Pain. That was all I could feel. The emotional pain of knowing he didn't want me, that he didn't love me and probably never had. The physical pain as the child in my womb started to rip it's way out of me, breaking many of my bones in the process. And last the mental pain. It was exhausting continually fighting to live when all I really wanted to do was die so that I could get away from all of the horrifying pain. But I knew that I had to keep fighting to live, not only to keep my promise to him, but also for Renee and Charlie. And now also for my baby, Edward's baby. The hole in my chest was starting to rip open again as I thought of him. I gasped and tried to hold myself together but the pain of the hole was almost drowned out by the feeling of my bones –rips this time it seemed- being snapped. My deafeningly high pitched lasted only a few seconds before it gurgled away, taking with it my consciousness. I seemed to be floating when suddenly I started seeing images flash in front of my minds eye. I saw him. I relived the first time I saw him in that biology class room, his eyes cold and black. I saw the car crash with the van, the way he had appeared in front of me. I saw us in the car coming back from Port Angeles, and the look of shock frozen on his beautiful face as I told him I knew what he was. I saw us in the meadow, him all beautiful and sparkling and me laying next to him being dull and ugly and human. Then I saw us in the forest, on that last day. The day he spoke the truth about his feelings for me. The beginning of The end, they day I truly died.

I was bought back by the shrill scream of a female. "Jonathan quick were loosing her!" Carmen I realized. I then heard someone next to me, touching my face and hair.

"Bella? Can you hear me? It's going to be ok I promise."

I heard someone crying. A high voice that belonged to a child. With a start I realized it was a child, my child.

"It's a baby girl." I Amy cooed.

"Elizabeth!" I rasped with what was left of my Breath. Then I was taken over by pain. I realized this one though. It was the pain of vampire venom racing through my veins. It was so much! I couldn't take it. I let out a scream as I started to shake with pain. The last thing I was aware of was Jonathan trying foolishly to calm me.