Chapter 1: The Escape

I lay there blinking in the darkness that was my life. I could see a square of light coming through the single window that was on the door. It was always there, it never moved. The only light that I ever saw in my life was from that tiny square and it was synthetic at best. Today was just the same as yesterday. I saw the beautiful face of a blonde boy reaching out to me and loving me. It was one of the only things that kept me going.

The door opened and the artificial light flooded into the room with a large silhouette in the middle. I looked up to see the tall psychiatrist walking into the room. He had dark hair and very pale skin. He always looked like he needed a good night's rest and his eyes sometimes glowed an ominous red. This would make a normal person uneasy but I had seen a boy with the same color eyes and I loved him.

He shut the door behind him and sat in a chair next to my bed. He did this often and would ask me questions about the things that I saw in my mind. Today a new vision had erupted through me and it was terrifying. The little bit of light still emitting into the room from the small window was lighting the man's face to show his perfect features.

"What did you see today?" the man asked me, alight with curiosity.

"My doom," I barely croaked a whisper.

His eye brows shut up and he froze like he was waiting for it to hit at any moment. I reached out and placed my hand on his forearm to console his worried expression. It was like touching an ice sculpture. He flinched from my warm touch but then brought his cold hand over mine, in comfort, I suppose.

"Tell me about it my child," he said eagerly.

"I was lost in the woods. I don't know how I got there. A beautiful creature of a man came out of nowhere and bit me," tears were swelling up and pouring over my eyes. "The pain…"

"It's okay dear one, I will protect you," he said slowly, but his anxiety fell through his pretense.

He was wrong though. I had failed to tell him that I did know some of the steps that would lead to me ending up in the woods and that I also knew his plans for me. He was going to help me escape. He could see my expressions, though I didn't know how he could in this dark room.

"Have you seen anything else?" he asked softly.

"The nurse will be here in a few minutes," I warned him.

He stood and left the room swiftly, so quickly that I didn't see him do it. The nurses on staff were unaware of how often he actually visited me in my room.

I curled up on the bed, bringing my knees to my chest, crying. I knew what the nurse had in store for me. It would be another terrible night of torture. The nurse on duty this evening reveled in treating her patients with the lowest level of human respect – none.

The door opened again and the short round woman strode into the room, brandishing a needle. A cry escaped my lips as she came closer to me. I backed up against the wall like I was trying to become a Charlemagne. Visions began flashing through my mind as quickly as she was thinking about her many pleasures she would be torturing me with.

Suddenly a new vision flew through my mind. The vicious look and inhuman glare of a pale beauty was rushing into a room where my limp body was being kicked and punched. He strode over and brought his hand to her neck. She screamed out in terror and it only brought a new fanatical glow of pleasure across his face as he brought his lips to her neck. It looked like he was kissing her. When he removed his face from her, he let go and she fell to the ground, lifeless. He turned and his lips were red with blood.

A scream escaped my lips and the nurse smiled in pleasure because she thought it was because of her advance. She brought the needle to my neck and pressed it against my skin and it broke through. Pain seared through me until the woman in front of me became blurry. I covered my face, which was wet with tears.

"No! Please…" I cried out, begging.

"Ha-ha silly child. You are a worthless piece of a human being. I will beat this affliction from you if I have to," she said in a falsely sweet fashion.

My words became slurred. "You can't…stop…him."

"What do you mean child?" her face showed a menacing curiosity at my words.

Everything went dark.

When I awoke I was being held by something very cold. My eyes were still closed and wet with tears. A sob escaped my lips and a light hand gently rubbed up against my face, pulling my hair away from my eyes.

"Ms. Brandon, I've got you," the man told me but his worry was present in his tone.

My life seemed to be full of nothing but pain, fear, and this gentlest of a man. Suddenly, like a nightmare coming back to me, my vision of his murderous ways flashed through my mind. A high pitch scream came through my lips and his hand was quickly over my mouth.

"Shh," he murmured. "It's okay, I won't hurt you."

My eyes opened and it was bright. I saw the shadow of the beautiful psychiatrist's face as light surrounded him like a halo. He was moving quickly through a hallway. I saw the fluorescent lights above me and was limp in his arms. He removed his hand from my lips once he thought I would be silent.

I was silent because I knew his words to be true, yet the vision I had earlier had scared me to near death. Something like a dream trying to be remembered burst through my mind as an earlier vision flitted across my hectic mind. The monster that is going to kill me was just like this gorgeous man.

I knew where the psychiatrist was taking me - to his office. His next course of action was not solid at this present moment. His face was tense, alarmed. I heard a horrified gasp from a little girl as she saw me in his arms. I could only imagine what I looked like to her. Bleeding, bruised, and crying. A whispered discussion ensued between the parents of the little girl as we rushed by them.

After the weight of several seconds we finally reached his office. He sat me down on a chair and pulled another out to put it opposite of me. He sat down and moved so close to me that our noses almost touched. I knew he wouldn't harm me but I still shied from the closeness.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a strained voice.

He began tracing lines with his finger tips at the newly forming bruises that were in the shape of large fat fingers on my arms. His cold touch sent a shiver down my spine. I could see in his eyes the love he felt for me.

"I don't know," I answered truthfully.

His face was screwed up in pain as he wiped the ever flowing tears from my face.

"I'm taking you away from this place. I will never let another soul harm you," he said with an understated fervor.

My previous vision engulfed me as I remembered being lost in the forest. This was the first step to me landing in there, though I wasn't quite sure how I arrived there from this point.

"The end," I said, horrified.

"This won't be the end, it will be the beginning," he told me.

Alarms sounded and we both looked up to see red lights flashing in the hallway through the window in the door.

"We have to go," he exclaimed.

He snatched me up and opened the door to run for it. Two large guards came running at us. I clutched myself to the man as the two men advanced. I closed my eyes tightly while many noises erupted around us.

Author's Notes: Most of the characters that you will encounter in this story are Stephenie Meyer's creations. I hope you enjoyed reading this first chapter and will continue to read once I post more.