Chapter Five

The months that followed were busy but happy. Alice went crazy with wedding plans, we continuously had to remind her that the wedding was only small and that we didn't have a need for cake or wine. My coven and the Cullen's were to be the only people to attend (In this story Bella isn't close to the wolves or Jacob because she left Forks after a month or Edwards departure. Tanya and her coven didn't come. They had drifted away from the Cullen's because Tanya was constantly trying to hit on Edward when he left Bella - I really just don't like Tanya =) ) The ceremony was beautiful. Held just at twilight, the safest time of day for ourkind, on a surprisingly humid spring day. Edward and Elizabeth had bonded alot over the weeks, they had spent heaps of time together and he was teaching her how to play the piano - she was really quite good. It was a beautiful sight.

A few weeks after the wedding, Max, Carmen, Johnathan and Amy decided to go travelling on their own, they never really did like Forks. Lizz and Ben stayed a little while longer but they too wanted some alone time. I tried my best not to think about what they would be doing while they were away. I was blissfully happy. The story around Forks was that my family had moved away because Jonathan had gotten a great job offer. I had stayed behind so that I could live with the Cullen's, we told people Edward and I were engaged. We decided that even if people thought it was a little strange, people should know ( the best that they could ) how we felt about each other. On the plus side, there were less perverted thoughts about me - or so Edward said. I chose to believe him. He is my love, my life, my everything and now I get him forever. He bought me back to life.

So there it is. The end, I couldn't think of anything to write but if zi do think or anything or anyone has any suggestions tell me, I want to make a sequel.