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Enough is enough


"Edward! Hello! Wait for me!" I screamed running towards his silver Volvo but he barely even spared me a glance and drove off. I saw Tanya next to him in the passenger seat laughing at me.

I stopped and stared as the car sped away.

Oh my god. He blanked me.

He purposely left me.

I felt my eyes burning with the threat of tears.

"Bella!" I heard a high voice shout to me. I turned to see Alice skipping towards me, her black, spiky hair bouncing.

I smiled at my best friend. We had met when we were both five, she had just moved into the neighbourhood with her parents and her brother Edward and since then we have always clicked.

She was the best friend I could always talk to about girly things and Edward used to be the best friend who I could go and seek refuge with when Alice wanted to play Bella Barbie.

Emphasis on used to be, he was always there for me, together through thick and thin but now we hardly saw each other and when we did he was never the Edward I knew and loved.

As much as I hate to admit it, I had a crush on him but who wouldn't; he had a flawless face with high cheekbones, memorising emerald green eyes, well-defined lips, a god-like body with chiselled muscles and washboard abs, just thinking about him made me drool.

He is the definition of gorgeous. Seriously. Well in our school dictionary he is. Some sad cheerleaders thought it would be funny to print out dictionaries with a picture of someone next to the word. Lucky for me I was on two words, geek and ugly.

It hurt me to see that. People still remind me everyday about it but those first few months when it was released were living hell for me, people would not stop teasing me about it. It came to the point that I started to eat lunch in the stalls of the toilet because I couldn't handle their taunting and laughing. Worst of all even Edward joined in with their jokes

I shuddered to think of what I would have done if Alice hadn't been there for me. She comforted me and helped me continue to go to school. She even helped me to the point that I can see my faults as part of who I am:

Sure I dress differently but I like my clothes they are comfortable.

Who cares if I'm smart and I like to study, that just means that when I'm older I'll get a better job.

So what if I'm a virgin, I'm just waiting for the right person.

Yep, Alice taught me how to say all that without breaking into tears. She was the best friend anyone could ever have.

When she reached me she hugged me really tight so that I couldn't breathe. Wow, for such a little person she was really strong. "Hey Bella."

"Um, hey Alice. What did I do wrong to make you try to kill me?" She giggled and mercifully let go of me.

"Nothing yet. It was just a warning for the future." I stared at her scared until I realised she was just joking then I half-heartedly laughed with her. She stopped laughing and looked at me, concern showing in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

I looked away from her eyes. "Nothing. Just hanging out."

She didn't look convinced. "In an empty car park…at school...alone."

The car park is empty?

I looked around. Hmmm, so what do you know, it was.

How long had I been standing there for?

"Where's Edward? Isn't he supposed to be giving you a lift home?" She asked suspiciously.

I tried to think of an excuse, one that wasn't as embarrassing as the truth. "Ummm…I guess I missed him."

"He left you to walk, AGAIN!" She looked furious. "That little toad! I'm going to murder him! He probably left with that bitch, Tanya!"

"Alice calm down." I was glad she wasn't angry with me.

She looked at me shocked. "Bella, how can you be like that? It honestly makes me sick. He practically walks all over you and treats you as if you don't exist and you let him. Don't get me wrong I love my brother but I hate the way he's changed and how he treats you. So many women fought to get the freedom we have now but you're just throwing it away by waiting for him and treating him better than the piece of shit he is."

I felt my eyes pricking with tears. Was that how I've been acting. Just letting him walk all over me.

Oh no! I have!

I've acted like such a spineless idiot.

Alice is right. I've been just trying to ignore and deny it. He doesn't care about me anymore, everyday it gets worse and I didn't notice.

He never displayed even the slightest bit of affection towards me when he is with his friends but when I'm at the Cullen house he treats me the opposite and the only reason he would do that is because he's ashamed of me. Embarrassed enough to ignore me in public.

I felt warm tears spill down my cheeks.

I've been such a fool.

"Oh Bella, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." Alice hugged me again.

"No Alice, you're right. He has been treating me terribly and I've never said anything to him, I've just allowed him to continue." I sighed. "Alice I need your help."

She let go of me and looked at me with curiosity burning in her eyes. "Of course. Just name it."

I knew I was going to regret this. "Alice I need you to give me a makeover. If Edward can change then so can I."

"Really! Oh My God!" She started jumping up and down then stopped and looked serious. "If you want my help you have to do whatever I say. No arguing. No giving up. You need to listen and do whatever I tell you. Now are you sure?"

"Yes. I am." I was sure. I was tired of living like this; I wanted it to be different.

She started to jump up and down again. "Yay! You won't regret this Bella. Now I just need to go pick up my purse from my house then we're going shopping, my treat."

"Alice I…" I started to say but Alice glowered at me.

"No buts. I have wanted to do this for so long and plus I can afford to do it." She was right; her family were practically rolling in money.

I smiled "Okay. Thanks."

"That's a better attitude. Now let's go, Jasper will give us a lift." She tugged on my arm and I followed her.

Jasper was leaning against his car and Rosalie and Emmett were there too.

Rosalie ran up to hug me. She was absolutely beautiful; she had long wavy blonde hair, clear blue eyes and pink pouty lips. She also was one of the kindest people ever if she was friends with you, totally loyal. "Hey Bella. Where's Edward?"

Alice answered for me. "We'll talk about it later but right now I'm going to take Bella shopping."

Rosalie's eyes widened. "Really. Oh I am so coming. Something most definitely is up. Plus I can't miss an opportunity to go shopping with Bella."

"Oh it's about to become a more frequent activity, isn't it Bella?"

I nodded. If I was going to do this I had to do it right and I gave my word to Alice; I never break my word.

"Bella!" A loud deep voice shouted before I was suddenly engulfed in a big bear hug. "How's my little sister doing?"

"Not breathing right now." Emmett laughed and put me down. I smiled at him.

We weren't really brother and sister but he treated me like one and so I was fine with it. Emmett was really big and tended to intimidate people with his size but he was really a teddy bear at heart.

"Hey Bella." Jasper called out. He was quite tall with blonde hair. He was one of Edwards's best friends and Alice's boyfriend, they were inseparable. He had such a calming presence.

I smiled at him. "Hey."

"So are we going to go? We have a lot of things to do before tomorrow." Alice ordered.

"What's happening tomorrow?" Jasper asked as we got into the car.

"We're going to Tyler's party." Alice stated.

"We are?" We all asked.

She smiled "I just said that didn't I."

"What ever." Rosalie sighed

Alice giggled. "I can't wait to go and shop. Drive faster Jasper, drive like the wind!"

I looked out the window and sighed as every mile we passed took us closer to the newly changed Bella.

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