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Prologue – An Ending

French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

6 months after Bella's 18th birthday…


"Alice! Alice…what did you see?" Edward gently cradled my head in his lap. I couldn't explain; it was too awful and too inevitable. I just pushed it toward him in my thoughts and felt him convulse with the weight and atrocity of the horrific vision.

"How long do we have, Alice?" he gasped. "20 minutes at the most, Edward. Demitri is with them. We…we… can't escape." I replied.

"Will none of us survive, then?" he murmured.

"Jasper, Rose, & Emmett, no one else. This is Caius' punishment of Carlisle. He's finally decided our family is too much of a threat." I replied, numb.

He nodded and, resigned, he called out to Carlisle & Esme. They joined us and we held hands. We would be strong and love each other to the end. The Volturi would not have the satisfaction of breaking us before destroying us. We couldn't win, but we could stay together in death as we always had in this existence, no, in this life. I silently thanked God that Jasper was in Europe studying at Oxford this term, waiting for me to join him in June. He would survive. Rose & Emmett would, as well. They, thankfully, had not yet returned from their African safari, though they were due next week.

Jane, Alec, Felix, & Demitri appeared in the doorway and our world exploded in pain and ended in fire. My last thoughts were of my dear Jasper…

A/N: Don't hate me, I had to kill them off here b/c I couldn't stand to make Jasper & Bella cheat on Edward and Alice or vice versa. I love all the characters too much to do such dishonest things with them. Be kind in your review, ok?