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Major Jennifer Hailey was ordered to the SGC briefing room to await reassignment. There were two other people in the room a young female Dr. Danielle Shaun. She was an expert in numerous languages including Ancient and Jaffa. Hailey had heard of her working in Atlantis until a few months ago but didn't formally meet her. The other was an African-American Sergeant Chris Lawrence.

Hailey miss the SGC. She especially missed going through the gate. She hadn't been through the Stargate for the past year since she was assigned to participate in the study of the Ancient City-ship Atlantis. The wealth of knowledge and secrets were simple mind-boggling. A man could spend a lifetime studying its secrets but couldn't even scratch the surface. It was amazing but she really missed going through the gate. There was a different kind excitement altogether. Reading about ancient knowledge is one thing but meeting new races in person was an even greater thrill. Especially today, there have been some talks about a new team. Rumor has it that the new commanding officer was a young prodigy in the air force and an expert on intergalactic politics. Some believe it was going to be her. Hailey couldn't help but smile at the thought of commanding her own team.

General Landry entered the briefing room followed by a nicely suited man with balding hair I his fifties and a good-looking young man in full dress uniform.

"At ease" General Landry said as he took to the head of the room. His companions took seats in the table. "Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, The three of you will form SG-15 under the command of Lt. Col. Richard Anderson."

Everyone in the room was in a state of shock. Hailey was crushed. She was so sure she would be given command of her own team

"Sir, Lt. Col. Anderson," Lawrence said with a questioning look.

"Well he has just graduated at the top of his class at West Point and he comes highly recommended by General O'Neill himself."

"A fresh graduate sir?" Hailey felt worse as she eyed the young man intently

"I know my boyish good looks may not say commanding officer material but it should," Anderson said sternly.

"What are you like fifteen," Hailey said condescendingly; not intimidated by Anderson's tone.

"I assure you I am older than I look." Anderson said with a knowing smile.

"Those are your orders!" Landry said sternly.

Anderson sat down with a grin on his face as he looked on Hailey as she sat down fuming.

"Now that things have calm down, I'm here to brief you on the current situation," General Landry started to explain, "Everyone this is the situation. It has been three years since the end of the Ori Crusade. Despite this galactic politics has gone from bad to worse. Ori technology has found its way to the Black Market into the hands of the Lucian Alliance. There are a lot of very dangerous technology out there and more than enough bad guys willing to use them."

"There is also a lot of tension in the Free Jaffa Nation. There are dozens of Jaffa factions out there and a lot of them are not too cozy with us. Most of them blame us for starting the Ori Crusade and for standing idly by as they rampage across the galaxy. Unfortunately, the recent incursion of the Superhive in our galaxy has caused the IOA to focus our fleet to battle the Wraith threat. The Jaffa still command a fleet that number in the hundreds. The Joint-chiefs believe this leaves Earth vulnerable to a full scale invasion. One faction in particular, the Illac Renin has steadily been gaining strength and influence over the other factions.

Illac Renin was one of the first Jaffa factions that went Ori. So they suffered minimal casualties. More so off-world sources indicate that they receive several Ori Technology before they decided to fall back to their home-galaxy.

"Illac Renin," Shaun said, "I read a mission report that Teal'c killed its leader a guy named Arkad who was planning an attack on Earth."

"He did as part of a Jaffa revenge plot after an attack on Master Bratac," Landry explained, "Soon after Arkad's death his son Kainan took over."

"Kainan was a crafty guy. He openly supported the Ori priors while giving information and sanctuary to the free Jaffa in secret. After the Prior's learned the truth they were all set to execute him until the Ark of Truth was found and they surrendered. They set him and his followers free and made him the Ori ambassador to the galaxy. They also gave him advance technology to repair the damaged they've done to a number of Jaffa worlds. With the use of these technologies, he has been gaining popular support among many of the Traditionalist groups." Landry discussed.

"Whether he intends to take revenge for his dad or to win over more factions, the President believed we should foster good relations with some of the factions to minimize the threat. Now, Mr. Coolidge will explain."

Mr. Coolidge stood up, "the IOA has however reluctantly decided to authorize the sharing of some of our offensive and defensive technology to Modernist Faction of the Free Jaffa."

"You mean Teal'c's faction?" Hailey interrupted.

"Yes, young lady," Mr. Coolidge gave her cold looks, "We have entered into an agreement to begin a project codenamed "SHOL'VA in exchange for weapons-grade Naquadah, information and defense treaties in the event of an invasion."

"Dr. Shaun will explain the details," Landry pointed out.

Dr. Shaun stood up "As you are aware the Free Jaffa Nation has suffered severe loses due to the Replicator Invasion and the subsequent Ori Crusade. The Modernists faction who refused to surrender to the Ori were the hardest hit. Unfortunately due to centuries of Goauld brainwashing the Jaffa are having difficulties in building new vessels. PROJECT: SHOL'VA is a joint-venture with the Modernists Faction to address this problem. We are tasked to develop a new type of Free Jaffa Battleship integrating Jaffa, Tok'Ra and Asgard technology. For the past year, the Odyssey has been transporting construction equipment and supplies to P7X-227. It is a planet rich with Naquadah away from any habitable planets and the Stargate has a shield-type iris to provide security. We have an underground shipyard there where we are building the prototype in coordination with members of the Haktyl and a number of Tok'Ra scientists. We are currently in the lasts stages of construction and must deliver some Asgard beam weapons."

"The IOA is okay with this?" Lt. Col. Anderson asked looking to Mr. Coolidge.

"Yes, the fact is that the Illac Renin is gaining influence through their Ori designed battleships and they are proponents of the old ways which incidentally include slavery, pillaging, and conquest of vulnerable worlds. Earth has an Amalgam of Goauld, Tok'Ra, Asgard and Ancient with our fleet in Pegasus; we are a prime target for them." Mr. Coolidge explained cooly.

"So SG-15 your mission is to escort these weapons to P7X-227 and assist in the installation. I want you to be ready in an hour. The new Earth Battleship Excalibur will drop you off on its way to rejoin the fleet in the Pegasus Galaxy. Dismissed." Landry said.

As Hailey was about to leave the room, she saw Lt. Col. Anderson stay and shared a knowing look with General Landry. What is up with that guy? Hailey thought. She was frustrated on what to make of this guy. He was young too young but he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and given command of his own team Hailey thought Well he is cute Where did that come from. Hailey thought as she composed herself. He even got a recommendation from General Jonathan O'Neill.