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This fic was written back in February for the birthday of the truly fantastic ThroughanAmberFocus. First time posting to FFnet. Which isn't as easy as it looks...

Future Perfect

One of these days, Rose Tyler is going to do that thing she does with her tongue once too often, and the Doctor is not going to be responsible for his actions.

He expects it will be after one of their adventures turned dangers, and he will be chiding her for risking her life for something foolish or beyond redemption. She will do that - grin at him with her tongue poking out through her teeth, her tarnished halo wobbling while she dares him with her eyes - and he will snap. His mouth will be over hers, chasing that inviting bit of pink back into the welcoming heat between her parted lips.

Rose will squeak in surprise, probably, but maybe, just maybe, she will welcome him. Her tempting little tongue will wrap 'round his own, playing with it, toying, and he will have lost all sense of control. Propriety will be damned and so will any sort of self-preservation. The Doctor will kiss her like the goddess she is, worship her with his mouth, with his teeth nipping at her pouting lips, with his tongue stroking every hot and secret place that hides behind her smile.

She will giggle, probably, and then gasp when he drags her forward, when he presses his hands into her back side and his erection into her front. Rose will realize then that the Doctor wants her, and how badly he wants her, that denim and determination have been the only things keeping this secret from her for so long. If he is very, very lucky, she will look up at him with fire in her bright, dark eyes and he will be lost as she grinds her body against his.

It will be frantic after that, clothes flying and falling between increasingly desperate kisses. Possibly, the Doctor will end up only with his jeans around his ankles. Possibly, Rose will. More than likely, he will still have his jumper on as he plows into Rose's willing wet center, and her hands will be under it, raking trails of sweet pain as her nails dig into his back. If they're completely gone, the Doctor might even still have on his jacket, and she won't care, grabbing fistfuls of leather to keep him as close to her as she possibly can.

He will press her into the wall, or the console or the jumpseat if he's got even that much presence of mind left, and he will fuck her blind until she's begging him with words that he will be astounded and so incredibly aroused to learn she knows. He will reach between them with one free hand, and he will pinch that little bundle of nerves that will drive her completely insane. Rose will orgasm explosively for him, screaming for her Doctor and calling all they have done so good.

She will drag him over the edge with her, and he will come, and out of all the words the Doctor knows in five billion languages, her name will be the only one he remembers.