Chapter Five

Oh, God. How Mikan hated herself and that stupid, stupid tequila.

When the brunette awoke that morning, her head was throbbing so bad she didn't immediately realize where she was, and then freaked out when she found herself in an unfamiliar room, lying in an unfamiliar king-sized bed with a very familiar jerk sleeping beside her.

Said jerk was topless and had his arm wrapped around her waist. Oh and did she mention that all she had on her body was a shirt too large on her petite form and that underneath it, she was wearing nothing at all? Last night's event then started rushing back to her head which only worsened her hangover.

Now she had to think of a believable excuse to tell her friends, especially to Hotaru, of why she was unable to return from her trip to the restroom last night. She and Hotaru were supposed to sleep over at Nonoko's house after the party with the rest of the girls from the squad, but here she was, sleeping over at some jerk's house instead.

Mikan just hoped Hotaru was alright…

Mikan started to panic. What if Hotaru got so drunk and some horny guy had easily taken advantage of her?

She couldn't just trust the other girls to watch over Hotaru. Those girls were just as careless as her! She had to call and check up on her friend as soon as possible... But how could she when Mikan didn't even have her cell phone with her? She freaking left her bag at the party!

Mikan felt like a goddamn slut right now. She just spent the night with her almost-boyfriend's cousin, wearing nothing but the said boy's shirt. Not exactly girlfriend-of-the-year material, huh?

Okay, enough contemplating. She had to get out of there quickly.

She sat up on the bed and did a quick check of the room. There was no doubt that a teenage guy lived there. She saw comic books, shirts, and other unidentified stuff scattered all over the floor. She checked the time on the alarm clock on the bedside table and saw it was only 6:20 in the morning.

She glanced down at Hyuuga. He looked so peaceful and calm and almost cute while sleeping. He didn't look like a rude perverted jerk at all.

Carefully, she took Hyuuga's arm that rested on her lower body off of her and gently placed it down to his side, not wanting to wake him up— wait.

Why would she care if this despicable man awakes from his deep slumber? It wasn't fair for him to just sleep there so peacefully while she was having a mini crisis when he was also to blame why she ended up there. And who knew what else this sick bastard did to her while she was unconscious?

Ignoring her still throbbing head, she leaned closer to him and screamed bloody murder in his ear. She smacked his arms as hard as she could with her fist.

And now her hand also hurt. He sure had well built muscles in his arm.

Hyuuga had awaken in an instant. His hand automatically covered his ears. To say that he was totally pissed off was an understatement.

He looked like he was ready to strangle her to death as he glowered at her.

"Good Lord, woman, you are fucking out of your mind!" he roared as he rubbed his assaulted arm.

"You pervert! Bastard! You jerk! You are absolutely despicable and loathsome and disgusting!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as she threw a pillow at him.

Hyuuga easily dodged her throw and smirked, "Really? disgusting? You didn't seem to find me disgusting when I was giving you oral last night."

She felt her face grew hot. He was so going to get a taste of her fist again. Ah, no... he was going to get it all.

Without second thoughts, Mikan pounced him and began punching him everywhere. And scratching. And kicking. And pulling out his hair.

"Fuck! Stop already, you crazy woman!" Hyuuga growled, struggling beneath her and trying to get a hold of her hands as she continued to attack him.

When he finally caught her arms, he swiftly locked both of her wrists with one hand while the other snaked around her waist. He rolled their bodies together on the bed and had her trapped under him.

"You're such an idiot. Don't you realize that you're not wearing panties at all while you straddled me?" He whispered hotly, his voice was hoarse that it brought shivers down her body.

When she felt something hard and twitching against her thighs, it took her a second before she realized what it was and another one to be fully aware that Hyuuga was half naked and was only wearing his boxers.

"Get off of me, pervert! Get off get off get off!" She screamed repeatedly until Hyuuga finally rolled his body off of her with a smirk on his sinfully handsome face.

"You are such a big pervert! You always take advantage of me! You are so despicable! Unforgivable! Loathsome! Hateful! Appalling! Dreadful!" Mikan kept on with all the negative adjectives she could think of until she finally ran out of synonymous words for hate. Hyuuga simply watched her with amusement, looking unaffected by her rage. Damn him. She had already used up all the hateful words in her vocabulary and he still looked like he was enjoying himself.

"Are you done now? Seriously, Polka, it was too early for PMSing." He said, smirking.

"What did you do to me last night?" She demanded, ignoring his taunt. "Last thing I remember I passed out in your car. You must've done something perverted to me while I was unconscious!"

"You were conscious when I did things to you and I'm pretty sure you remember what those are. You passed out after your first orgasm. Yes, I know, I'm that good." His smirk widened, "And I was only using my tongue. What more if it was my—"

Mikan threw a pillow at his face before he could finish his sentence. Goodness. He had such a foul mouth.

"I don't believe you! Why am I here then? You must've done something. Where are my clothes and who changed my clothes?"

"Unconscious girls don't turn me on. Don't flatter yourself too much, Polka. And I brought you here at my house. Where else would I bring you? I couldn't drive you home since I don't know where you live, and I doubt your parents would be thrilled to see their daughter looking completely fucked up by alcohol."

Mikan squinted her eyes at him, "What about my clothes?"

"I changed them. I don't want to share a bed with a drunk, stinky girl. And I cannot just wake up the maids at two-thirty in the morning just to change your clothes, stupid."

Mikan knew her face had reddened. Hyuuga was the one who took off her clothes and dressed her up in his shirt, that meant he saw her body. The two of them had done a lot of physical activities together but during those times, they mostly had their clothes on. The only time they were fully naked was during their first time in the girl's restroom, and even then, he was unable to see her body clearly due to the black out.

"You shouldn't have dragged me to your car last night! I've already told you that I'm not gonna do it with you anymore, but nooo… you just had to follow me to the restroom then drag me to your car and seduce me!"

"Seduce you? If that were the case, you sure are easily seduced." He retorted with a smug look on his face.

"Now I have to make up an excuse and lie again to my friends! And I can't even think of any that is believable enough! And Hotaru! She was waiting for me last night! We were supposed to sleep over at Nonoko's! They must've been looking for me all night! This is your fault!" She cried out in frustration.

"You are so loud and whiny." Hyuuga grumbled.

"I am not whiny! It's your fault that I'm like this! I don't know what to tell my friends! Hotaru must've been so drunk last night she might have been raped by some horny jerk like you and I can't call her to check if she's okay because I left my cell phone and bag at the party and—"

She stopped wailing when Hyuuga suddenly tossed a tote bag on her lap. She looked at it stupidly for a moment before she realized it was hers. Confused, she glanced back at Hyuuga.

"Hotaru wasn't raped, don't worry about that. She was with Ruka and rest assure that he is no rapist. He drove her home. I called her on her cell phone after you passed out in my car. I told her I saw you out cold on the bathroom floor and volunteered to bring you back to your house. She met with me at the gate and gave me your bag. But since I don't know the way to your house, I brought you here. Now, can you please stop wailing? You'll wake up every sleeping soul in the house." He finished in a satisfied tone.

Mikan stared at him for what seemed like a minute. So she guessed she had nothing to worry about. Hotaru was okay and thought that Mikan was back at her parents' house… but knowing Hotaru, Mikan bet the girl was suspicious. But at least it saved her from fixing this problem by herself.

Mikan blinked and then she realized that Hyuuga was grinning widely, looking downright amused.

She scowled. "Where are my clothes? I'm going home."

With a grin still plastered on his face, Hyuuga got up from the bed and went out of the room. A few minutes later, he was back with her clothes neatly folded in his hands.

He handed them to her. They were freshly washed and didn't stink of alcohol anymore.

Once she had her clothes back, she darted toward the door of which she presumed to be the bathroom. She took off his shirt and put on her own clothes, though she had to admit wearing Hyuuga's shirt was not that bad at all. His own masculine scent lingered on the fabric. It smelled quite good that it was kind of addicting... Wait. What the hell was she thinking? She was not addicted to his scent. Goodness, no.

After she finished fixing herself, she went out of the bath and was surprised to see that Hyuuga had already dressed himself up in jeans and a shirt. Mikan thought he had gone back to sleep.

Mikan ignored him and went to pick up her bag on the bed. She wordlessly walked out of the room with Hyuuga following behind her. She tried to ignore him but she stopped on her tracks when she heard him chuckled.

"What?" She asked, frowning.

"You're going in the wrong direction unless you're on your way to my parents' room."

How was she supposed to know that? There were so many freaking hallways and doors wherever she turned.

"Whatever. Lead the way, jackass." She snapped at him, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

Hyuuga let out a low chuckle and started walking to the opposite direction. She followed behind him until they finally reached the grand staircase.

Despite of her irritation because of her current situation, Mikan couldn't help but be amazed. The jerk's place was definitely not a simple house, it was a mansion.

The Sakura family's upper middle class house was bigger and grander than most houses in their neighbourhood but it was nothing compared to the Hyuuga mansion.

Mikan saw maids in uniform cleaning the ground floor as she and Hyuuga descended the stairs. She noticed their subtle glances at her and Hyuuga but the latter seemed oblivious.

When they had gotten out of the house, she glared at him once more before she trailed the driveway towards the gate and let herself out.

Mikan hadn't walked that far yet when she heard a car honked behind her. She turned around and saw Hyuuga's shiny black sedan. She moved out of the way to let the car pass by but it stopped beside her.

The window on the driver's seat rolled down.

"Come on, I'll drive you home." Hyuuga stated casually.

"No, thanks. I can go home by myself." She declined and continued to walk.

To be honest, Mikan had no idea where this place was. She was guessing it was some exclusive village for the rich and the famous.

While she walked, Hyuuga drove his car in a slow pace behind her and he would honk at her from time to time. When he honked again for the fifth time, Mikan finally got fed up. She stopped walking and turned to face his car.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Why don't you just stop being stubborn and get in the car?" He snapped irritably.

"I said I can manage by myself." Mikan replied stubbornly.

"You can't manage by yourself. This is an exclusive village. You won't be able to find the way out seeing that you're already taking the wrong way." Hyuuga informed her sarcastically.

Mikan considered his offer. She was already lost and she particularly did not enjoy walking down the street in her mini dress. Mikan decided to take it.

She walked to the other side of the car. She opened the door and stepped inside without another word.

"Where to?" Hyuuga asked as he restarted the engine. Mikan didn't fail to notice the slight tug of the side of his mouth.

Mikan crossed her arms across her chest and gave him her address.

The almost thirty-minute drive to her house went on silently. Mikan did not speak anymore nor did he; but she swore she saw him smirked several times. She tried her best to ignore him until they reached her house.

She was about to step out of his car when she heard him speak,

"Nice sleeping with you, Polka." He said with a grin.

"Jackass." She muttered before she slammed the door of his car.

She darted toward their front foor and didn't bother to look behind her as Hyuuga drove off. She went straight to her bedroom. Her parents were probably still asleep since it was Sunday. They didn't go to work on weekends.

She was about to take a shower in her bathroom when she heard the message alert tone of her cell phone.

She checked the device and saw that it was a multimedia message. The number of the sender was not registered in her phonebook but she opened the MMS nonetheless.

She gawked stupidly at the screen of her phone.

It was a close-up image of her face while she was obviously deep in slumber, looking like a total dork; her hair a complete mess and her lips parted with a big drool on the side!

Oh she was so gonna kill Hyuuga!


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