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Chapter 11.

It had gotten late, extremely late, to the point of which that Harry was drooping in his seat in Carlisle's office from exhaustion, well that and the drugs he was given for the pain in his ankle were slowly making him more sleepy. His ankle as it turned out wasn't broken, but it was so badly sprained that Harry was kitted out for a cast that he insisted wasn't necessary but quelled under four glares, from overly tall protective men.

They had explained and discussed everything that came to their minds about what life was like as a wizard/vampire/werewolf/dog. Remus despite his earlier hatred, quite liked Carlisle and his 'son', he realised that they were completely different and not at all evil to the vampires he'd previously had experience with.

Sirius looked over to his son and a soft smile spread on his features.

"Well, it looks as though we better get back home before Harry falls out of his chair"

Harry threw a very weak glare to his dad and gasped in surprise when Edward lifted him into his arms.

"What's wrong with my wheelchair?" Harry demanded, but found himself wrapping his arms round Edward's neck anyway.

Edward just smirked and followed Remus and Sirius out to their car.

"What about my car?" Harry mumbled sleepily when he was placed in the back seat of his dads' car.

"I'll take it home with and I'll pick you up in it on the way to school if you like"

"M'kay" Harry perked up a little bit when he saw Carlisle walk towards them with crutches and his wheelchair from earlier.

He watched his dads talk with Carlisle and heard rather than saw the boot being shut, then nothing as he slipped into unconsciousness'.

"So me and my family will expect you at ours for seven pm on Friday then" Carlisle said as they talked just to the side of the car.

"Yep, count on it" Sirius replied whilst taking the wheelchair and crutches from the doctor and placing them in the boot.

Sirius rounded on Edward "You better take care of Harry's car, got it?" he nearly growled out

Edward took the slightest step back and ignored his dad's chuckle. He wouldn't admit it out loud but Sirius and Remus were scary when they wanted to be.

"Yep, can you tell Harry that I'll pick him up at eight?" as he mentioned his mates name, his eyes slid to the car and his face morphed into a look of adoration, the other three adults turned to look to and saw Harry fast asleep on the back seat, he looked utterly adorable.

"We will. See you later"

With that Sirius and Remus got in their car and drove off the mostly deserted car park

"So Harry's your mate huh?" Carlisle said with a smirk, hands tucked into the pockets of his white jacket.

Edward tore his gaze away from the departing vehicle and sent his 'dad' a glare

"Shut up!" he growled out

Carlisle tipped his head back and let out a loud laugh.

Edward growled in frustration and stormed off to Harry's car, he peeled out of the car park as fast as he could. Carlisle shook his head in amusement and headed back into the hospital.


Harry's eyes fluttered open when he felt himself being lifted.

His eyesight was slightly blurred but he made out the figure carrying him to be Remus.

"Papa?" his voice was slightly slurred and Remus looked down at him with a smile

"Hey cub, did you have a good nap?"

"Mmmm" Harry snuggled into Remus' chest and fell back to sleep.

"Our pup is knackered" Sirius said with slight amusement as he opened the front door for Remus.

"Wouldn't you be after the day he's had?"

Sirius snorted and Remus threw him a look of confusion

"Harry's first day at school and he's already been to the hospital" Sirius and Remus chuckled softly, not wanting to wake up their son.

Remus set Harry down on his bed and went to pull away but Harry's strong grip on his sweater prevented him to move.

When he tried to slip out of Harry's grip, Harry started to whimper and his face scrunched up in fear.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other in shock; they hadn't seen Harry act like this before. Remus picked him up and carried him into his bedroom with Sirius following and set him down on their bed. While he lay down next to Harry, Sirius locked up down stairs.

Thankfully Harry was still wearing his sweats from his gym class and didn't need to change, but Remus didn't fancy falling to sleep with his jeans on.

Sirius came back into the room and quickly changed into his pyjamas and lay down on Harry's other side, while Remus placed Harry in Sirius' arms, he quickly got changed and slipped into bed, pulling the covers up over the three of them. Harry's whimpers had slowly died down and when both of them wrapped their arms round him, his face smoothed out into a peaceful expression.

Sirius and Remus both were wondering how long Harry had been suffering like this and vowed to find a solution to help their son.

Pretty soon though, they followed their son into the land of slumber.


Harry woke up feeling safe and warm and it was the first time he had felt like that in a long time after waking up. He snuggled deeper into one of his dads' chest and relished the feeling of comfort lying in his fathers' arms. He noticed that it was morning as he saw the sun creeping in through the gap in the curtain.

Harry glanced at the clock and nearly yelped when he saw the time. It was six am and Edward said that he was going to pick him up on the way to school, that and his bladder was nearly to the point of bursting. He slowly eased his way down the bed, which was difficult to do when his ankle was set in a cast and out of his fathers' arms. He quietly made his way across the room, very slowly and shakily but he fell down with a cry and landed with a thump on the floor.

Remus and Sirius shot up in bed and saw Harry on the floor and rushed to his side.

"Harry are you alright pup?" Sirius kneeled down on the floor and scooped him up into his arms and sat him down on the bed.

"Yeah I'm fine" he mumbled

"What were you trying to do? You could have gotten hurt" Remus stated

Harry blushed and mumbled, whilst avoiding eye contact.

"What was that?" Sirius asked, bemusement on his face

"I said I was trying to go to the loo" he nearly shouted but refrained from doing so

Sirius' eyes widened in understanding "OH" he exclaimed.

Remus just rolled his eyes at Sirius and carried Harry into the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet.

"You call me back when you want to come out okay" Remus stroked his hand down Harry's face and shut the door behind him.

Harry was still blushing in mortification, but his pressing bladder prompted him to deal with that later. After finishing his business he grabbed the sink and hauled himself up and washed his hands, trying not to fall over.

Pushing away his embarrassment he called for his papa.

Remus came back into the bathroom and helped Harry back into the bedroom.

"How did you sleep last night cub?"

Harry looked up at his caring face and smiled "It was the best night sleep I've had in a long while, what with all the night..." he trailed off and clasped his hands over his mouth in a gasp.

Remus' eyes softened and he prevented Harry from attempting to escape by pulling him down on the bed.

"Harry, why didn't you say anything?"

"Because, because I just got so used to having them that I gave up on trying stopping them, and I didn't want to worry you. You're mad aren't you?" he mumbled, whilst picking at a loose thread on the bed sheet.

A gentle hand cupped his chin and moved it to make eye contact with his papa.

"Harry, I'm not mad and I know Sirius isn't. You should have come to us sooner and we could've helped you. If we had known we would have let you sleep with us at night, since it seems to quell your nightmares."

Remus pulled Harry into a hug and brushed his thumb across Harry's cheek, wiping away a solitary tear that had escaped from his jewel toned eyes.

Remus lifted Harry up and made his way down stairs.

"Come on cub; let's go see if Sirius has actually managed to cook something edible"

"I heard that Moony!"

Harry giggled and Remus smiled at a mission accomplished.