. Chuckling slightly, Kyoko was happy just to watch his angelic face while he slept.

Funny how the prince that she had always been looking for had been the one with her all along. Funnier when the one she had fallen in love with at the beginning turned out to be the same man she fell in love with in the end. Tsuruga Ren, Kuon Hizuri and my prince Corn. They were all one and the same. Kyoko sighed in happiness. They all turned out to be her prince in shining armor.

Kyoko leaned over his sleeping form, stroking his silky hair. She touched her lips slowly upon his forehead, murmuring '' I love you, Corn.'' A genuine smile spread across his features. Kyoko gasped breathlessly as she found herself pinned under the man she loved. Again. '' And I you, Kyoko-chan,'' Ren declared, flashing the exact smile that Kyoko loved on him.

Kyoko's fists flew to half-heartedly attack his chest, struggling to get up. Part of her wanted to sleep, while the other half purred willingly as he feathered kisses all over her. Defeated, Kyoko melted into his embrace and returned his kisses feverishly with her own.

Smirking, Ren drew the covers over the two of their bodies, and they came together again as lovers would in the night.

The End

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