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Loud music.

Colored lights and dark corners.

Humans everywhere. Dancing, drinking and sweating.


We're at a club in London celebrating Alice's birthday. It's packed with mortals, most of whom are drunk. I'm standing off to the side, with Edward standing in front of me like a shield. He's gone caveman on me. You would think after eight years he would be used to this, but no... He'll spend the entire night growling at every man that looks and or thinks about me. I sigh and wrap my arms around his torso, letting my hands slide slowly over his chest. I pull him close, press my face into his shoulder and inhale deeply.

Mmm... He smells soooooooooo good, as always. It puts me at ease, makes me smile. I'm feeling...playful. I think I'll surprise him.

I snake my way around and stand in front of him, unable to keep the smirk off my lips. Leaning forward I whisper, "Dance with me."

His eyes widen and he smiles, a real, beautiful smile. "Yeah?"

I nod and Edward pulls me into a hug, squeezing and lifting me off the ground. He kisses me, tells me he loves me, and mouths the words thankyou. He knows how I feel about dancing, even with this supposed immortal grace, it's just not my thing. But Edward loves to dance and tonight I want to distract him, spoil him a little, and most importantly, get him so worked up on the dance floor that he drags me home.

He slides his hand across the small of my back and leads me to the crowd where the men part for me and Edward is shooting terrifying glares like they are going out of style. I tug on his arm and drag him deep into the crowd, the music slow, my body absorbing the vibration of the bass so deeply. I turn and pull him close, his knee parting my thighs.

When I look in his eyes, I can't look away, he's pulled me in, fucking dazzled me... Dressed in black, eyes dark, wild, sex hair and smug little grin. I'm wet for him already and he knows it too. I give him a chaste kiss on the lips and drape my arm around his neck, the other around his hip dipping lower to cup his ass. His hands guide my hips, our bodies swaying; I can feel how hard he is and I roll my hips side to side, teasing him.

I bite my lip and peer up at him through my lashes as me runs his hand down the back of my thigh then up, his finger toying with the hem of my skirt. I hitch my leg up, sliding my foot up the back of his leg.

I hiss as his fingers dig into the skin of my ass, pushing me into him, letting me feel his length beneath his jeans. He does it again and again, each time harder than the last.

I pull my head away from his neck and groan, trying to pull away a bit. If he keeps doing that... OhGod. Thatisjust... Guh...

Slowly he drags his hand up the side of my body, to my neck and stops at my chin, pulling my face up to look at him. Again, he pulls me close, grinding, grinding, and grinding some more.

His eyes...Dark, intense, and so very, very sexy. I hold my breath, then pant to shake off my oncoming orgasm because we are in a club full of people and- my thoughts are interrupted when he leans in and bites my neck.

Fffuuuck. My husband is evil.

He's rocking against me, hands groping, teasing. I'm not sure I can hold off.

"Oh god... I think you need to stop," I rasp, pulling on his shirt. I want to get the fuck out of here and have my way with him.

He kisses me again, smirking at my needy touch. His hips don't stop and my skirt is riding up all over, my drenched panties rubbing on Edward's crotch. He cups my ass again, pushing himself in time with the music which is getting faster, the friction making me throw my head back.

He leans in any sends his tongue up my neck in one long lick and I shudder. "Do it." he breathes in my ear, his chest against mine, my nipples so sensitive as I push my breasts into him. "Come for me, right here."

I kiss him hard, my hands fisting the hair at the nape of his neck. His hips are relentless, rolling, shifting up and down. The pounding music drowns out my moans and Edward chuckles in my ear.

"We're being watched you know. There are two men here who know exactly what I'm doing to you."

Fuck. Me. That is... Kinky. Naughty.

I think I like it...

My eyes pop open and I look around nervously. I lick my lips, and then look into his eyes. His smirk is devilish, his stare fucking intense, and I can't deny the thought of coming undone in a club full of people is incredibly arousing. I want it.

I gasp then whimper as he starts moving his hips in a delicious circular motion. I know I'll come soon, I can already feel a tightening in my stomach.

"Don't be shy, love. Show them how good I make you feel. Let them see what only I will ever fucking give you."

Yeah, I'm done. Pleasure shoots down my spine and I clutch onto Edward, shivering, falling into him and holding on tight as he continues to rock his hips oh-so-slowly.

And still we dance. I lay against his chest, just following his body, coming down, and breathing deeply. His hands continue to guide my hips, his lips on my neck, breath in my ear as he asks, "You ok?"

I nod and realize my eyes are still closed, the pleasure still coursing through me. His body is so close, his thigh in between mine maintaining a subtle friction. I shudder and look up, opening my eyes to Edward's smug grin.

I smile and hold him while we dance and we do... for three more songs until I can see the impatience in his eyes, feel it when he grips my ass and kisses me roughly. I think he's done dancing.

"I want you," he mumbles in between kisses. He shifts his thigh forward and up, pressing up against me hard. "We are leaving, now."

Sweet victory! We can leave this wretched place!

I step back and nod, fixing my skirt, making sure my ass isn't showing.

When we get outside, we find Carlisle and Esme making out behind the bushes, including some heavy petting too. They stop when they see us then smile and wave before letting us know that they are headed home.

Shit! I thought the house would be empty tonight!

Edward takes my hand and wishes Carlisle and Esme a fun night, telling them we'll see them tomorrow, maybe.

I raise an eyebrow at him as he leads us to the car and helps me in. We drive for a few minutes before he slides his hand over my thigh and cups my sex. I part my legs and thrust my hips a little. I'm still sensitive from before and when he starts circling his fingers over my clit. Oh my... I'm writhing a little, whimpering before he chuckles and takes his hand away before pulling into a hotel that has valet parking.

I huff and readjust my skirt, again. The valet opens my door and I step out, immediately making eye contact with him.

Don't look at me, don't speak to me, and do not think about me.

He turned away as if I wasn't even there.

Edward steps out and comes around the car, offering his hand. "Are you ready, my pet?"

I'm silently squeeing. My Pet is Edward's endearment when he wants to indulge in a little role playing in the bedroom. I smile and nod, trying to feel out his mood. I wonder if he's going to tie me up tonight and punish me, as it's his habit to get possessive after a night out in a city. All those thoughts floating around get to him and I sympathize. All females see Edward as attractive, and though I may not be a mind reader, I can see the stares, hear the whispers. I can also make them gouge their own eyes out. Not that I ever have, but still...

My point is proven as we check into the room. The girl at the front desk practically goes limp when Edward approaches. She's stuttering and sweating, all nervous and gross, and the bitch winks at him. I try not to let in bother me, as it's all part of being a vampire. We are beautiful and ridiculously alluring, humans flock to us like idiot moths to a flame.

She rambles on about the amenities and room service menu, while batting her eyelashes at my husband. In a show of utter impatience, I snatch the room key from her hand. She turns her head to look at me.

"Thank you," I look down at her name tag, "Jess. We'll be going now."

Her eyes go glassy. "Whatever you want," she says, dazedly. I notice she's drooling and not looking at my face anymore. She's... looking at my boobs.

Edward cracks up laughing.

We giggle and snort all the way to the room but once inside my cave man is back. From behind me, he takes my hands and pins them to my back, pulls them a little, making me arch for him. His hand comes around yanking the top of my wrap dress down and my bra along with it. He cups my right breast, squeezing it and then pinching my nipple and rolling it between his fingers.

He shushes me when I whimper and pulls hard on my hands making me arch even more, pushing my boobs out before he pinches my nipple again. I hiss and writhe before Edward spins me around, his hands on my shoulders, pushing down. I sink to my knees, arms down by my side.

He puts a finger to my chin. "My naughty pet can't seem to keep quiet tonight."

His finger moves up, sliding across my lower lip. I look up to see his grin, and I hear his other hand working his pants down as I suck his finger into my mouth.

He pulls it away swiftly, tsking and shaking his head. "No, I think we need something bigger between your lips."

He steps forward, now naked from the waist down, his beautiful cock just out of reach of my lips.

"Don't move," he says, his hand on my shoulder, bracing me. "Use only your tongue."

He shifts forward just a bit and my tongue darts out, swirling around his head. I lick him everywhere I can reach, teasing his slit. He gives a slight thrust and places himself against my lips. I don't move my body but keep my tongue working, doing exactly as he said.

He's panting above me, his hand drifting from my shoulder to the back of my head where he grips my hair roughly. "Open that pretty little mouth of yours and keep still."

I obey him and keep my body stock still as he slides his cock into my mouth. I let my tongue caress his shaft while he moves in and out at a languid pace. I grab his thighs, encouraging him to go deeper, go faster.

He chuckles at my eagerness and I curse myself for touching him when he did not tell me to. "Ah uh, hands down." He pauses to thrust deeper into my mouth then halts. "Put them behind your back."

As soon as I do, he starts moving, fucking my mouth with abandon. His grip on my hair becomes tighter, guiding my head forward and back until his legs start to shake.

"Suck me," he commands, and I do. I take him as deep as I can, humming and swallowing when he hits the back of my throat. His hands fall from my hair and I take control, setting a fast pace that I know will make him come very soon.

Sixteen seconds later...

He grabs my hair once again and wrenches my head back and to the side. I watch as he takes himself in his hand stroking quickly, coming all over the scar on my neck, grunting and growling at the sight of it.

He moves then, so fast he's a blur of color. His hands run through the juices on my neck then all over me, rubbing his cum on my breasts, ripping off my panties to rub it between my legs.

He stops just once to look me in the eyes and I knew... He is feral, my animal Edward is coming out to play and it arouses me to see him lose himself like this. To see his eyes black and wild, his instincts taking over, his raw need for his scent all over me.

I bring my hands around slowly, trailing them up past my bunched up dress to my breasts. My hands covered in his come, all wet and slippery under my fingertips. We stare at each other while I touch myself all over, making sure my entire body is saturated in his scent. He purrs deeply when I lick my fingers one by one, tasting him.

In a flash he is before me, taking my hand and bringing it to his mouth wrapping his lips around the one finger I haven't licked yet. He sucks it into his mouth and growls, a deep carnal sound. His hand slips between my legs, his fingers circling my inner thigh.

He lets out a dark chuckle. "Oh, my pet, my dirty little girl is fucking dripping wet. You like me fucking your mouth, don't you?"

I nod eagerly, licking my lips and savoring his taste that remains there. Before I even have the chance to blink, Edward is nose to nose with me, taking my bottom lip in between his teeth and biting it hard enough to cause a sting.

"This is my lip," he hisses, "you don't lick it without my permission." He gives my pussy a quick smack and it is my turn to hiss as a sharp jolt of pleasure shoots right through me. I want more. It takes every ounce of control I have to not make him do it again.

I was squirming now, unable to keep still; so fucking aroused and wanton, panting because I can't stop myself from breathing in the scent of him. Edward hums and rubs my sex, avoiding my clit, thebastard. He's teasing every erogenous zone on my body relentlessly. Below my ear, my neck, collar bone, the inside of my elbow, behind my knee and of course, my nipples.

He finally rids me of all my dress, tearing it off my torso and tosses me on the bed. I'm on my back, legs spread, waiting impatiently for him. He saunters on over and crawls to me, his finger starting at the bottom of my foot, running up the inside of my leg until he comes to my sex.

"You have been so good for me tonight," he whispers, placing a soft kiss on my clit and fuck! I want to arch up, push my pussy into his face, but I maintain my submissive demeanor.

He kisses it again and looks up at me. "I think it's time for your reward. What do you want, my Bella?"

He said Bella... Role playing is over.

"Your mouth, I want your mouth on me, please." My voice pleading, the epitome of needy.

He licks up my slit, groaning at my taste. "What else?"

"Anything, everything," I breath and he chuckles before going right where I want him. He sucks on my clit for a few wonderful seconds before repeatedly flicking his tongue at vampire speed.

Fuck. Yes!

I arch up off the bed, gasping, pushing myself into him, my thighs around his head like a vice.

I moan out his name, shaking, succumbing to the powers of his magical tongue. After my orgasm he slows his pace, continuing his oral assault with a few fingers, which he pumps in and out of me with a practiced slowness, coaxing another orgasm from me just a few minutes later.

Now he's kissing me, our tongues dancing together. His arms come around me, pulling me close, my legs wrapping around his hips, his erection pressing into my stomach.

My Domward is gone; it's just us, Edward and Bella, kissing each other passionately, a new softness in our embrace.

"I love you so fucking much," he whispers, his lips brushing over my neck, kissing my scar. "I want you."

I take his face in my hands and place one chaste kiss on his lips. "I'm yours, you know."

I may have winked at him. "And I love you too, I always will, always."

A breathtaking smile lights up his face and we kiss again. I slip my hand between us and find him hard and needy, pushing his cock into my hand. I stroke him slowly, easing him lower, wanting him inside me.

"Yes," I gasp, lifting my hips to meet his thrust. He moves at an agonizingly slow pace, grinding his pelvis against me while buried so deep.

We rock against each other, drawing out every movement, every touch. He gropes my ass, his fingers wandering, rubbing, teasing.

"Yes, touch me there." I don't have to tell him where, he knows. He flips us over so that he's sitting up, me on top of him. I sink down on him, kissing him, amazed at the rush I feel once he's inside me again. I move up and down on him, setting a slow pace. Letting us feel each other and enjoy every fucking second of it.

He slides his fingers across my other entrance, circling, rubbing, making sure I'm ready. I nod and touch his face, pulling him into a kiss as he penetrates my ass with a single finger. He's moving so slowly, so guarded, easing me into it, and I'm making involuntary mewling noises, encouraging him to move with me.

He looks into my eyes, gauging my reaction as he speeds his movements. "Fuck," he rasps, his finger moving in opposite time of his cock. "I can feel myself inside you. Feel you squeezing me."

I throw my head back and arch, gasping when he starts sucking on my nipple. I feel the tell-tale coil in my belly as his finger tap my g- spot. "More. Edward more, please. Feels so good."

He presses his finger deep and hits that spot again and again until I'm a quivering, pulsating mess. I look into his eyes as I'm on the precipice of what I could tell would be an extremely intense orgasm and I can't stop myself from manipulating him. "I want you to come with me."

He comes with a stuttered groan and I follow, pushing him down on the bed and falling into him.

We lay motionless, spent, absolutely fucking sated.

"Love you," he whispers hugging me tightly.

"Love you too," I answer, smiling into his neck. Eventually, I roll onto my back and sigh, feeling so content and loved. Edward curls into my side, his arms pulling me closer, his lips meeting any part of my body he can reach in between whispered words of how much he loves me, how good I make him feel and silly insecure questions like, Did I make you feel good?

He kisses my lower lip, worried that he had broken the skin where he bit me earlier. "Did I hurt you?"

I shake my head no and smile, "You could never hurt me."

I reassure him that he made me feel good, that he alwaysmade me feel good, that I adore being his pet. I hold him tightly, stroking his hair, his neck, his back, sending him love through our bond and every once in a while opening my mind to him, letting him see how utterly happy I am with him.

I love this part. Every time we have rough sex, every time he becomes my master, he always follows by worshipping me, loving me like only he can.

We simply hold each other, staring into each other's eyes and getting lost there. We have a moment together, a shared fascination of the love between us. The pull is severe, my fingers like little Edward addicts, never leaving his body.

"I don't want to stop touching you," he mumbles, smiling into my neck.

I grin, knowing he feels the pull too, reveling in the feeling of me. "Then don't."


Two days later...

It's Halloween in London. The family and I have a little traditional for this holiday, taking turns picking out themes and this year, it's my turn. What have I chosen?

The Wizard of Oz.

So here we sit, myself as Dorothy of course in a villa owned by Jane. Apparently, she's never celebrated Halloween before, so she is all kinds of excited.

Rose is cackling, her fake witch nose wobbling from side to side. She sure does make a convincing Wicked Witch but she's not just cackling to get in character. She's laughing at Emmett who is dressed as her flying monkey.

"Please don't make me go out like this," he whispered to his wife who snorted. She was obviously still a little pissed at him for crashing her car last week.

She pointed a finger at him. "Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too!"

Then she smacked him upside his head and cackled some more.

Jasper, err, I mean the Cowardly Lion burst through the door roaring and beating on his chest. He stands tall in his mighty lion costume complete with long swishing tail. He struts in all confident and looks around. "Put 'em up, put 'em up! Which one of you first?"

"Me first! I am the great and powerful Wizard of Oz." George Carlin steps forward, wearing his green waistcoat and ascot. He taps his foot impatiently and Jasper sighs then promptly gets George Carlin high.

He smiles at me, winks and then he gets everybody else high. It was a mix and giggles and guffaws, a silly night of poking fun at each other's costumes, except for Alice.

I poked Jasper in the shoulder. "Where is she?"

He scoffs. "She's not coming down in that munchkin costume."

"Go up there and get her. Get her really high then promise her new shoes. Like real ruby slippers or something!"

"No way, last time I went up there she threatened to remove one of my favorite appendices." He shuddered, covered his manly parts and then said, "I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks. I do. I do. I do!"

My laughter is cut short by Esme aka The Tin Man shouting, "Oil can! Oil can! Yes! Lube me up!"

I roll my eyes and briefly regret letting Carlisle getting away with this. Oil can my ass. I should have made him dress up as Glinda the Good Witch instead. At least they have the decency to stay in their room, vampire hearing be damned.

And hear comes Glinda now, her roller skates covered in pink sequins that match her dress and tiara perfectly.

"Bella!" Vicky rolls on over greeting me with a kiss on each cheek. "You are just perfect as Dorothy and Edward as the scarecrow?" She snorts and taps him on the head with her wand. "Perhaps the wizard will give him a brain."

"Not fucking likely," George mutters. I giggle for no reason or maybe I'm giggling because George is forever cranky. Then I remember that I'm high and giggle some more.

"Oh!" Vicky starts rolling in circles. "Janes's coming!"

My jaw drops as Jane enters. She is wearing an elaborate jeweled pink leotard with a short tutu and a really funny horn-shaped pink hat atop her head, just like one of the Lullaby League. She proceeds to dance her way in, feet en pointe, pirouetting her way right in front of me.

With an evil grin she bows and sings, "We wish to welcome you to munchkin land." Then she hands me a basket.

"A prop," she continues. "No Dorothy can be without her Toto."

I raise an eyebrow and gently open the lid and staring back at me with a wicked smile is Aro, his head that is.

"Ruff!" He just barked at me, winked too. I close the basket and blink several times, not sure whether I should be laughing or totally grossed out.

"Whoa," I say, kind of dazed. "Um...thanks?"

And the night lingers on, emo-induced silly conversations ensue and we were all highly entertained when Vicky decided to juggle for us. She rolled in a figure eight while juggling six cell phones, two ipads, eight butcher knives, twelve lit sparklers, Aro's head and George Carlin.

Good times.

Edward steps behind me, wrapping his arms around my waste, the straw coming out of his sleeve crinkling and itchy against my skin. I turn to face him and take his hand, pulling bits of straw out and tossing it about.

He's smiling with the cutest lopsided grin, eyes glassy and heavy lidded.

"Take a walk with me?" He asks.

I'm smirking. "Will you take me to Oz?"

He puts his hand on his chin and thinks about it before jumping up, coming down all wille-nilly and stumbling, very scarecrow-like. He holds out his arm to me. "To Oz?"

"To Oz." I link arms with him and nod. "Do you suppose, we'll meet any wild animals?"

He licks his lips. "Mm, we might."

Aannnnnnnd I'm ready to get the hell out of here; the thought of feeding and fucking suddenly at the top of my priority list.

We make our way to the far side of the room to say a quick goodbye. Everyone is gathered around, Vicky just finishing up another stellar juggling masterpiece. She rolls on in for a hug and Jane follows, holding up the basket so Aro can wink at me one last time.

Everyone waves and wishes us well, except for George who glares at us, sighs and points a finger at Esme. "This one wants a heart "

He steps to Edward and shakes his head. "And this one wants a brain." He flicks Edward's forehead then points at Jasper. "This one wants some courage." He may have snorted a time or two before pointing at me. "And this one wants to go home."

He puts his hands on his hips and scowls. "Well, as the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, I say, Fuck you and you and you and you. What a bunch of greedy motherfuckers."


Thank you for reading. I hope I made you snort, or pant, or fan yourself or any combination of those three.

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