Consequences of the Damned

By Ryokodarkwing

Warnings: implications of Sex with a Minor, Limeish activities, Genderbending, Violence, Hedgehog/Human, Sonic/Chris

Disclaimer: Sonic is owned by Seeeeeeeega!


Chapter 1: The Secrets We Keep

Given all things considered in their relationship, Sonic and Chris knew there were bound to be problems popping up in their newly forged relationship.

The problems began just a week after that afternoon when Sonic mated Chris for the first time.

One of the problems was Sonic could not, and by God, did he try but ultimately he failed, keep his hands( or mouth for that matter) off of her. After not being able to have something and then suddenly having complete and total access to it…..Sonic was having a lot of trouble behaving himself and frankly Chris jumped him just as much as he jumped her!

But with careful consideration, the fact they'd rather not get caught and risk Amy or Tanaka's wrath or have Sonic do jail time, Chris and Sonic had agreed to only do it when absolutely no one was around.

……………….Somehow Sonic kissing his way up her leg to her inner thigh and further as she put her school uniform on seemed like a direct defiance of that little rule.

"Soniiiiikkuuuu…." Chris half moaned, half whined as his lips pressed against the front of her underwear, her hands trying to push his head out from under her green plaid skirt. "We promised."

Playful, shaded with lust, emerald eyes gleamed up at her, as gloved hands slid up her back, underneath her unbuttoned white uniform shirt, tan muzzle pressing butterfly kisses to her stomach. Sonic grinned against Chris' pale peach skin, swiping his rough tongue over her bellybutton causing her to squeal and slap her hands over her mouth before anyone heard.

Pretty ocean blue eyes mock glared down at her mate, the blue hedgehog grinning wolfishly up at her, his eyes half lidded in a seductive, yet confident look. "Mou, hai, hai 'No mating before school' I know but I'm not mating you, I'm simply giving you something to look forward to when you get home." He emphasized the word 'something' by snapping the band of her underwear, drawing another yelp from his redhead.

Chris pulled away from his hands, fixing her uniform as she walked away, ignoring the lustful emerald eyes following her swishing skirt. She pulled her tie off her dresser and began to tie it around her neck when Sonic's tan furred arms wrapped around her waist his face nuzzling her back. "Mmmm, you're so sexy when you where that tie~" He purred, pressing his body against hers.

Chris sighed in a annoyed manner as his hands cupped her blooming breasts as she finished straightening her tie. "Sonikku~" she warned, her hands gripping his, pulling them away. Sonic laughed, removing his arms from her waist, bounded over to her, no- their bed and flopped down on it. Chris' pale, petal pink lips twitched up into a smile as his emerald eyes gleamed from behind one of their pillows at her.

"Young Mistress! You'll be late for school!"

Chris sighed, bending over down to collect her book bag, "I'll be back-Aiiiieee!" She squealed as something suddenly smacked her rump. She jumped, covering her bum with her book bag, casting a shocked look over her shoulder.

Sonic grinned from behind her, his hands innocently clasped behind his back, a not-so innocent gleam in his eyes.



Chris waved goodbye to Tanaka as he drove away from the school, then hung her head as she walked into the building, ignoring the whispers around her.

Look there she is…

Oh she thinks she's so cool, coming to school in a limo…

And since Sonic stays with her…

Bah! It's not fair! Sonic is so cool and she's so…

And the whispers continued as she continued to her locker. Chris pretended not to hear them as she opened her locker pulling out her books for her first class. Just as long as she didn't run into one of the other problems; Cassidy….

"Heeeey Thorndork!"

Chris hissed as she was slammed into her locker, the girl's behind her fingernails digging into her back. She was yanked backwards and thrown to the floor, her body making harsh contact with the hard tiled floor. A small whimper left her mouth as the long thin heel of the girl's high heeled shoe dug into the small of her back.

"I thought I told you to leave Sonic alone, Thorndork." Came the sneer of black haired girl, standing on the red head's back. "Cassidy…" Chris squeezed her pretty blue eyes shut, trying to keep the other female from seeing the tears welling up in her eyes as the heel of Cassidy's shoe dug deeper into her back.

Cassidy grinned deviously, her blood red lipstick covered lips curling upwards as her forest green eyes gleamed in sick pleasure at the pain she caused the younger girl. She laughed snidely, a high screechy sound, her fists on her hips, "Aw what'sa madder is the poor wittle princess afraid to let go of her new pet?"

Chris forced herself up, knocking the black haired girl off balance, her eyes blazing in anger as her hands fisted at her sides. "Sonikku is not my pet!" She hissed at the older girl, righteous anger in her voice, "He's got a mind of his own! If he wanted to leave, he would!"

Cassidy mouth twisted into nasty snarl at the younger girl, standing to her full height and didn't hesitate to swing her hand at Chris' face; the blue eyed girl barely dodging the long dagger-like fingernails of Cassidy's hand. Chris backed away intending on making a run for her class as Cassidy swung at her, saying several derogatory statements about the redhead. Chris ducked under the black haired girl arms and run as fast as she could towards her classroom as the late bell began ringing.

"Just you wait, Thorndork! I'll get you later!"


All this went on unknown by Sonic as he ushered Tails to the very back of the Thorndykes' property.

"Sonic! What going on Chuck and I were in the middle of serious experiment!" Tails said as Sonic lead him further back, "What's so important that you couldn't tell me in front of Amy and Chuck?" The two tailed fox place his hands on his hips and gave the hedgehog a look.

Sonic grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck, "Well you've been my best friend since forever and I figured if anyone should know this first it should be you." He gave the fox a hopeful 'don't hate me, I lurve you~ and you ish mah bestest buddy' look.

Tails wrinkled his nose, little alarm sirens blaring in the back of his mind, his bright blue eyes giving the hedgehog a calculating look. "Sonic? What sort of trouble have you got into now?" Sonic reached forwards and grabbed Tails' hands in his own, "Tails! You're the only one I can tell this to." His emerald eyes begged the fox to understand, "You're the only one who doesn't think I'm a complete idiot."

Tails winced, guilt welling in his chest at the pitiful look Sonic was giving him; the blue hedgehog looking like that time Knuckles beat him with a pool net. Tails sighed, his tails drooping in surrender, "Alright what do you want to tell me?"

"I took Chris as my life mate." Sonic beamed, all traces of pitifulness gone.

"…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"


Chris panted harshly as she ran across the courtyard, her book bag huddled to her chest as her feet pounded on the ground. Behind her, she could her the sound of Cassidy and her two flunkies chasing after her.

Tears pricked the corners of her eyes as she wonder for the thousandth time what Cassidy's deal was with her. The black haired girl just seemed to despise her for some reason, ever since her parents took her out of public school and put her in this ritzy private school. She missed Helen, Danny and Francis. And she missed not being chased down and beaten everyday.

She wished Sonic was here, he could protect her and at the same time she hated the fact she needed him to protect her. She didn't want to be a burden on her new mate, she didn't want Sonic to regret taking her as his mate.

Her thoughts came crashing to a halt as she was tackled from behind by one of Cassidy's friends, her book bag flying off into a nearby bush, and was held down as Cassidy and the other girl caught up. The girl on her back picked Chris up and slammed her back down on the ground as Cassidy approached. Chris weakly glared at Cassidy's high heeled shoes as they stopped in front of her.

"You little bitch!" Chris yelled as Cassidy kicked her in the side of her ribs, "You think you're so much better than me!" Another kick to the redhead's body followed by Cassidy's friends giving they're own. "Just cause the Hero of Station Square decided you were a easy fuck, you think you're all that!"

Chris covered her head and curled up as best as she could to protect herself physically and mentally, trying not to let her pain and fear down her telepathic link with Sonic. She didn't want him to know, she didn't want him to see here like this. She could only imagine the disappointment in his eyes and through they're link if he knew as kicks bombarded her body.

Finally the kicking stopped and she heard Cassidy haughtily declare 'her work was done' and to 'stay away from Sonic' because she didn't deserve him. Chris waited for the footsteps to fade away before painfully crawling over to her book bag and pulled a fresh clean uniform and a first aid kit.


Tails' hands trembled as he stared in disbelief at Sonic, the hedgehog handed him a cup of tea; the crockery clattered loudly as the fox shakily held his tea cup and saucer. Sonic pouted, hoping the fox would've taken his announcement better…..

"So yeah we've been life mates for a-bout two months now and I was wondering when Chris has the babies if you'd……" Sonic beamed then blinked in shock as Tails dropped his tea and fell over in a dead faint. Sonic's ears drooped as he pouted, he had really hoped Tails had taken that bit of news better too…

Ah well Tails'll warm up to it sooner or later, Sonic thought as he pulled the fox onto his back and stared back to the mansion.

Once at the mansion; he put Tails to bed in one of the many spare rooms in Chris' home. His left ear twitched, picking up the sound of the door opening, then it flicked to side to catch more sound when he heard Chris' voice. He grinned, immediately sending a flood of emotions down his end of their link to her, already heading to their room.

He purred as Chris sent back her happiness to be home and her happiness he was here, entering their room. Sonic took great pleasure in sending her images of just how happy he was to see her, he snickered as embarrassment flooded their link and took full notice of the want underlying that embarrassment.

He flopped onto the bed, pulling a pillow for him to lay his chest on as Chris walked to their room. Their room, their bed, their link, their children, Sonic felt so oddly giddy when he thought of them like that. 'My Chrissy…', he purred through the link as Chris open the bedroom door, looking just delicious in her school uniform. Although he frowned at the bandages on her knees.

Chris smiled walking over to the bed and laid down next to her mate, his arms curling around her waist, pulling her close to him. He nuzzled her face, pressing soft butterfly kisses to her skin, making her sigh contently and cuddle closer. He trailed his kisses down to her lips, giving her several short and sweet kisses, welcoming her home.

Sonic allowed his emotions to lazily float down their link, lulling Chris into a more relaxed state and despite his earlier thoughts and his words, plus his actions, that morning he wasn't in a hurry to mate her. He was content just to lay with his mate and children.

Chris didn't know she was pregnant yet, but Sonic could tell by her smell she was and he really did need to talk to her about that. But as he gazed down at her face, relaxed in sleep, he smiled and decided to wait just a bit longer.


"Was is your status?"

"Almost complete."

"All the needed preparations are being taken care of."

"Good, good. With this new information about our target, we will finally have our long awaited chance put an end to that insufferable hedgehog."

"That being if out informant is trustworthy..."

"I guaranty this will work! My source wouldn't lie to me!"

"It had better. This plan must not fail. The Hedgehog must die. Am I understood?"



Chris suddenly bolted up in bed, her eyes bouncing around the room, trying to figure out where she was. Trying to calm her racing heart and will away the heat pounding in between legs, slowing calming down as she realized she was in her and Sonic's room. But where was….?

A groan on the left side of the bed gave her the answer and she hesitantly peered over the edge at the azure furred hedgehog, lying face down on her floor. "Sonikku?" She winced, knowing she had probably knocked him out of their bed when she woken up from that dream.

Sonic let out another groan, peeling himself off of the hardwood and gave Chris an part annoyed, part confused 'why did you hit me, Mummy' look as he climbed back on the bed. Chris bit her bottom lip, her eyes downcast, not wanting to look at him, scared that he was mad at her and expecting him to yell at her. Instead she felt him lean forward and kiss her cheek.

Sonic gripped her chin between his thumb and index finger and tilted her face up to his, sealing his lips to hers. Chris relaxed, relief flowing through her body as she leaned into the kiss, she didn't want Sonic to be mad at her. Sonic purred as her arms wrapped around his shoulders, encircling his around her back, he had felt her fear of him being angry at her through their link and decided to put her fears to rest.