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Chapter 2

For the second time that day, I found myself back at the blood bar, curled up against the bar chair with a blood bottle in my fist. It had only been a week since Vera, whoever the hell that was, forced me into being a half-vampire. The loneliness that the bartender had told me about had long since set in, making my slowly beating heart ache.

I curled myself into a tighter ball, as the hollow ache in my chest sent waves of unbearable sadness throughout my body. I whimpered quietly.

I didn't want to be alone anymore; I wanted a companion, a friend… a Sire. Why did that evil Vera do this to me? What evil crime did I commit to doom me to a newborns life, without a Sire?

That's when I smelled it, something I'd never smelled before. It smelled almost like me, half-human half-vampire, yet it was different also, more beautiful. I looked up, trying to pinpoint the smell, and watched as two people weaved through the bar tables, towards the front.

One was male, with his arm tightly wrapped around the female's shoulders. The male was shockingly beautiful with bright silver-blue eyes framed by a sharp face, and silky black hair cut short. The female was equally beautiful though, with lush blond hair falling down to mid-back, framing her soft face, her eyes a glittering green. Her body was the most amazing thing about her though, all her curves were perfect and precise; the kind of body an angel would have in a masters painting.

"Hey Jacob," He greeted, as the bartender set two blood bottles on the counter, nodding, and went to clean a part of the bar he'd wiped down only minuets earlier. The two sat down, and the female hurriedly drank her bottle, as though she gone without for far too long. A drop of blood leaked down the corner of her mouth, and the male laughed as she licked it away. She looked over at him questioningly, before gently rubbing against his shoulder.

I was jealous of them, so very, very jealous. He was probably her Sire, she was so lucky, she didn't know how lucky. I wanted someone I could rub against too, someone who could teach me how to be a proper vampire. I whimpered, and curled myself up tightly as another wave of loneliness hit me.

When it had somewhat passed, I took another drink of the blood in my bottle, trying to drown the loneliness with the sweet liquid. I heard as the male and female vampire began whispering to the bartender. After a long moment, I heard their chairs screech as the stood. I looked up, still envying the bond between Sire and newborn, when I noticed they were headed towards me.

The female smiled at me, from under the males arm. The two stopped only a few feet from me, and I looked up at them nervously. The male smiled warmly, and held out his hand. I paused looking at it for a moment, before laying my hand in his. He gently brought my hand to his face, and bit into my wrist.