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I sat in my kitchen, staring down at a letter that was on the antique table. It was addressed to me, but seeing whose name was in the corner as the sender I didn't even want to touch it. Why would Trent Kalamack send me a letter, especially after he had just tried to kill me?

Ivy walked into the kitchen wearing her favorite black silk nightie, the robe barely covering it. I didn't say anything to her because she wasn't very pleasant upon waking up until she had some coffee. After a couple of minutes she turned to me with her vampiric charms coffee mug in her hands and, nodding towards the envelope and asked, "whose it from?"

"Trent," I answered trying to make my voice sound nonchalant as possible. The truth was that it had me more on edge than ever. Would Trent send Quen if I didn't show up? Would I be able to best him if he did.

"Are you gonna open it?"

"No, I don't know what the hell could be in that thing! He probably cursed it."

"Did you already touch it?"

"Yeah, it wasn't in with the mail, some guy brought it by." The pixies were staying inside since Jenks told us that they usually lost one or two kids during hibernation, and because Matalina had not been doing well at all here lately. That meant minimum noise when they were asleep or it would be like a Disney nightmare in here.

She shrugged at my response. "Well," she said, "it didn't explode when you touched it so that has to be good, right?"

"Yeah," I muttered, more to myself than to her.

Ivy walked out of the kitchen, leaving me to sit there and stare at that little official looking envelope. I really shouldn't have opened it, but Ivy was right. I had already touched it, and nothing happened. Plus, despite my better judgment, I really wanted to know what was in there. I felt like I was in slow motion when I picked it up and opened it with my finger nail.

The letter said that I had an appointment at five o'clock with Trent today. I am not going. I am not going. I Am Not Going! I thought to myself

In the Car Later That Day...

"I cannot believe I am going to this appointment," I said aloud to me, myself, and I. Bringing Jenks would have been a better idea than going alone but I didn't want to make him leave Matalina. Pixie lifespan sucks! Plus I hadn't even told him where I was going, knowing he would have probably called me a stupid witch and told me I was going to get myself killed. I had been dead set against going anyway, until about 4:00. Then I had got up and rushed to get ready when curiosity had won over um I don't know… sanity. What are you doing? He probably wants to try and kill you again!

"Rachel Morgan," I said to the guy in the booth when I drove up.

"Please drive on to visitors parking," he answered in a bored voice. I suppose he was probably getting fed-up with the orders that I was either to be let on through, or stopped by whatever means necessary since they changed like every other week.

I drove on up the three mile road and parked in visitor parking. Checking to make sure I had my splat gun, I got out of my convertible and walked slowly up to the compound. I let out a laugh as I approached the doors. I don't know why I was laughing. Maybe it was because even I thought I was crazy for going to the home of a man that had once put me in the rat fights as a mink, hunted me on horseback like a wild animal, and not too long ago had tried to choke me to death! Ha, why in the world would I be considered crazy?

"Follow me Morgan," Jonathan said as soon as I stepped into his line of vision, putting all his hatred into saying my last name to make it sound repulsive.

"What's the matter Jon? Not in the mood for hellos today are we?" I said. The tall freak of nature just turned his nose up at me, and said back nothing as we kept walking. "Okaaaayy," I said, "I'll take that as a no." Number two pencil, I sung in my head.

Surprisingly we went to Trent's back office. It was a nice place, done in a more relaxed decor than the front lobby, with doors that led to his beautiful gardens. The fact that he usually didn't want me back here and that it was so far from the part of the compound where people came and went was unsettling. All the better to cover up your screams, my dear, my mind shouted at me. Jonathan left me in the office to wait for Trent. I slowly walked around the room, making my way behind Trent's desk. I sat down into his nice and oh-so-comfy office chair and put my feet up on the desk. Hey just because I hate him does not mean I can't enjoy the luxury while I am here.

"Ms. Morgan," Trent said calmly as he entered. As he was walking in I noticed the dark circles under his green eyes. He looked stressed out, which was so unlike Trent, too. Even though worn out I still couldn't keep myself from noticing that his body was still as perfect ever as my eyes traveled over the it. But as my gaze moved slowly up I seen the ice cold stare he gave me upon seeing me in his chair. I hopped up and walked around the desk to the other chair across from his, flopping down just because I knew it would annoy him.

"Cut the crap Trent, what do you want?" I asked trying for a bored voice. It just came out like I'd had to much caffeine

"To the point as always Ms. Morgan." He walked over, and sat behind his desk.

"You know I thought after all the wonderful stuff we have been through together we would be past all this Ms. Morgan, Mr. Kalamack formality crap," I said in the most sarcastic voice I could manage. I sighed looking at him,"You made me come all the way out here so get to the point already."

"Patient too, I see. The reason I had you come out here Rachel, is because I need you to do a very important job for me."

"Don't you always," I murmured

"I would be willing to pay you a very generous sum of money for this job Rachel," Trent said, knowing my weakness and using it against me once again. I could never keep a hold of money, and Trent always came into the picture at about the same time I ran out of the stuff. The fact that he seemed to have a bottomless pit of it made me ticked off all the more.

"Can you at least tell me what this job is?" I was starting to get frustrated

"Sa'han, you have a very important call on line two. They said it was urgent," said Jonathan looking at me and Trent from the doorway.

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