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She doesn't know how to describe herself.

Stubborn, headstrong, too quick to argue or say something she doesn't mean, too quick to jump to a conclusion or course of action without thinking of the consequences. That doesn't make a good soldier, her father would say.

Loving, loyal, ready to jump to anything to save someone she loves, ready to defend that same person in a heartbeat no matter the circumstances. Love makes you blind, her mother would say.

She is two halves of one person, two parts from two people who were so different and yet loved each other like everyone should be loved. She feels the divide in herself but doesn't know what to do with it—how to make herself feel more whole.

She used to feel whole when he was still alive. Even if he wasn't there, she had hoped that one day he would be.

And then he wasn't.

She hates him for it. She hates him more than anything for abandoning her, her mother and her brother. She hates him for building himself up in her eyes only to prove what he really was—worthless.

But she loves him so much it hurts. She loves him for being the best father a girl could hope for. She loves him for teaching her to not be afraid. She loves him for being there—when he was there.

Two halves of one whole.

Perhaps the missing piece is there?

In Silent Hill.

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