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Chapter one.

Hanging out with my best friends for life is... beyond words. Quil, Jacob, Embry, Jared and Paul. I'm the only girl in the group. It started the first day of kinder garden, I was all on my own then Embry came over and it started from there really.

Growing up with them was truly mesmerizing. I had a soft spot for temperamental Paul. You could call it a crush. Quil and Jacob are like my annoying brothers. So is Embry, he is very protective of me. Like yesterday I got asked out by some weird guy and Embry scared him of. Jared tends to stay away from me.

I'm thirteen now and life hasn't been better. We've been friends for 8 years? (I have no idea what age you are when you go in to kinder garden. Sorry for any confusion.) I'm not sure it feels so much longer.

Embry had taken a dislike to boy's that came within 10 feet of me. I'm not a child, try telling him that. I think he might have a slight crush on me. He's somebody that's been there though, but I'll always see him as a big brother.

Jacob, is a shit. Don't ask me why. It's just the vibe I get of him. Quil is...well, he is Quil! I can't describe him, as he is so funny. Like Embry but it's a different kind of humour.

Paul...gets me. We don't always get along. This explains why we argue every other day. The others get annoyed a lot. I once really had a go at him about another girl Kim. She likes Jared a lot, understandable, since he is a great guy.

Jared keeps a distance. I don't know why. I wish I did. Probably because, he feels I'm steeling his friends away. So a few weeks ago he started hanging out with other people. I was distraught. It was my entire fault he separated himself from our little group. Well I suppose it was a big group but now it's a little one.

I spent the last few weeks of school happy. That ended quickly though.

"Lucy." My mom called when I walked through the faded blue door.

"We're moving!" She jumped up and hugged me. I stayed stiff, trying to take it all in. After she noticed hugging me was a lost course, she started to pack the house up. Being the way I am, I draped my school bag on my shoulder and trudged up the stairs.

A week later, I was sitting on a plane waiting for take of.

The guys didn't take it well. First they lost Jared to the basketball team, and now they have lost me. I cried a lot. Vowing they would never ever be replaced. They were mine and I was theirs.

Mom didn't understand anything all she said was, 'You'll make new friends' or 'Stop moping about!' I did not understand it. Dad left years ago. Didn't know him and didn't want to.

Three years later...

Florida, was hot and very sunny. It took me a month to get fully used to it. My tan was incredible, my dark blonde hair was turning lighter and I had grown a little bit. About time.

I lost contact with the guys. I'm ashamed to admit that I broke my promise. The new people I hang around with have taken me down a dark path. I got my tongue, belly and my ears pierced, all without my moms consent.

I smoke and drink. My grades are still quite good, that's the only reason I haven't been kicked out yet. The truth is, I want to go back to La Push. I'm scared out here. The other day I was at Zoƫ's party. Her brother had very nearly raped me. Luckily I got out just it time. I tried to phone Embry but he must've changed his number or something. I'm not surprised it has been three years.

Getting brought home by the police my mom finally decided to move back to La Push. Then it fully hit me. We were going home.

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