Duet of the Apocalypse

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"The Raccoon City tragedy has already marked its place in history and will possibly be viewed as America's worst tragedy. I am issuing an investigation into what caused the tragedy and I promise you all that whoever caused this terrible incident will be brought to justice. Whoever it was will learn that-"

"Will you turn that off, Ada, please?" a gentle voice asked, making the black haired woman lift her head. She'd had her cheek pressed to the palm of her hand so her arm held her head propped up, though her eyelids drooped tiredly. She was quite exhausted but she didn't really feel like sleeping.

"Sure," she said, reaching over and pushing the off button on the remote. The President of the United States disappeared and the screen on the small TV turned black. Sherry, her blonde hair falling messily into her face, smiled gratefully at the woman who'd become her replacement mother.

Although they couldn't be certain that Sherry's parents had died in Raccoon City, Ada doubted they'd made it through. There wasn't really anything waiting for them out of the city anyway. As scientists for Umbrella, William and Annette Birkin would've been doomed to a life of running from the government. Ada guessed that death by a nuclear bomb would've been a much nicer than a life of running and terror.

"You think he means it?" Sherry suddenly asked. Ada looked at the child, not for the first time amazed at the young girl's adult attitude. She and Sherry had held several conversations that Ada knew would confuse most adults but the blonde girl hadn't even faltered. She was incredibly intelligent and although it was obvious she was heartbroken over losing her parents, she was handling everything quite nicely. She had physiatrists baffled since she didn't even seem affected by Raccoon City. But that was because they didn't see her at night, when the nightmares came.

"The President?" Ada asked, looking at the black screen. She noticed the girl nod out of her peripheral and nodded. "I think he did. He's probably had his moments of crookedness but no doubt he loves his country and he wants to protect it. Most presidents are like that. They want power and money but they want their country and people to be safe as well."

"I heard one of the doctor's say he's going to be kicked out of office for issuing the destruction of Raccoon City," Sherry stated. "But I think it's more likely that he's going to resign…" Ada gave the girl a curious look, waiting for her explanation. "Well… It seems unlikely that he'd want to stay in office after all of this… Umbrella was supposed to be the government's best friend. And yet with the evidence you and the S.T.A.R.S. presented to them, everybody will know that Umbrella is evil. Right?"

"It'll take a while… It's likely that Umbrella will start losing stocks after all of this, thanks to what we've told them," Ada replied. "And, about the President, you're probably right. It's unlikely he'll stay in office for much longer. Let's just hope the vice president handles things with a strong hand as well."

"Why do I have to wake up to you two talking politics again?" a groggy voice asked. Sherry smiled widely and Ada felt a smile grow on her own lips as Leon lifted himself up slightly so he didn't have to look up at them. "Every time I wake up, you two have to be talking about the government or Umbrella. Can't you talk about…girl things?"

"You mean make-up and ponies and pink?" Ada asked. Leon grinned at her and Sherry giggled. "Sorry handsome. I might be able to talk about make-up and ponies but I can't stand the color pink." He laughed gently and shook his head. "Besides, you know you love waking up to hear about the President's latest feat."

"And what is it today? Yesterday it was a nuclear bomb dropped on Raccoon City, the day before that it was complete lockdown on the city with military surrounding the city, and the list goes on," the ex-officer said stiffly, running a hand through his hair. He'd been in the Stoneville hospital for a week, having been brought back from the brink of death after a helicopter ride out of the dying Raccoon City. The first time he'd regained consciousness, he'd mumbled that he'd been at Death's door and hadn't wanted to knock. That something - or somebody, he'd mentioned shyly - had held him back.

During his stay in the hospital, the S.T.A.R.S. alongside Ada had gone to the FBI to tell them about Wesker and Umbrella and things had started to get complicated. But, to her amazement, the S.T.A.R.S. hadn't told the FBI about her part of the whole thing. The complicated part remained though. The FBI didn't completely trust S.T.A.R.S., seeing as major figures like Chief Irons hadn't escaped the city and the cops that had - including Kevin, Elza, Ark, and Marvin - weren't willing to talk about what they'd gone through. And just the day before, a nuclear bomb had been dropped onto Raccoon City to wipe out all traces of the virus. Things were complicated, there was no doubt about it. But the Raccoon City survivors, as they'd taken to calling themselves, kept an optimistic view on things.

"He's talking about hunting down the people that caused all of this," Sherry explained somberly. Ada looked at the twelve year old who looked much older than she should've while Leon laughed bitterly. "What do you think will happen to Umbrella?"

"Eventually, they'll make mistakes that nobody can ignore. For now, everybody's going to have to play it safe, even the government. They'll have to take things slow so they don't scare the people. Think about it, you've got Umbrella products in your home and you go on to find out the company makes a virus that turns people into zombies. How would you feel?" Leon bitterly explained. "But Umbrella will be taken down."

"Maybe…maybe the government needs some more proof," Sherry offered. Ada and Leon looked at each other before looking back to her. "I mean…they couldn't get any samples of the T-Virus so they didn't really…get proof. What if they had actual proof of Umbrella's research? They'll get it eventually but…"

"Well, it would probably enable them to act against Umbrella a little faster. And the S.T.A.R.S. are going after Umbrella bases so they should get samples soon. By the end of the year at least," Ada said. But the look on Sherry's face said the girl had more to say so she remained silent after her comment.

"What if they got proof…this week?" the girl asked. Leon looked over at her, his hair falling messily into his face. She looked shyly between her two new family members, almost like she was afraid. But she still had that strong bravery in her steel blue eyes that separated her from most children.

"Do you have proof, Sherry?" Leon asked. Ada guessed it wasn't too farfetched, in some way. Sherry's father had been an extremely important researcher for the company. And if he somehow gave her proof, since he was turning against his own company towards the end, Ada guessed they could use it against Umbrella.

The blonde girl reached up and pulled on a chain that was attacked to a large, gold pendent that she'd worn ever since Leon and Ada had found her. She tugged it off and held it in her hands, which were outstretched so Leon and Ada could both see what she was holding. With careful fingers, she opened the pendent and revealed a family picture – her parents holding her while looking happy looked odd to Ada, considering Birkin had been reaching the end of his rope towards the end – and let them look at it. Before Ada could say anything though, the girl used her right thumb to flip the picture up and reveal a secret compartment.

And in the secret compartment was a vial with a purple gel-like liquid inside. Ada stared in shock at the vial, knowing for a fact that it was not the T-Virus but something else, and Leon moved again, lifting himself into a sitting position. Although he was in hospital clothes, Ada could see the bandages that were wrapped tightly around his chest near his collar bone and she was immediately filled with a sense of guilt, though she hid it. He'd been shot near the lung and had almost died, all because of her.

The black haired woman shook her head as Sherry started speaking. "This is the virus my dad was working on… They didn't realize I knew they put it in here but…not much goes by me. I spend too much time isolated to not notice everything. It's called the G-Virus. My dad said something about it being much more dangerous than the T-Virus." Ada saw the girl hesitate to continue. When she did, her eyes hardened and she looked older than ever before. "I think they put it in here for me to give it to the government. My parents weren't the greatest but they loved me and they trusted me and they knew me well enough to know I'd want to help stop Umbrella…"

"There's more than one virus?" a new voice asked. Sherry snapped the pendent closed and turned to face Chris as he and Jill entered the room. She nodded at the tall man and he shook his head. "That's just great." Jill elbowed him suddenly and he smirked, stating, "We've got the government's attention. Now we can give them that."

"How long have you been there?" Leon asked, glancing at Ada. She'd noticed them there but hadn't honestly cared enough to point them out to the other two people she was with. She smiled faintly at him and he rolled his eyes. She knew he was still adjusting to her being a spy/assassin with skills most people would never come close to having. Such as noticing things the average person wouldn't. "Never mind…"

"Sherry, why don't you go with Chris and Jill and get something to eat," Ada said, knowing the blonde hadn't eaten since the night before. She nodded and jumped out of the chair she'd spent most of her time in. Jill offered the young girl a hand and the three left the room. Ada turned to Leon. "You know we'll have to testify against Umbrella."

"Oh well," Leon said with a shrug. Then his eyes lifted and met hers and she saw emotions she didn't really recognize in those cerulean orbs of his. He seemed to want to say something but she guessed he couldn't find the proper words to do such. He dropped his eyes from hers.

"I never…thanked you," she said softly, knowing that things were about to get really awkward. "You…almost threw your life away for me… And you shouldn't have. Somebody like me… I don't deserve to live. Not after all I've done." He smiled at her faintly.

"You mean saving Sherry? Or telling me the truth? Or even going up against a super company to protect the U.S.? Yeah, those are evil things, aren't they?" She frowned at him and he shrugged. "Ada, haven't you even heard of leaving the past behind? You did, didn't you? You're not an assassin anymore. Spencer's afraid of coming after you. You're not a bad person. You deserve to be alive just as much as anybody."

With a gentle laugh, she stated, "That was cliché." He grinned again and she had a feeling that was the point. He'd wanted to be cliché, to make her feel better, and it had worked. For some reason, cliche statements always worked at making people feel better. And although she still felt guilt pressing at her, for everything that had happened to him, she felt better. She knew that her life would be marked with guilt and sorrow but as long as she had Leon - which wasn't unlikely seeing as Sherry was technically going to be adopted by the both of them - she didn't really mind. And she knew that life from here on out was going to be filled with difficulties most people would find impossible to face. But she would face it all, no matter how impossible it was.

"Yeah, I know… But I also wanted to say that… Well… I love you, Ada. I didn't want to say it in Raccoon because… I was pretty overwhelmed and I just didn't want to focus on emotions but….we're out now. Besides, we have a kid together. We kinda have to have emotions for each other. Let's make those positive emotions," he said.

She grinned and leaned closer to him, pressing her lips softly against his in a kiss that seemed completely natural to her. She didn't mind that all of this was clichéd. And she doubted he minded either.

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