By jaymeecullen



Dear Emmett,

How did you get so buff? Your muscles rock my sox!

Lots of hard love,

Mrs EmCullen.x

Dear MrsEmCullen.x,

Oh yeah? you love my awesome guns?! Uh-huh! Everyone does! They're waaaaaaaaay better than Eddie's over here… *chuckles*

EDWARD: Whatever, Emmett! They just love you for your girl…!

Ouch. That hurt. They just love me for Rosalie? Waaaah! I want my mommy!!!

EDWARD: Oh yeah, go on and cry! Wa! Wahahaha!

-a crying Emmett & a satisfied Edward.

Dear Cullens,

Do you think you guys can form a group and sing & dance like the people

in 'Glee'? Because of your 'Vampire voices', you could make millions! If

you guys are actually doing this brilliant idea, can I have your autographs?

Love always,


Dear WildcatinForks,

ALICE: Omfg, Glee?! I absolutely heart that show!! Ahhh!

ROSALIE: Oh, shut up, Alice. I think it's a bad idea. Exposing ourselves like that. Besides, knowing Nessie, she'll bring 'the mutt' along and we all know that Jacob can't sing. At all.

JACOB: Hey, I can sing! Wanna hear me try? Huh? Huh?!

ROSALIE: Uh, no, sorry, the mirrors and windows might break.

JACOB: Okay, that's it, Blondie! What's your problem anyway?!


JACOB: ME?! Oh, I know, you have a crush on me, don't you? Awww…! That's so sweet!

ROSALIE: NO! NO! NO! Why would I have a crush on you?! You, of all people! Ugh! Ew! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Ewwwwwww!!!!!!

ALICE: Okaaaay…sorry to break this love fest up, but I think none of us are answering the letter?

ROSALIE: We were until he showed up!

JACOB: I showed up?! What do you mean 'when he showed up'?!

ALICE: Ugh! You guys are pointless! You know what, maybe you do like each other or maybe you don't! But I don't care I JUST WANT YOU TO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JACOB: …….


Sorry we weren't able to answer your letter,

The Cullens, and a very, very pissed off Alice.

Dear Alice,

I admire you fashion ability so much. You are my idol. Whenever I pick out

an outfit I always use my WWAW. What would Alice wear. Please Please

say you will go shopping with me. I have a card with no limits. And i would

be in awe of your fashion advise and you could pick out everything and do my hair.


The young authoress

Dear the young authoress,

N-n-n-no limits…? I-I-I…Wow. No limits huh. And you would let me do your hair? And pick out your clothes? W-wow…

BELLA: I bet she's lying.

EMMETT: wahahah! Bella's jealous…!

BELLA: Am not!

EMMETT: Are too!

BELLA: I was just saying that it's like she's lying…!

EMMETT: yeah, you are jealous. You're doing that thing where your eyes don't match your mouth.

BELLA: Ugh! Never mind! Go ahead, Alice! Shop with her! I don't care!

EMMETT: Sure you don't…

BELLA: *launches herself at Emmett* I DO NOT CARE, EMMETT! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!!!!!

ALICE: Sheesh. It was just a letter, guys.

EMMETT & BELLA: Oh, yeah. He, he. Okay…we're gonna leave now…


A laughing Alice and two very humiliated vampires.

Dear Cullens,

OMG DID YOU WATCH HP6?!?!?!? Wouldn't it be cool if you had magical

powers and met unicorns!? Write back.




Yes, we have watched it several times because of someone here…

RENESMEE: Well so-rry if I lurve Harry Potter so much! Hmph.

EMMETT: Did someone say unicorn??!?!!! Waaaaah! I luuurve unicorns!!!!!!!

RENESMEE: Yeah, and you guys called me annoying. Hmph.

EMMETT: Charlie the unicorn is sizzling hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDWARD: And you called me gay. Huh.


The forever crazy Cullens

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