Child In Time

Summary: Jo's so caught up in her past she can't see what's in front of her. POST MOVIE scene.

A/N: I wrote this to my friend in an IM convo and she told me to post it. So, Miss Rachel, Queen of the Fan Fic better r&r this. The title is taken from the song Dusty plays in the beginning of the movie.

Dedication: My Beef-ef Rachel. Laav you!

Disclaimer: Ain't mine. I bow down to the genius of Michael Crichton (rip)

She had spent her entire life trying to out run her past that she never saw the life she could have right in front of her. She had spent every tornado season trying out run the same damn tornado for nearly thirty years. She had spent the last ten of those years trying to get past one summer, one big mistake from the lab. And right here, this very day. She was choosing to let it go. They were dead. Her Dad and Jonas were gone and there was no getting them back. Bill was there. Right in front of her and he had done everything to save her. He had been her shelter in the storm she called life.

"Jo?" Bill looked at her.

"Huh?" Jo was snapped from her thoughts

"We can go see Meg now." He told her softly.


"What are you thinking about?" Bill asked, taking her hand.

"That maybe the storm is finally over."

"It is, Jo." Bill brushed the hair from her face with his free hand.

"I don't mean-"

"I know what you mean." Bill looked into her eyes. And he did, know what she meant. He always did, even when they were nothing but wet behind the ears storm chasers. He understood without her saying a word. That was love.

A/N: Why yes, that is pathetically short, but again. Wrote completely off the cuff. Hope you like it.