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Chapter 17


"Gabe! Wait a minute! I can carry my own bags!" I protested after he took the suitcase I was trying to lug across the airport. Now he was carrying my bags and his own.

"Bella!" He sighed exasperated. "No you are not; we will be late for our flight if you don't hurry up."

Charlie had already left after I insisted he didn't need to stay. After an awkward hug he told me to send his regards to my mother and that he hopes she gets well soon to and headed off to work.

"My flight is later than yours anyway." I complained as he I tried to catch up with his fast walking.

"Yes by ten minutes."

I sighed and quickly dragged myself over to him and snatched my carry on from him. Hah, victory. But he still had my suitcase, damn it. He smirked at me knowing I was annoyed with his "manners".

He had to give my suitcase back when we checked in at our separate counters and soon we stood waiting to go past security. I hated this part; I was always so scared of my earrings or something setting the alarms off.

By the time we finished with security, we were still early for our flight which I pointed out to Gabriel with a smug grin.

He rolled his eyes at me playfully. "Better to be early than late."

I was so glad Gabriel and I was still friends. After our break up I was scared that things might be awkward between us. It was a good thing I broke up with him earlier on the day before my kiss with Edward otherwise I would feel completely guilty. Gabriel didn't deserve that kind of treatment and I was hoping some lucky girl would catch his eye in France.

I was also glad that I didn't have to wait for the plane by myself. Gabriel was great company.

I got a text from Renee saying that Phil managed to set up the guest room for me for my stay there. After Renee broke her leg from her newest phase, rock climbing, I offered to stay with them in Phoenix, Arizona, and help look after her. Especially since Phil is even worse than Charlie at cooking.

I would feel bad about leaving Charlie but I was sure that Sue Clearwater, a family friend, would manage to look after him well, since she offered to check on him while I was gone to make sure he didn't just eat readymade meals.

We were sitting in one of the many seats in the busy airport when I got a call. Alice's name flashed on the screen.

Was I really going to speak to her after I avoided them all week?

She was going to really angry with me for ignoring her.

Better get this over and done with; I thought as my finger accepted the call.

(A.N- Bold for Alice this time)

"Hello." I had to hold the phone away from my ear as Alice shouted my name. I was right, she was angry and she was going to be even angrier with me for not telling her that I was going to visit Renee for two weeks. So I hesitantly greeted her "Hey Alice."

Just then our flights came up on the boards. Conveniently, the gates were near each other.

Gabriel came up to me with his bag. "We need to go." He mouthed to me.

"I'll be there in a second." I told him.

"Where are you Bella?"

"I'm at the airport." I told her.

"What?" She asked. Clearly the phone was breaking up, great. I could hear her clearly but from experience I could tell you that she would not be able to hear me that well. This was going to be a tiring conversation.

"I'm at the airport." I repeated.

"Bella, why didn't you tell us you were going?" Alice sounded offended that I didn't tell her but I only didn't tell them because I wasn't ready to forgive everyone. I needed time to think and this break was going to help me.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you but you can see why I didn't after all of you interfered with my life." I felt bad since that sounded a bit harsh. I wanted to take what I said back.

"Huh?" Alice said, clearly not hearing what I said before.

Did I say before that I hate this crap connection? Obviously I was lying, I love it. I sighed in relief.

"I said I'm sorry that I'm going but I have no choice, Renee needs me to help her so I have to go to Phoenix with her."


This was never going to work.

"Bella you need to hang up, our flights are going to be here soon, let's go." He told me apologetically and went to pick up our bags.

I held up my hand to tell him to wait. "One second." I held the phone away from me as I reminded him to buy his friend the things he wanted from the shop here.

I loved tax free shops.

He smiled gratefully. "What would I ever do without you Bella." He quickly ran to the shop leaving the bags with me. We had a few minutes before we needed to go over to our gates.

"Bella, are you with Gabriel?" Alice asked me after obviously hearing him on the phone.

"Yeah, his flight is around the same time so I decided to go with him to the airport, we're waiting for his plane and then I'm heading to wait for my plane." After keeping contact with him even after our breakup I had found out that our planes left at similar times and we agreed to go with each other.


What was the point of this? Seriously.

Before I could repeat what I was saying the speakers around announced that Gabe's flight was now boarding.

Luckily he was on his way back from the shop.

"Gabe, we need to go if you want to make your flight. Pass me my carry on and let's go."

"Bella?" Alice shrieked down the phone knowing that I needed to hang up and the fact she was becoming impatient since she hadn't gotten any of the information she wanted.

"Sorry Alice, I've got to go. I'll call you later." I quickly hung up before she could argue with me.

I quickly grabbed my bag and went over to Gabriel who was checking we had everything.

"Ready to go?" I asked excitedly. I missed Phoenix and was glad to go back even though it was only for a short while.

He smiled. "Yeah, let's go."

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Gabriel takes a bite out of his French sausage while the plane attendant runs
through the aisles frolicking with escargot like a flower girl. Bella in an
out-of-body experience swings from seat to seat like an orangutan pulling
pictures of Rob Pattinson from her pockets that suspiciously look like Edward
and licks the photo. Chelsea Handler screams at Gabe, "That's not kosher!" and
launches Chuy Bravo on him to give him a French kiss. Rob Pattinson hops up
from his seat while watching gummy worms and gummy bears wrestling and watches
the madness that had amassed while he was napping and desperately busted
windows open to escape crazy fan girls and jumps into BP's Oil Spill to swim
with the dolphins. Bella cries for the mess of his hair and jumps in after
him. Edward watches in sorrow and calls for a spider monkey and Tyler Hawkins
(Remember ME) to be his super sidekicks to save Bella and his alter ego.
Charlie in an attempt to save his daughter's secret love uses his super
'stache to absorb all the oil in the gulf to find his long lost pair of
Aviators that he married prior to Renee. Tired of watching the chaos Pierce
Brosnan (James Bond) swoops in and saves the day with his Irish-man accent and
good looks.

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