I've decide to keep this story going! Aren't you Edge-heads happy!? l0l Anyway, enjoy

Ari held on tightly to Adam's arm as they walked through the mall. She was tired and wanted to sleep but when you hardly saw your fiancé, you should want to spend as much as time with him as you could. "Hey, Ari! Look!" Adam yelled, pointing to a store that had a sultry colored red wall paper. She raised an eyebrow then tilted her head in a confused manner then sighed as he grinned. "C'mon.." He said, pulling her into the store. Ari looked around at the banner of vulgar phrases, pictures and words that hung on the wall. This store had everything to enhance sexual pleasure; toys, blow-up dolls (male and female), costumes and even bondage gear. "Can I help you?" Sung the voice of the clerk. She had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and long lashes with a figure that put hers to shame. She practically read porn star. "N-no, we're just-" She started but Adam interrupted with a smirk, "Yeah! You got nurses' costumes?" She smiled sweetly and nodded. "Towards the back and on your left." He turned and looked back to Ari, smirking again. She huffed, crossing her arms on her chest. Puffing out his cheeks in a childish manner, he went to the nurse costumes on a rack, fingering through them. She sighed and stuffed her hands into the tight pockets of her jeans, feeling awkward. "Ari, how about this one!?" Adam called with a grin. The nurse's costume looked like the nurse uniforms from 'Night Shift Nurses'. Which just happened to be Adam's favorite hentai*. Blushing, Ari went to him, taking the pink costume from him. "What hell do I need this for?" She whispered. His grin grew and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "You know what we need this for. And plus, Randy's having some stupid costume party." Ari raised her eyebrow then sighed. "Wait. If I go as a nurse, what are you going as?" He shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno but you need to try this on. Hey, um, Miss?" The clerk looked up and smiled. "Yeah?" "Can you help her with this?" She licked her lips and twirled her finger in her hair. "Sure. I'd be glad to." Ari blushed then glared at Adam before going into the dressing room. The clerk leaned back against the wall furthest from me with her arms crossed over her large breasts. She scratched her head, the awkward feeling coming back. "I can get dressed by myself, uh.." Ari looked down at her name tag then up to her as she began to bat her eyelashes. "Starr. I'm fine. Really." She pouted, "C'mon. I can help you. It'll take a really long time for you to put this on with out my help and plus your boyfriend wants me to help you. Let's not..disappoint him." She gulped. Starr was not gonna leave until she helped her. Air squealed as she touched her back, zipping up the costume. "You alright in there, Ars?" Adam called. He grinned. He knew that clerk wanted Ari and just wanted to see what Ari would do once she had started to put the "moves" on her. His grin grew as a red eared and faced Ari came from the dressing room, "You look..awesome, babe." She glared at him then went to the mirror. She had to admit. She did look like a hentai goddess in this costume. "Thanks, Adam. I'm not wearing this." "WHAT!?" Both Adam and Starr exclaimed loudly. "I'm not wearing it, okay? So, Let's find something else." He sucked his teeth then followed her into the dressing room. "Babe..I like it. Just keep it just to keep it." Ari touched his arm. "That's wasting money, baby. And Starr had alittle too much fun helping me get dressed." She exhaled shakily as he kissed her neck, grabbing her backside from under the costume. Ari giggled loudly. "Alright. Alright." He smirked then kissed her lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth. "Good. Plus we need it from our next movie." She raised an eyebrow then put her hands on her hips. "Is that why we came here?" He opened the door. "Yep. Hey, uhh, Starr, help her out, please?" She smiled, "No problem.."

Ari held her leg up, staring up at the white, stiletto heels. "Niiiiice." She giggled then stood. "Hey, uhh, what time does Randy's party start?" He laid back onto his bed, cradling the back of his head. "Huh? What party?" She clenched her fists. "You liar!" He grinned then sat up. "C'mon. Did you really think there was a party?" Ari pouted and sat on the end of the bed, "I really wanted to go out.." Adam wrapped his arms around her neck, kissing her cheek. "Why go out when we can stay in and make a movie?" She scoffed then stood. "Alright. Let's get this movie on the road." Adam wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. "Gimme a minute, okay?" He kissed her again the placed an leg brace on his leg, lying back again. "Start the camera, baby." Ari rolled her brown eyes then turned the camera on, leaning over him. "Nurse, Can I please get something for pain?" She rolled her eyes. "Where are you hurting?" "My leg." He answered, closing his eyes. Ari slid her hand under the brace, massaging his thigh. "I can't give you anything for now but…I can make you feel a lot better.." He licked his lips then shrugged his shoulders. "Okay." Ari climbed into his lap, kissing his lips. Adam pressed his lips back against hers. She giggled softly and wrapped her arms around his neck, jutting her hips forward against his. He grunted softly then gasped softly as she pushed him down onto the bed. She leaned over him, kissing his lips, sliding tongue into his mouth then pulled away, kissing his chin, leading down his neck. He panted and moaned softly as she moved down his chest, her face towards his crotch. Adam looked down at her. He had to keep himself from smiling. Ari, her face and ears red, pulled his thick and erected cock from his basketball shorts. It was like before, it was covered in pre-cum. Did it turn him on to know that she would suck him off? Adam slid his hand into her black locks, massaging her roots. Licking her lips, she engulfed his cock. He clenched his eyes closed. She moaned and licked the thick organ up and down, tracing each vein. Ari looked up to him as he began to pulse. Giving his dick one last lick, she sat up, licking her lips. Adam whined and laid back against the propped pillows. She giggled cutely and stood, turning her back to him. "You're..not leaving, are you?" He asked in-between pants. I laughed then unzipped her nurses costume before letting it fall to the floor then turned back to him. Under the costume she was naked. He knitted his eyebrows. "you knew we weren't going to a party, didn't you!" He accused, sitting up. Ari giggled then wrapped her arms around his neck, climbing into his lap. "Well, I was actually thinking about giving you a good fuck on Randy's pool table but..he's not having a party." She said with a pout, poking his nose. He huffed then leaned his head back as she slid him inside her. Ari bit her lip, rocking her hips back and forth against his, locking her fingers in his blonde hair. "Uhn, Adam.." She moaned then gasped as he turn over, pinning her under him. She giggled loudly, kissing his lips. "I thought your leg hurt." He grinned. "I guess your medicine was better than I thought." Ari shook her head then arched her back off the bed as Adam began to thrust inside her. Adam groaned and struggled to pull away from her. Before this was over, he wanted his tongue to taste her. "A-adam, don't." She panted as he did mange to pull away from her. Licking his dry lips, he held her legs open then slid his tongue into her, causing the naughty nurse to cum. Hard. Adam sighed and laid beside her, his chest rising and falling quickly. "Adam…why do you do that?" He shrugged his shoulders then pulled her against him, "Any ideas for the next one?" She laughed and kissed his lips before turning off the camera.

*I dunno if Adam really watches Hentai but that'd REALLY awesome if he did xDD