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My world, shaken, scattered. He was gone and never coming back. The realization still hadn't sunken in completely. My world turned upside down that day, but now it is beginning to turn again, for the better. Jacob, my personal sun, was turning it right again, fixing my hole. Life with him was brighter, was healthier. it was when I was away from him that I felt alone. Like now, for instance. He told me we were to go cliff diving today and guess who isn't cliff diving right now. me. He had to run off with his pack to follow a new scent.

"Maybe I should go myself" I muttered out loud to nobody, "Why let him ruin my day?" With that in mind, I started off to my truck. Jumping inside, I turned on the heater. A roll of nausea hit me and passed. i didn't have time to think, time to talk me out of this. I just couldn't resist the sound of his tempting voice. It is a drug for me, a need. I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing a blue tank with lace at the bottom and jeans shorts. I wore white flip - flops to math the white shirt that was under my blue tank. So not the clothing to go swimming. I didn't want to drive all the way home, so I hit one of the local shops to grab a t - shirt and baggy sweats. Perfect for a afternoon swim. After exiting the shop, I noticed that it was windy, very windy. Nothing could shatter my confidence, though. I was pumped.

I cranked the engine, turned up the radio and sped off. Well, I was only going 30 mph, but it felt like speeding for me. I rolled down the windows and began to hum along to the song on the radio. Soon enough, I pulled up to an empty lot by the cliff. I assumed it was for cliff divers, like me. I got out of the truck and looked around. There was a sign marking a trail. I began to follow it, tripping the whole way up. I finally reached the top, and looked around. there was nobody around which was perfect, considering that this was my first cliff diving experience. i will probably look like a fool. I took a leap of faith and jumped.

I felt the wind on my face, the adrenaline running through my veins. i hit the water with a smack and immediately went under. It was dark, scary. I was alone when i heard his voice.

"Bella, swim!!! go to safety!" his perfect voice cried out to me, i could hear the fear in it.

I did what I could to try to swim, but the waves were to strong. I just gave up and began to sink down into the great depth beneath me. My mind pulled out a picture of Edward. It wasn't the usual bluryness, it was perfect. i gasped while underwater, losing any bit of a breath I had before.

"Goodbye Edward, I love you" was the last thing I said.

I felt hot, strong arms grab me by the waist and pull me upward. The water swirled around my head and it made me dizzy. I didn't want to be saved, because Edward's voice would disappear. I saw the light at the top of the water and I felt myself being pulled up into the light. I busted through the water and took a gulp of air. It felt cool and salty on my throat. I looked over to see Jacob pulling me through the water toward the shore.

"What the heck were you thinking, Bella?" He growled in my ear, "I thought you had died!!!! Don't scare me like that ever again."

I managed to nod my head and then I fainted.

Jacob's pov

"Bella? Bella? BELLA? Are you Ok? Answer me now. What the heck where you doing? we're you trying to commit suicede?" i practically yelled at her perfect face. It stayed frozen in place, even more paler that her usual white skin. I picked her shoulders up and gave her good shake. Nothing happened. I had her laying across the cool white sand by the shore, well out of the way of the waves. "Bella please answer me!" he was frantic and it showed in his voice. He didn't know what to do. He could morph and call to sam, but if sam wasn't in his wolf form and couldn't hear him, it could possibly mean wasting the last minutes of her life. But i couldn't just leave her hear to die. I couldn't bear the guilt. So I kissed her quickly, but softly and hopped up to morph. I started to morph on the spot, then I stopped. Morphing next to her was a bad idea, so I ran into the forest nearby.

morphing was easy for me, effortless. The sensation was a new pleasure each time. I fet all of my fears dissapear for a second, and all to soon come back.

sam? sam? are you there

calm down jacob. What do you want

its bella...

Bella? whats wrong?

she's hurt! come to first beach and help me immediatly

go to her, I will be there in a second.

Sam on his way was a reaasurance to me, so I quickly hurried back to Bella. She lay there, still unconcious. I began to shake her a gain.

"Bella? can you hear me?" I called to her even though it was useless. then I heard her groan and I gasped. She opened her eyes to stare at me.

"Jacob" she said softly

"Yea, i'm here"

"Where is here?"

"The beach"

"Oh" she sat up and looked around. realization must have hit her because she gasped


"Oh" I said. I sat up and took a sweeping look at my surroundings. Sure enough, i was on a beach. But why? I looked up and saw a cliff and the recent events came flooding back to me. I tried to cliff dive with out jacob, and I almost drowned. I turned to look at jacob. He picked me up in his arms. In the sweep off the moment I leaned forward. My lips just barely brushed his before I pulled back. "Thank you for saving me"

"No problem" He acted like it was an everyday thing with him. Actually it probably was an every day thing with him. Me hurting myself was nothing new.

"I should go home and tell Charlie that I'm ok."

"Well... actually you can't"

"What? Why"

"Henry died"

'What?" I was shocked.

"he had a heart attack and died"

"Should I go to the funeral?" He laughed. "Whats so funny?"

"Bella your soaking wet and probably sick. going to a funerall shouldn't be on the top of your list."

"What should I do?"

"your coming home with me" Before I could protes, he picked me up and walked toward my car. "Where are you keys?"

"They are in the car"



"Somebody coudve stolen you car" I looked at him to see if he was serious

"Who would really want my car?"

"I don't know. A hobo?" I laughed. Leave it to Jacob to lighten my mood.

My car came into view. jacob walked over to the passenger seat and sat me down in the seat.

"Hey! I want to drive" He gave me an 'are you serious' look and I stop shopping. He started to drive away from the lot and i fell asleep quickly.

"Bella? Bella, honey, are you awake?" jacob shook me gently. I sat up and looked around. I was in his living room on his couch. emily was sitting in a chair nearby.

"Why?" He looked confused.

"Why, what?"

"Why am I hear? Why did you rescue me? Why did Edward leave me? Why is she here? Why is the earth round? Why am I here?" I was shouting and probably looked like a crazy person, but I didn't care. I was shaking, and not from the cold.

"Bella, honey, come here" he wrapped me up in hsi arms.

"Why" I muttered, but this time it was more like a saisfaction then a question. I dozed off in his arms.

"Bella?" A voice woke me up. A female voice. I opened my eyes and saw Emily leaning over me.

"Where's Jacob?" I said, sitting up.

"He left the room for a minute so you can change"


"Can you stand up?" I nodded and stood up. Emily peeled off my wet clothes and replaced them with baggy grey sweats and a white t-shirt. I sat down quickly, feeling the days exhastion catching up with me.

"Can I see Jake now?"

"Ya, I will go get him for you" Emily left the room and I looked around. Sitting on the coffee table was a picture of his family. His mom and dad, his sisters, and him. He was smiling his crooked smile, the smile I rarely get to see nowadays. He looked so happy back then, like life could stay that simple.

"Whatcha lookin at?"ha spoke from behind me, and wound his arms around my waste. I jumped slightly from him speaking.

"Just this picture of you"

"ya that was a long time ago"

"You were so happy back then"

"ya" He smiled wistfully at the picture frame.

"What happened"

"i grew up"

"I haven't seen you smile liek that in a long while"

"really?" He sounded suprised.

"Ya. Your smile changed when you became a werewolf"

"Do you miss it?" I nodded.

"Sorry i can't smile like that anymore'


"Why what?"

"Why can't you smile like that anymore?"

"I don't really know. I guess life was so much simplier back then"

"I'm sorry"

"don't be"

I stood up and stretched out my arms.

"Where are you going?" Jake asked.

"I should probably head home to see Charle."

"Bella, Its midnight"


"Your staying here till morning"

'But what about charlie-"

"He already knows"

I sat back down on the couch and Jake rewound his arms around me. They we warm and nice. I sighed contentfully and fell back asleep.

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