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'Flashback'/ 'Dream'


Chapter One: Pain Equals Escape



Harry bolted up from his bed, sweat dripping down his face, mingling with the onslaught of tears. His top was drenched in sweat and was clinging uncomfortably to his body, but Harry paid no attention to the sticky top and didn't care that the sheets were damp caused by his sweat, to be honest Harry had stopped caring about pretty much everything since the death of his godfather.

Harry grasped his hair in his hands as he pulled his knees to his chest, rocking himself slightly as if trying to gain comfort from the movement. He knew it was futile though as nothing would ever bring him the comfort he needed.

He heard thundering footsteps and saw his door rattle from the force of his uncle unlocking the plethora of chains and bolts on his door.

Harry quickly scrubbed his face with his sleeve trying to erase the evidence of his tears, but it was a hopeless attempt as fresh tears just took their place. He scrunched his eyes up and braced himself for whatever punishment his uncle was going to give him this time for waking him up with his screams.

The door banged open causing him to jump and his uncle barged his way into the small room and straight over to Harry.

He was breathing heavily, partly due to the effort it took for him to move as swiftly as he did, but mainly due to his anger.

"How dare you wake us up again with your pathetic screams" He towered over Harry and grabbed Harry's shirt in his meaty fist and pulled Harry up off of the bed causing the small teen to squeak slightly in fright. He knew what was going to come next.

Vernon shook Harry, disgust curling his lip as though the mere action of touching his young nephew was something unpleasant and disgusting. He punched Harry in the face, the blow causing Harry's head to be forcefully jolted and pushed to the side. Harry let himself fall limp in his uncle's grasp, he welcomed the physical pain that his uncle was about to inflict upon him, anything to distract him from the pain he felt constantly over the loss of Sirius.

He was thrown to the floor and was beaten and kicked by his uncle's giant like feet. He just lay there taking the verbal and physical abuse until his uncle grew tired form exertion and left with one last kick to Harry's ribs. The door slammed shut and Harry faintly heard the locks and bolts clicking and sliding into place, trapped. Trapped in hell. Hell was where he belonged.

Harry tried to crawl up onto his bed but due to the pain the movement caused Harry only managed to pull down his duvet onto the floor with him, he glanced at the clocked and sighed lightly, he had to get up in three hours to make breakfast.

Harry awoke with a groan and squeezed his eyes shut, he did not want to get up, but he had to if he wanted to avoid another beating, and twice in a row was too much for him to handle.

The rapping at his door and his aunt's voice continued and Harry yelled out a reply and he heard his aunt huff and walk down the hall.

It took Harry a good few minutes to get up off of the floor and he had to use the broken dresser as support in order to do so, he was gasping in pain and his knuckles turned white from his grip on the wood. Today was going to be long.

As quickly as he could manage he pulled off his shirt, wincing as it tugged at his tender skin from where sweat and some blood had caked to it. He pulled on a fresh top and trousers and shuffled to his prison door. Taking a deep breath he slowly squared his shoulders and held his head high as he opened the door and strode down the hall to the stairs, he would not let the Dursley's see how much pain he was in, he refused them that satisfaction.

He made breakfast for his so called family and set about doing the chores as soon as they finished. His uncle left for work with a kiss to Petunia's cheek, a firm grasp to Dudley's shoulder and a glare at Harry.

His cousin left shortly after followed by his aunt, though not before a threat was said.

As soon as the door was closed Harry's shoulder's drooped and he slumped against the wall in pain, tears threatened to fall down his face as he looked at the extra chore list his aunt had given him.

It took much longer than it should have but by three o' clock Harry had finished and was panting from the effort it took him. Glancing outside through the lounge window and seeing the rain Harry decided to go for a walk.

He shoved his hands in the pockets of his overly large clothes and his feet trod a familiar path to the park which was predictably deserted due to the weather.

Harry gratefully collapsed on the swing and tipped his head back relishing in the feel of the rain on his face, it was cool and soothing to his flushed cheeks. Within minutes he was soaked and the rain picked up and began to beat down harder. Harry slumped in the swing and let his thoughts consume him.

Images of Sirius falling through the veil bombarded Harry's thoughts. Image after image after horrifying image each one more painful than the last.

'You killed him Harry, because of your foolishness'

'I did'

'You're a murderer'

'I'm a murderer'

"I'm a murderer" The whisper was lost in the wind as it whipped its way through everything in its path. The weather had turned cruel and harsh and the force of the rain caused Harry to hiss as it aggravated his injuries, but he just didn't care, he welcomed the pain.

He didn't care that his baggy clothes were clinging to his petite frame and he didn't care that his shoulder length hair had become matted and was clinging to his face, as if trying to avoid the winds powerful grasp.

And most importantly he didn't care about the tears that streamed down his face, blending in with the rain. He wanted to die; he wanted anything to happen to make this pain go away. He wanted it all to stop; he wanted peace. He wanted to join Sirius.

A loud crack of apparition was lost in the howling winds and the dark, gloomy clouds cast the area in near darkness, obscuring the tall figure that appeared out of nowhere.

Sirius Black stood in the spot he'd appeared squinting against the rain and darkness to try and find his godson, his eyes fell upon a small, hunched figure on the swings and he frowned in concern.

Sirius quickly strode over to Harry stopping just before him and it took him a minute to form words.

"You know kiddo you'll catch a cold if you stay out here" He stated with a small, sad smile as he looked down on his godson.

Harry's head snapped up, he didn't even realise there was someone standing there. He looked up at the person's face and gasped in shock

"Si...Siri?" he croaked out "Am I dead?"

Sirius' heart broke upon hearing those words and he shook his head as he crouched down to eye level, gently grasping Harry's knees.

"No Harry you are not dead, what made you think that?"

"Because the only way I'd be able to see you was if I was dead" Was the innocent reply.

"You listen to me, you are not dead. And I am certainly not dead" His worried grey eyes taking in his godson's weathered appearance.

"But how? I saw you fall through the veil. I saw you die" Harry's voice broke as he uttered the last word and his tears gained momentum as they glided down his face.

"Oh, Prongslet" Sirius muttered with affection.

"I can assure you that I didn't die. The veil is a limbo, of sorts; a half-way point to the afterlife. It was originally meant for criminals, as the veil determines if you pass on peacefully or suffer. As it was not my time and I had done nothing wrong the veil sent me back."

Two small, delicate hands reached out and hesitantly traced Sirius' facial features, as a look of complete shock covered his face.

"It's really you?" he whispered, his voice brimming with hope.

"Yes kiddo it is" That was all Harry needed as he threw himself at his godfather and sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder, ignoring the pain the sudden movement caused.

And there under the pouring rain, godfather and godson were reunited. Each clinging desperately to one another, ignoring each other's drenched frames.

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