Okay...a little explanation on this. These are just character studies of the Shepherd family that take place before and in the opening chapter(s) of my "sequel (of sorts)" story. This story is a MAJOR WORK IN PROGRESS. I'm getting ready to go to graduate and go to college and I'm working on other stuff...so this story may never be updated. But I may work on it here and there and I'm always open to suggestions if anyone has any. Basic plot (to avoid major confusion): takes place many many many years after SH5, Alex was killed in action and has been dead 3 years, Rebecca is 18, Isaac is 13, Isaac is kidnapped and through clues found in her dad's study, Rebecca heads to SH to find him. Chaos ensues of course. Obviously it's a major work so it will definitely be awhile before I upload it. BUT, I wanted to post something for funsies and for character develop on my part. Hope you all enjoy :D


He was always over-protective of his family. When he was home, that is.

She never thought that getting promoted and suddenly becoming important on the Army's totem pole went to his head and suddenly his family wasn't good enough for his attention. She did notice that as the years went on, and as her and her brother got older, he was there less and less.

It hurt her personally because she had always been so close to him, her hero and role model. What did he teach her? That abandoning your family was okay? That work is more important than the people who unconditionally love you despite your faults or when you're an asshole? That it's okay to quit and give up?


She would never listen to him. Never take lessons like that from a man who built her up for so many years only to break her down again with each time he turned his back.

But she still cried for him. Sobbed until she couldn't breathe even though she promised she wouldn't.

And now everything's shot to hell.

It all started with him.

Elle is next. Sorry it's so depressing...but hey, it's SH. It's always depressing.