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My Shiny Freak

Summary: Bella with some backbone, a cynical smart-ass who attracts the attention of the local brooding vampire, Edward Cullen.

Chapter One: My Shiny Freak

It has been one week since I came to Forks, Washington. One week trying to avoid my dad Charlie. Maybe being the police chief's daughter was cool when I was four years old, but now…

Not so much.

He is used to the trouble-making teenagers in this small logging town and he made it clear on my very first day here that he will be keeping a close eye on me. I may have rolled my eyes at that statement.

Today is my fourth day at Forks High, a crappy little school consisting of one decrepit building. The students here seem more immature than I'm used to and strangely cookie-cutter in their appearances. I miss Phoenix. Not the horrid weather there but all of the different kinds of people. Here in Forks, you have your typical small-town, white picket fence, back pack wielding shiny teenagers and that is it. Not a freak among the student body. Where are these trouble makers that Charlie spoke of? Drama of any kind would be quite welcome at this point.

I sit by myself trying not to notice all of the stares and whispers, but I am the new girl. The Police Chief's daughter no less. I am the girl in black who sits by herself at lunch.

For the past four days the sun has been shining like I have never seen in the grey wash that usually is Forks. All of my memories of this stinking town involve rain and clouds and it's quite the oddity for this type of weather. I slide my sunglasses on, put my ears buds in and drown out everything with some blaring music as I jump out of my rotting Chevy truck. My truck. Ug. It's a gas sucking, death trap. I guess I should be grateful. Charlie had bought for me, but the thing was old, ugly and I had yet to make it go faster than thirty five miles an hour, and that was pushing it. Well, at least I don't have to ride a bus to school…

Dragging myself into the building, I began to feel rain drops on my face. Ah, here is the Forks I know and recognize. Bring on the dismal grey sky! This is more like it. I raise my hood and walk slowly, licking the rain off my lips. Walking into biology, all I can hear is the complaining voices, upset about the rain. I saunter over to my lab table to see someone sitting there. I had been sitting by myself all week. Who the hell is this? I quicken my pace and when I reach the table, I throw my bag on top and look to this boy next to me.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Edward." He mumbled not bothering to even look up at me. Pfft. Another Gucci clad rich kid with nothing to say to me. Surprise, surprise.

Biology is a torturous drawn out discussion of cell mutation or some shit. It's old news to me. The advanced classes I took in Phoenix were well beyond what we are studying in this class. It's a perfect excuse for me to slack off and people watch. Edward moved his chair several times during class, each time moving further and further away from me. The prick didn't even attempt to be stealthy about it. I noticed his hands were clenched into fists and the muscles in his arms were flexing repeatedly. Something about this made me let out a quiet laugh and when I did he finally turned and looked at me. The look on his face was angry, he looked uber pissed off. The color of his eyes was odd, pitch black, almost like it was all pupil. I couldn't help but lean over to him to get a better look at his creepy peepers. He scowled, covered his nose with his hand and started to lean away from me. Does he think I smell bad? I ducked my head down and took a quick whiff of my hair only to smell my awesome strawberry shampoo. I sat up straight and scowled back at the preppy snot bag. Forty five seconds later, the bell rang and he was up, out of his seat and walking out the door before I could even stand up. Quick little fucker! I rushed out to the hallway, but he was gone. Typical clean-cut-preppy-boy reaction to the new freak; to run away. What a dick.

The rest of the day was painfully tiresome. One fearless boy named Eric introduced himself to me. He was smiling and chatty during our walk to the cafeteria. I sat at his table and his friends joined us soon after. They're all overly welcoming and friendly, to an almost annoying sweet degree. They asked about where I was from, what was Phoenix like? Why am I so pale, having lived in the sun-shining state of Arizona?

"I don't like the sun," I replied honestly.

The blonde I internally named Queen Bee laughed. "You picked the perfect place to live if sun isn't your thing."

Well, Duh! Thank you for stating the obvious Queeny.

I stayed quiet and picked at my salad as the people around me discussed the upcoming spring dance. The sporty jock boy named Mike sat between Queen Bee and me.

"So Isabella, are you going to go to the dance next week? It is girl's choice you know." He smiles at me and I noticed Queeny getting all quiet.

"I don't dance." I told him and that is when I noticed the Gucci boy looking at me or staring might be a better way to describe it. He sat with four other people, all looking as rich and fabulous as he. They all reeked of arrogant beauty and their clothes were light, crisp and sparklingly clean. I bet they smelled like the most expensive laundry detergent.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you," said Queen Bee.

"I noticed. What's up with him?"

"All of the Cullens are weird." She shrugs. "They just moved here from Alaska. They're the adopted kids of Dr. Cullen. They keep to themselves."

"They're a bunch of freaks," Jock boy added.

Interesting… I would have guessed that they were the most popular kids in school judging by their looks. Squeaky clean freaks for sure.

"Rosalie is the tall blonde, Emmett is the big one and they're together." She winced as she spoke. "The small girl is Alice and Jasper is sitting next to her. They're together too. Isn't that weird?"

"I guess that's kind of weird, but they're adopted right? They're not really related. Not by blood." I shrugged.

"The boy who can't take his eyes off you is Edward." She huffed and sat low in her seat.

"Is he still staring?"

"He sure is," Jock Boy answered frowning.

I looked over at his table to see his black eyes staring back at me. I held the stare for close to a minute and it was clear that he was not going to stop. I ignored the random chatter around me and focused on our little staring contest. Come on shiny boy, out stare me! After three minutes of our stare down, I realized this fucker isn't giving up and it's really annoying me. His 'sister' Alice slapped him on the arm, but he didn't stop gawking. I couldn't take it anymore! Without breaking my stare, I raised my hand up close to my face and flipped him off. His mouth drops open and I could hear the laughter not only from the giddy teens sitting next to me, but from his shiny pseudo brothers.

I stood up and walked out of this shitty excuse for a cafeteria, but I had to take one last look. I needed one last glimpse of the shiny one. To my surprise he was gone. Good riddance I say. Cocky staring bastard!

I sling my bag over my shoulder and leave. I make it to my truck and sigh at its crappiness. Somehow this poor excuse for an automobile had managed not to completely rust and fall apart and how this is possible is a mystery to me. I leaned up against the side of my rust bucket and try to decide if I should act on my desire to ditch the rest of the day. Charlie would no doubt be pissed but that isn't enough incentive to make me want to stay in fucking school. I lift myself off of the truck and turn to see the shiny freak walking toward me, his hair blowing around in the wind and landing perfectly back into place. Damn, why did I notice how hot he was before this moment? He looks like he just stepped of a salon or something with his pretty highlights in his hair and his perfect pale skin. Oh my god, he must be gay! A gay shiny freak; that makes more sense.

We stare at each other once again which makes me shake my head in disbelief. He looks just as pissed off as he had in biology. What the hell was his problem? I have had enough of these creepy silent staring contests. It is time for me to show a little backbone.

"What is your problem shiny boy?"

He stopped about three feet from me and the look on his face was that of sever confusion. He looked up at the sky then back down at me. The grimace left his face and he slowly stepped over to my truck and leaned against it. His hostility replaced with a smug curiosity.

"What are you doing?" He asks.

"I'm ditching the rest of the day. I need to escape this creepy shiny guy who keeps staring at me." I said with a tight smile.

He laughed. "Would you like some company?"

Hhhhhhmmmmm… This confuses me. Freaky Gucci boy wants to hang out with me? Something about this is wrong. Shiny boys don't go for my type.

"Let me get this straight, first you give me the death glare and now you want to hang out with me while I ditch class? You look too clean cut to be the ditching type."

"I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for being so rude earlier. I was hoping to walk you to your next class, but if you're ditching I could tag along. I am not that clean cut," he says with a small smile, his white teeth barely visible. He shifts closer to me and if I didn't know any better, I would swear that he just sniffed me.

Well, holy mood swing batman. "I don't think so shiny boy."

Once again, he looked up to the sky and all around him. Judging by the look on his face, I may have offended him. Doing my best to ignore Edward, I open the door to my truck, only to see him opening the passenger side door. How the hell did he get over there so fast?

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I shout.

He slid into the seat and leaned over to look me in the eye. "I'm ditching with you. It's high time you lost this clean cut image you have of me." His smile widened and I could feel myself wanting to smile back. Did his eyes just become softer? His lips curled into a smirk and he held out his hand for me to join him in the truck. I stood there unable to move. The smile on his face and the twinkle in his now soft eyes, made me want to take his hand and go to him. "I know a place…" He said quietly.

My imagination instantly launches into fantasies of Edward's lips on mine, his hands on me, his mouth… I catch myself totally ogling his perfect lips as they part slightly. "Come," he whispered and held out his hand. I notice that he's ogling too. Not my lips but lower… Is he staring at my breasts? I fold my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes. Bella Swan is no slut and Edward Cullen is about to find out that he is not going to be the one to change that. I'm a virgin for Christ's sake!

"Get the fuck out Cullen. My dad is the Chief of Police and I don't think he will be very happy when I tell him that freaky Edward Cullen followed to my truck and tried to lure me off to the woods to hang out."

True to the mood swings before, his expression turned angry again. He slammed the door of my rusty Chevy and stalked off toward his the other side of the parking lot before I could say anything else. He jumped into a gleaming silver Volvo and sped away from the school.

"Damn freaks," I muttered.