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Chapter 1 - の真理出てくる (The Truth Comes Out)

"What?" Kanda muttered with his eyes closed. His legs were folded and he was intent on meditating. Though he and Allen had clearly gotten past denial in their relationship, Kanda could still be harsh.

"Uh, well…you're not going to believe me unless you see it with your own eyes," Allen said. Kanda sighed and opened his eyes to see Allen standing in plain clothes in front of him. Kanda's eyes followed Allen's out stretched hand and saw a tiny hand wrapping around one finger.

"Why did you bring a kid in my room?" Kanda asked, still sitting with a scowl on his face. Allen laughed nervously and reached to the back of his head with his free hand. The child came out from behind Allen's legs. The little boy had shaggy black hair, grey eyes, and a face much like Kanda's.

"Oh Yuu, you aren't going to believe me!" Allen said fearfully. Kanda stood up inside his dark room and glared down to the innocent child.

"Spit it out Moyashi! You already interrupted me," Kanda said, still using Allen's nickname.

"This is Aiko," Allen said looking nervously down to the four year old boy.

"Love-child?" Kanda asked, thinking the name was a little girly for a boy.

"Ours," Kanda said closing his eyes tightly. Only two things ever caused fear to Allen; Kanda's wrath and his Master's debt.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kanda asked looking at the child with inspecting eyes.

"I don't really know how to explain it. Komui isn't really even sure," Allen said rubbing his thumb tenderly across the child's small hand.

"Komui? Is this some weird experiment of his?" Kanda asked, looking away from the child to Allen.

"He's more like our surprise experiment," Allen corrected with a scared smile.

"He might be your something, but he's not my anything," Kanda said coldly.

"Oh no. Komui was very clear. He's ours," Allen said. The child took his thumb out of his mouth and started talking.

"Komui said he adopted me," Aiko said looking up to Allen.

"Uh, yeah, he kind of did Aiko," Allen said kneeling down to be on the same level as the boy.

"But he says Allen and Kanda are my real parents," Aiko said with confusion. Kanda's eyes glued to Aiko.

"What the hell…?" Kanda asked rhetorically. "I'm going to talk to Komui; I am not going to baby sit some weird brat experiment.

"Yuu, just listen to me," Allen urged. He stood up, Aiko still clutched Allen's pointer finger. Kanda already brushed past Allen and was ready to leave for Chief Komui's office.

"We made him, and Komui is only going to tell you the same thing," Allen said picking up Aiko. "Just look at him, he's us." Kanda slowly turned around and examined the thumb sucking toddler.

"That's not possible," Kanda concluded ignorantly.

"I didn't believe him either," Allen said trying to convince Kanda that it was as ridiculous as it sounded. "Somehow our combined innocence manifested itself into Aiko."

"So he's not a human; he's an anti-akuma weapon made of our innocence," Kanda could deal with the making of a weapon, even if he didn't understand it.

"Partly," Allen said trying to keep Kanda interested.

"Partly human?" Kanda asked.

"He breathes, eats, sleeps, and bleeds. He acts like a normal kid," Allen said hugging Aiko closely.

"What form does his innocence take?" Kanda asked ignoring the human aspect of Aiko.

"I don't know! I was more concerned with the fact that we have a b-" Allen began going off.

"Don't. Do not say that. We are both incapable of…conceiving," Kanda's lips curled in disgust with the very idea.

"It's the manifest of our innocence and DNA; somehow we created him," Allen said putting his hand gently on Aiko's soft black hair.

"Komui checked our DNA?" Kanda asked.

"Four years ago when Komui found him," Allen said.

"I'm seeing it for myself," Kanda said turning and leaving. Kanda left his room and marched to Komui's office.

'Allen has lost his mind finally. I don't know how I've neglected his sensitive little feelings this time, but he's being outrageously desperate,' Kanda thought a little afraid about Allen's state of mind. 'Did he kidnap that kid? Where did he even get the idea that innocence could do this? How the fuck did I mess him up this much?'

"Chief Komui?" Kanda asked knocking on his door.

"Come in Kanda-kun," Komui said cheerfully. Kanda opened the door and came into a sea of papers.

"You're here about Aiko?" Komui said pleasantly expecting Kanda's questions.

"Yes. Bean sprout has lost his mind," Kanda said flatly.

"Allen-kun's mind is quite sound," Komui said inviting Kanda to sit down on the purple couch in front of his desk.

"How?" Kanda asked knowing the Aiko situation and Allen's sane mind were not two of the same thing.

"Unfortunately it's a little complex, but listen to Allen, he knows what he's talking about."

"So you have those DNA results then?"

"…somewhere," Komui said gesturing to the cluttered office.

"I don't believe it. At all," Kanda said. He wouldn't accept anything so insane without proof. Especially this sensitive subject.

"Kanda-kun, Aiko is yours and Allen-kun's little form of combined innocence. The exact circumstances under which he was made are unclear, but maybe you can come up with something. Aiko is approximately four years old and has been growing at the same rate as a human child for that long. He has your face, Allen's eyes, and your hair color. With those DNA tests, it's irrefutable," Komui said trying to dislodge any doubts in Kanda's mind.

"He doesn't look anything like me," Kanda said uncomfortably.

"I know this is a touchy subject for you, after all, four years ago, Allen was fifteen and you were eighteen. There are some moral wrongs with this picture but it's too late now. No one else knows about Aiko except the three of us. With Allen holding on to him now, that might not last long," Komui said trying to show compassion for Kanda.

"You're serious…" Kanda said feeling his heart plummet into his stomach where it writhed.

"Aiko began describing you and Allen when he could form sentences. He said he was having dreams with both of you in them, of course he didn't know what he was saying. He was only telling me because he always told me his dreams. I already knew that he shared both yours and Allen's DNA, so keeping him in the dark about everything was really a magnificent feat for me if I do say so-"

"Alright, I get it," Kanda said sharply. There was always something or another that he had to battle internally. At first it was about Allen and how Kanda couldn't admit to liking him, then it was whether or not to keep them secret. Kanda had figured both these things out, but now he was faced with a new dilemma. Aiko. Kanda didn't know how to come to terms with a…child. He wanted to be alone.

Kanda left the office and came back to his room. Allen and Aiko hadn't left, but instead were sitting on his bed.

"Leave," Kanda said looking at his window.

"Kanda," Allen said with a mixture of eagerness and nervousness.

"I need you to leave," Kanda said ignoring the two figures in his peripheral. Allen picked up Aiko and walked out of the room, stopping to look at Kanda.

"Don't ignore me," he said softly. Kanda closed his eyes as the door shut. He went to the middle of the room and pulled a mat out from under his bed. He folded his legs onto the mat, letting his hands face into his lap and concentrated on clearing his mind. Only meditation would help at this point.

The acute attention to his blank mind drew on nothing. He felt calm with himself only for a few brief moments. In the end he concluded only what his conscious mind came up with; remember Allen and ignore the manifested child. Allen seemed to already be caring for Aiko, so Kanda let his obligation go.

Opening his eyes, Kanda took a deep breath and stood up. He put the mat away and went into the hallway. Before getting six feet from his door, Allen called out. Kanda didn't stop. Allen jogged to catch up and touched Kanda's shirt sleeve. Kanda yanked his arm away; his private revalation to not ignore Allen did not include public affection.

"Kanda, don't ignore me," Allen reminded him.

"I'm not," Kanda said quietly.

"Aiko's in my room for now," Allen said not letting Aiko go by the wayside. Kanda took Allen's hand suddenly and pulled him around the corner. He slammed Allen into the wall and pinned his arms up. His tall body leaned down and he kissed Allen with fervor.

Allen attempted to escape in confusion but Kanda's hands moved from a hard grip on Allen's wrists to entangle his hands. His strong hands grasped Allen's long fingers. Kanda's head twisted and he opened his jaw, manipulating Allen's lips to part. Kanda bit at Allen's bottom lip; Allen gasped at the sharp pain but Kanda silenced him with his sneaky tongue.

Reciprocating, Allen's tongue pushed into Kanda's mouth. He became submissive. Kanda continued with passion, his hand let go of Allen's and he shoved it across his bare hip bone. Allen's arm fell and he slid it up under Kanda's shirt over his stomach. Kanda's knee moved between Allen's legs and he pushed them closer together. Trying to be discrete in the shadows, the hand on Allen's skin changed places. Allen pulled back and gasped, his head hit the wall gently.

"Mmhh," Allen let out, trying to keep quiet. Kanda grabbed at Allen's face and pulled him back into a kiss.

"Allen-kun?" Lavi's voice called out. Before Kanda had a chance to react, Lavi was right in front of the hallway trying to make out the dark scene.

"Oh, uh…uh, uh-" Lavi stumbled around. Kanda had pulled back from Allen and gave a death glare to Lavi. Allen was bright red and quickly tried to regain composure by picking himself off the wall.

"What?" Kanda asked sharply. His heart was steadily beating through his rib cage, but it would never show. What Kanda did with Allen was none of Lavi's business; at least Kanda felt that way. He wasn't sure if he could very well threaten Lavi into silence, but Allen could ask him for the favor.

"I was," Lavi swallowed and then turned his attention to the safer Allen. "just wondering if you'd eaten yet, Allen-kun. Jerry has come up with a new recipe and wants you to try it."

Kanda left the conversation that clearly didn't concern him; he didn't see Allen look after him.

Truthfully, Kanda had no idea where he was going. Somehow he ended up on the bottom floor by taking all the stairs. Lenalee noticed him at the main entrance.

"Kanda! What are you doing down here?" Lenalee asked coming over to him. "Are you leaving?" suddenly she was worried.

"No, I'm not leaving," Kanda reassured her.

"Oh, okay. Good. What are you doing anyways?" she asked cheerfully.

"Just walking," Kanda said honestly.

"Oh," Lenalee said giving him a small smile. They looked at each other for a few more silent moments.

"I know you like your solitude, but sometimes it helps to have company," Lenalee offered. Kanda nodded once and began taking an aimless path again. They didn't talk to each other, but Kanda felt his head spinning in less circles. Remembering how he had known Lenalee basically his whole life, he had to remember how he was made. Aiko was becoming more realistic in an unnerving way.

"You know," Kanda stated, reaching his room.

"Don't worry," Lenalee said taking Kanda's hand and giving it a tight squeeze. "Everything will work out just fine. Don't forget you have Allen too."

"How could I?" Kanda muttered opening his door when Lenalee let go. Kanda closed his door and lay down on his bed. Staring at the ceiling, he wished he had something to take his mind off the troubling affair.

Glancing to his hovering lotus flower, he sighed. The entire day had been ruined by this news. His whole damn entire life had changed. He didn't want any of it and cruel thoughts surfaced to his mind, thoughts on regretting involvement with Allen. The business of emotion was really a nasty human cumbersome that he had gotten cursed with.

'Two cursed being making a child. It is only logical the child came out a curse,' Kanda thought picturing Aiko at Allen's side. Kanda thought about how the innocent four year old must feel. His thoughts hardened. He resolved, again, to keep Aiko out of his life. Komui and Allen could take care of the experiment.

'He's going to grow up,' Kanda thought. '…Komui can leave him a mystery. I'll force Allen not to tell and make sure Aiko doesn't say anything either. They will listen to me.'

Instead of sulking and being stuck on the news, Kanda took Mugen and went to a training room. He was restless and fighting helped to calm him down.

Taking the katana, Kanda posed in a fighting stance. He sliced incessantly at the air, pouring all his concentration into the movement of his sword. Pulling back, dashing forward, up, down, left, right. His eyes were closed and he wasn't thinking anymore. The beat in his heart thumped loudly, he was pushing himself hard, even without an opponent. Someone entered the room; Kanda's eyes flashed open and his sword slashed through the air.

"Ah," Allen said unexpectedly feeling his left cheek. Blood colored his fingers lightly. Kanda drew back his sword.

"You should be more careful," Kanda instructed.

"You should know when someone is in the room," Allen said wiping his cheek.

"Che," Kanda muttered.

"That had to be the most awkward lunch I've ever had with Lavi," Allen said paying no mind to his cut. Kanda rested coolly on a pillar to listen to Allen.

"Why did you do that? You've never done that before." Allen said coming closer to Kanda. For a few minutes, Kanda really had forgotten Aiko. Allen indirectly reminded him. Kanda rolled his head to look down at a diagonal and closed his eyes.

"Are we really back to square one Kanda? You're twenty-two, you could at least act like it," Allen said tempted to roll his eyes.

"What did Lavi say?" Kanda asked pulling his head up to look at Allen.

"Nothing. But he was giving me weird looks the whole time. I couldn't even enjoy the food." Allen said putting a hand over his stomach.

"You didn't elaborate either, did you?" Kanda asked. He looked at Allen's had over his stomach and a growl rumbled through his own stomach.

"No, Kanda, I didn't," Allen said taking his hand away. Kanda pushed himself off the pillar and walked past Allen.

"Where are you going?" Allen asked turning around.

"To eat," Kanda replied leaving the room. Allen chased after him and followed silently.

"Didn't you already have lunch?" Kanda asked before entering the cafeteria.

"Well, yeah," Allen said confused. "I can't sit with you?"

"No. Since when have I ever let you?" Kanda asked looking at Allen wondering how he could've forgotten.

"You're so confusing!" Allen said staring angrily into Kanda's eyes.

"Maybe you're just stupid," Kanda suggested.

"Kanda, we can't revert back to this," Allen said remembering their earlier missions and how "well" they got along.

"Go take care of that little brat experiment," Kanda said coldly. A few people walking in the hall watched Kanda and Allen arguing.

"That's what this is about," Allen said understanding.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kanda asked sharply.

"Kanda, I know that Aiko-"

"We're done," Kanda said going to get his soba noodles. Allen didn't follow. Making a big scene in the cafeteria would only make Kanda never speak to him again.