"You can do better than that, Andrew!" Dad yelled at my brother. I was sitting on the side lines watching as Andrew- my twin- raced against Dean. The story's complicated. Basically, I pretended to be my brother and raced and I won and my Dad realized that I was a good racer so now we're training. Oh, and we got signed on to Art Henderson Racing, but we're still Carson Racing (I have the underwear to prove it).

The race finally came to an end, and Andrew beat Dean by half a bike. I was told to watch them, learn the technique and stuff. I only rode a 125, they rode 250's. Which is cool, there's no way that I'd be able to handle anything but a 125. 250's are just too damn heavy and big. I can't control them.

"Dean, watch his week spots. Andrew, you need to watch your turns. Andy, you need to practice with your brother. Take a break, Dean. Watch." Dad told the three of us.

"You get my job!" I said sarcastically. He went to where I was standing and I went to my bike. Me and my brother knocked fists and put our helmets on, going to the start.
"5 laps." Dad said. I wouldn't be able to win in five laps! Maybe twelve, but definitely not 5! Dad blew the whistle, and we were off!

"Dinner!" Mom yelled just as we were finishing up with undressing from our riding clothes and putting up our bikes in the shop. Another dinner with Dean. My feelings for Dean are definitely there. I don't think of him as my brother, or as a sibling at all. I think of him more as a guy who I want to date. I like him that way.

"I should probably go, Mr. Carson." Dean said. He put out his hand in a gesture to say bye, but my dad just slapped it away.

"You're eating with us, Dean. You're family after all." the smile that had formed on my lips disappeared. I saw Andrew looking at me. He saw it. The emotion on my face that he could spot when nobody else could. Dean looked a little uncomfortable when he said that, too. He just nodded and walked out with Dad. Andrew cut me off.

"Andrew..." I sighed.

"Andrea," my brother began. I looked into his eyes then. He never called me by my real name. "I know what you're going through."

"Don't be stupid, Andrew."

"I'm not. I saw it in your face. I've seen it in your eyes and it's even slipped out more than once when we've been talking about racing."

"I can't control my feelings! What am I supposed to do? Just ignore the fact that I like him? Just forget about all the talks that we had when I was you? I can't do that!" I was starting to raise my voice.

"I'm not asking you to, Andy. I'm asking you to be honest with yourself. I want you to talk to me about this more. I'm your twin, we're blood... family. We talk about everything, you know that. Even if it is about... Dean." he told me. I nodded and he hugged me. He was right. We were blood. We're more than just brother and sister, we're twins. We don't fight that much, if at all. We think a like... I'm a little smarter. And we're both into the same things (except for sexuality of course). No matter what I talk to him about, we'll always be twins... we'll always love eachother. Through good or bad. Through sickness or health. We're forever. A bond that can't be broken.

"About time." Jason remarked when Andrew and I got to the table. I gave him a look and he stiffened, but I ruffled his hair when I passed him so that he knew that I was just kidding and we were cool.

"Dude, that 250 is the shit." Andrew said.

"It better be. You know how much those two bikes cost me?" Dad asked.

"Dad, don't worry about it. We're doing find, we don't need you to tell us that we need to be careful when we're bringing in a hell of a lot of money." I told him.

"Not fair..." Jason mumbled.

"What was that?" I prompted.

"Oh, I said that I agreed with you." Jason said. Dean chuckled a little. Andrew passed him on his way back from the kitchen and slapped his hand, doing one of those weird handshakes.

"Mmhmm, sure you did." I said. I sat down at the table and began to eat my spahgetti noodles.

"So, Andy. I was thinking that we could go on a ride tomorrow. Show you some new stuff." Dean said. We used to ride togeather, he was showing me a bunch of stuff that I could use later on. He was also showing me different terrains. "You can come too, Andrew, if you want." I could tell from his voice that he didn't want him too. Andrew seemed to be the only other one who noticed.

"No thanks. I wanna ride the track a few more times and then take the rest of the day off. But you two have fun." Andrew said.

"You sure?" I asked. Andrew gave me another of his 'I know what you're doing' looks. I was just making it seem like I wanted him to go, but I didn't actually want him to go. God, life of teenagers are so complicated.

"Yeah. You two have fun." I nodded.

"You guys wanna take the trailor?" Mom asked. Dad stopped eating and looked at her. She looked back. He cracked, looked back down at his food and ate some more.

"Yeah, totally." I told her. I was a little shocked that she offered the trailor to us, I didn't think that she'd want us to take it.

Next Day~...~

I jumped in the front of the truck after putting our riding gear in the trailor, Dean was shutting the trailor. He jumped in the front of the truck and smiled at me. I was completely stoked that we were going riding again. It had been well over a month since our last ride, and I've been wanting to go, but I"ve been so busy. My hair is growing out so I don't look like a boy anymore. Most of the guys that I'm friends with from the track are cool with me riding with them. Some of my friends, though, get bothered when I beat them at a race. Dean just smiles when someone starts acting a little pissy.

The ride would take about two hours to the nearest riding spot, I didn't know where we were going. He wouldn't tell me. He told me that it was going to be a surprise. To be honest, I liked that he had a surprise for me. We both like eachother, we know that for sure. We even flirt a little, but we've never tried to make a move in the two and a half months that we've been on the same team. We're still a little jumpy about me knowing all of those things that he told me when I was pretending to be a guy so that I could save my family. I know, it was fun. But a little weird at times when he would ask me how to talk to girls and it was especially akward on my part when he told me to take off my shirt and go swimming.

Three and a half hours later~...~

We finally reached it. It was near the track that raced on against eachother. The race track that Frenchie had told everybody about my secret because he had lost to me- a girl. But we weren't going to go on the track. We parked at the beginning of the trail and began to unload.

The two of us grabbed our own bikes and took them out of the trailor. While we checked our bikes, we made a bet. The first person the lake doesn't have to wash the bikes when we get home. Which totally wasn't fair because I'm not as fast as him. Besides, he has a bigger bike than me. I agreed, though, reluctantly.

We both put on our gear and smiled at eachother. We grabbed our helmet's and walked out of the trailor. Another group had showed up. There were a total of four guys. One of them I knew as a friend. When George- that's my friend- saw me. He came over to me and we did one of those hand shakes that involved some weird crap. But whatever, I knew most of them.

"Hey, Andy."

"Whaz up?"

"Going for a ride." George told me.

"Hey, whose your girlfriend?" one of the guys in George's group asked. The rest of them burst into laughter... it wasn't even funny.

"It's Andrea Carson... Andy. And we're not going out, dip shit!"

"Andy, let's go... show them what we're made of on the track." Dean said. I nodded and walked backwords to my bike, keeping my eyes on the leader of the group.

"See ya at the lake, Andy. Go easy on 'em will ya?"

"Hell no, George. I'm gonna make sure they all lose to a girl... including you George... and Dean." I told them all.

"C'mon, Andy! I don't wanna get hurt!" Dean said.

"I won't let you get hurt... at first." I told him.

"Shit." he muttered. You've got that right.

I got on my bike and threw dirt on them all when I started the race. They all got on their bikes too, and started to catch me... bad idea.

I pulled up to the lake on the bike. I was muddy and sweaty and I wanted to get in that nice cool water. Dean pulled up next to me as well. He was just as dirty and sweaty and he looked like he wanted to get in the lake. I got off my bike and started taking off my gear.

"C'mon. Let's go." I said to Dean.

He got off his bike and started taking off his gear as well. We heard the bikes coming up towards us, they were finally catching up after that game of tag and them getting off the track so many times... it was a wonder that we could hear them so soon.

"Race ya!" Dean said.

"You have to wash the bikes when we get home!" I teased. Then we raced to the water. We both jumped at the same time and we came up above the water a second later. Dean had only taken his shirt off, but I had taken off my shirt and pants. I was in a shirt and some shorts that I wore under my gear, and I was pretty sure that Dean was checking me out.

"See something you like?" I teased him.

"Yeah... I do." he said in his sexy voice. He moved over to me and grabbed me by my waist, just then the group of bikers showed up and they took off their helmets, obviously mad. George was the only one who looked like he had a good time, the rest looked like they wanted to kill me.

"Sorry... you guys lost!" I said. Dean had let go of me and moved away from me a few feet.

"Fucking bitch!" the angry dude said.

"Hey!" Dean said. He was obviously ready to fight.

"What? Huh?" the guy said. He bowed out his chest and threw his helmet on the ground. "What you gonna do about it?"

"Dean..." I said. He had gotten out of the water while the guy was acting all tough.

"What you gonna do?" the guy said. He obviously didn't think that Dean would do anything.

"This!" Dean said. He hit the guy in the jaw and he fell down on the ground, obviously hurt. Dean got ontop of him and started hitting him, then one of the guys pulled him off of him, holding him. One of the other guys took a swing at him and clipped his lip. I was out of the water and between the two, standing there in my white shirt and black shorts. One of the guys whistled. Dean shrugged the other guys off of hm and pulled me towards him, hiding my chest from the guys with his.

"Let's go." George said. Even though I was wearing a bra, you could still see my breasts a little. The guys left and it was only me and Dean again.

"Let's just go." I said to him. I got dressed and I rode off, Dean was behind me.

"You alright?" I asked Dean when we got to the trailor a half hour later.

"Yeah, I've been in worse. I'm alright." he said. His voice was oh-so sexy.

"I need to change." I told him. I got in the trailor and turned on the light that was over head, I closed the door and started to strip. When I got down to just my underwear and my shirt, the door opened again and then closed. I turned around. Dean was standing there.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I came out here with you because we need to talk."

"Yeah well, with me half-naked and-" I wasn't able to finish though because Dean took two steps and he was on me. He had his hands on my waist, pulling me towards him and he had his lips on my mouth. He parted my lips with his and the innocent kiss soon turned not-so innocent.

"You were saying?" he said when he pulled back.

"I was saying that I love you." I told him. "Shit! Did I just say that?"

"I love you to." he said without thinking. Then he kissed me again.