"What is the world if I can not destroy it?" The man smiled a crooked smile from behind painted lips. The woman inhaled another long drawn breath from her pipe and tapped it gently knocking loose the ashes and repacking. Long wisps of smoke wrapped around the mans fingers.

He placed the cup to his lips enjoying the fragrance of orange blossoms and honey. "Kefka, just what is it that you are asking?" She too hid behind a feigning smile.

"Dear Yuko, please do not take me lightly. I am here to ask of something only you can give to me." He placed the cup back down gently laughing quietly to himself.

"I want my powers back. It has been too long since I have heard the screams of children ringing through my ears. I can no longer stomach what this world has become." His eyes began to twitch from the painted mask he wore.

Yuko drew another deep breath exhaling staring into his eyes. "For your wish to be granted I must take from you something of equal value. Do you know what you have to offer me?"

Kefka laughed holding his face in his hands. "Take from me these accursed memories so I may enjoy the fresh blood of the world anew." The woman's face drew no emotion.

"That isn't enough for such a demand."

"What is a show with out the performers and what are the performers with out an audience?" His hands were trying to hold his shaking legs still. "I do not care what you take from me! Take this face, these hands this voice or more, just leave me a breath so I may exact my hatred upon this world!"

Yuko smiled at him and sipped at her tea, "Then you will leave the taking to me? I will take no more then what is necessary to give you back your gift of magicite. It will not be cheap to you understand?"

"Do your worst!" He jumped to her feet knocking over the teacup shattering on the ground.

"You will also be paying for that teacup it was a favorite of mine." She gestured at the fallen cup.

And so that day for a clown to regain his magic he would first lose a part of himself. Yuko would take from him his memories for his magic but with it would also take his rage and anger, an energy that rivaled no other emotion she had seen in any creature. As for payment for the teacup would cost him dearly, she took from him the colors of his painted face as well as those in which he hides behind. True Kefka would get his wish of magic, that however would not keep this world in balance, from his emotion she crafted the gift of magic returning it to this world. Awakening it from its sleep long since fallen.