This is something kind of random that I started thinking up last night, and thought I might turn it into a story. Of course if no one likes it I'll just delete it cause I got more important things to do XP lol not really.


It all started with a dream, such a simple, but life changing dream. One that might not have been a dream at all, but how was I to know that at the time? I still remember every detail, which maybe isn't such a surprise. You can be the judge of that.

I opened my eyes, even though they were as heavy as bricks. My vision was a little fuzzy yet I could still make out the insanely bright light above me, shining in my muddy brown eyes. I would have lifted my arms to cover my eyes, but I couldn't move them, and as I looked down to my side I realized they were tied down beside me. I was lying in a white sheet covered bed, with black straps holding me down to it.

"She's awake sir," a female voice said from my right. I turned to look and see who it was but I couldn't see anything beyond the lights reaches.

"So she is," commented a male voice to my left. His face was suddenly looming over mine. He looked like a doctor, covered in the usual white garments, and face mask stuff. I would have thought he was just a human doctor, like the ones my mom forced me to go see every once in a while.

I would have thought that, if it hadn't been for his eyes. They were such a bright beautiful blue-green I think my jaw fell. The man chuckled, as the woman came into view, her eyes a heart breaking brown with yellow tinges at the center. I knew no human could have such beautiful eyes.

"Shall we begin sir?" the female asked, not noticing my gawking, or maybe she noticed it and just didn't care.

"Yes," He answered looking up at her. "Give her the numbing agent first."

The woman nodded, as she disappeared for a moment, then reappeared with a large needle in hand. That's when I realized that whatever they had planed for me wasn't good. I scolded myself for being so slow, as I tried to escape from the straps. It was a useless attempt, as she stuck the needle in my arm, and I whimpered. After a few minuets my whole body had gone numb, though I hadn't lost conciseness. I really wish I had though.

The man ordered for the woman to hand him some needle, which was almost five inches long, but not quite. I felt my eyes go wide as he positioned it over the left side of my chest, slightly tilted so it would go straight into my heart.

"No!" I tried to yell, but no real sound came out. He shoved the needle through my chest, and unsurprisingly I felt nothing, except when whatever was in the needle was injected into my heart. I tried to curse at the bastard, as he pulled the needle out, but my lips refused to move.

He injected several things in me, or maybe it was all the same thing, how would I know. He injected it in my abdomen, my feet, my throat, even my bones. I never felt a thing… until he pulled out the last needle. It was considerable smaller than the others; it wasn't even an inch long, but it was by far the one I hated the most.

"I'll need your help with this one," The man said to the girl. "She can't blink while try to inject her. The results could be catastrophic.'

"Of course sir," She said, coming around to my head, and holding back my eyelids. My eye? They were going to poke that freaking needle in my eye? Son of a bitch! As he positioned his hand that held the needle over my face, I tried to escape again. This time my body actually moved.

"Hold her down tightly," He man hissed, noticing I was regaining my ability to move.

The woman's grip on me tightened substantially. The man quickly poked the needle in the pupil of my eye, switching to the next tiny needle. My eye burned, like they'd injected acid into it. The woman held back my eyelids again, as the man poked the needle in my eye again. They backed away then, as I squeezed my eyes shut. They burned so badly, and the pain freed my vocal cords, though what came out of my mouth wasn't what I was expecting.

A long loud growl came out. I sounded like an enraged lioness. The straps that restrained me snapped, as I reached up, putting y palms over my eyes. Feeling was coming back to me, and I realized the burning was everywhere, eating away at my flesh.

A lot of things happened then, and I had no idea what exactly was happening. Suddenly there were a lot more people in the room than there was previously, and they all had their hands on me, restraining me. I opened my mouth trying to scream, but a loud bird like screech escaped instead. The noise scared me, and strengthened me at the same time. I fought against the hands that held me, succeeding in sending a few across the room.

"She's a strong one!" One of the men holding me yelled.

"Ya think?" the man beside him said, sarcastically.

"Put her under already!" Another shouted.

I screeched as another needle found its way into my thigh, and after several minuets I lost consciousness. Finally.

So did anyone like it? No? Yes? Lemme no ppl! =)