As Noah was wiping the counter at Java, waiting for his shift to be over so he could get back to the hospital, he still had an hour before his shift ended, and he could be with Luke again.

It was a slow day, because of the cold wind most people just rushed home, and Noah´s thoughts drifted back to the last couple of days.

Lucinda had been sick for months but for the last couple of days it had been really bad. The doctors had told Holden and Lily, that she only had a couple of days left and the Snyder´s had been at her side the whole time.

The sudden ring of his phone brought Noah out of his thoughts. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled the phone out of his pocket, before answering.

"Hi Noah," Holden said and Noah could hear the tears in his voice. "You need to come to the hospital …" Holden didn´t need to end the sentence Noah understood the meaning anyway.

"I´ll be there as soon as I can," said Noah and hung up the phone. He quickly punched in Jeff´s number and drummed his finger nervously on the counter, while he waited for Jeff to answer his phone.

Finally after 30 min Noah came rushing through the hospital, running towards Lucinda´s room. He came to a stop when he saw the Snyder clan outside the room. Lily had her arms around the girls as they were all loudly sobbing.

Holden looked up and placed a hand on Noah´s shoulder. Noah could see the sadness in his eyes. "She´s dead, she died a few minutes after I called you. I´m concerned about Luke," he said as he guided Noah towards the door, slowly pushing it open. Noah looked in to the room and saw Luke lying on his side, facing Lucinda and Noah could hear the small sobs. He knew that Luke was trying his best to keep it in, to be strong.

"They need to move her, but we can´t move him. Do you think that you could?" Holden asked and Noah nodded and stepped in the room. Noah walked to the bed and took Luke´s hand in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

Noah bent down and kissed his right temple, before lifting Luke´s right hand and bringing it around his neck. He put his arm under Luke´s knee and gently lifted him off the bed. He could feel Luke clinging to his neck as Noah walked to the chair, which was standing in the corner, by a window. He sat down so that Luke had his back to the room and felt Luke burry his head in his neck.

"She´s gone," he heard the blonde whisper against his neck. "I know," Noah whispered and kissed Luke on the forehead.

"I´ve got you," whispered Noah as he hugged the blonder tighter to his chest. His heart broke as Luke finally let go and broke down into large sobs.