Consequences of the Damned

By Ryokodarkwing

Warnings: implications of Sex with a Minor, Limeish activities, Genderbending, Violence, Hedgehog/Human, Sonic/femChris

Disclaimer: Sonic is owned by Seeeeeeeega!

-0-0-0-0-0-0 Chapter 2:

Dr. Kai Narasu stared at his computer screen in annoyance, like his fellow S.O.N.I.C.X. members he was far too tired of the blue menace getting his way and tricking society into believing he was some sort of hero. The aged man reviewed his failed experiments, neither his clones or his mutagen had worked, all had been dismal failures.

He had to figure out way to get the hedgehog, somehow. Something that would cripple him, something that would finish him for good.

A sudden ringing interrupted his thoughts and he groaned see the name flash on his screen. "Hello Cassidy-sweetie, daddy can't talk right now-" He started only to be interrupted by a loud shrieking in his ear.

"Daddy, you can make time!" His daughter's voice yelled at him, causing him to wince at the volume. Inwardly he wonder what his spoiled daughter was calling about now, ever since Sonic had ruined his name, his wife had left him with their daughter and most of his money. "Honey, Daddy is very busy-"

"I don't care, you need to listen to me!"

He sighed as quietly as he could, Cassidy and her mother had always steamrolled him in the past, didn't seemed to have changed now that he wasn't in their daily lives anymore.

"Daddy I'm sick of it! You've got to get rid of Sonic the Hedgehog! I know you're part of that silly group!"

Kai frowned, "How do you know that?" There was groan from the end of line, a sound usually coupled with when talking to a very stupid person. "Cause you told Mom last time you came crawling for her to take you back."

"Anyway I'm SOOOOO sick of it! Thorndork struts up here everyday sometimes with Sonic in tow. She thinks she so cool!"

Dr. Narasu groaned inwardly, not about the Thorndyke kid again, he so sick of hearing Cassidy howl about her.

"Then he picks her up when her stupid limo can't! OH and when they randomly spotted all over Station Square!"

Yes, yes, everyone know that Sonic stays with the kid at the Thorndyke manor, if fact Sonic and the girl are rarely spotted without the other close by.

"I can't believe it! I don't understand why someone as cool as Sonic would even give that trash the time of day! But no! He's always there, WITH HER!"

….Now that he thought about it…the hedgehog did seem to go above and beyond for the girl. In fact the first time Super Sonic appeared, it had because Eggman had taken the Thorndyke brat…

"It's sick I tell you, when they're together, the way they act, the way they look at each other, you'd think they were dating!"

Suddenly a door had opened and Dr. Narasu grinned a nasty grin, hanging up on his daughter without a word as he started complying footage and evidence. He places a call to all the members of S.O.N.I.C.X. and began to plan.

Looking at a still image of the red-headed girl, he laughed, finding the break he had looked for.


Chris sneezed as she walked into her bedroom and shivered, a chill going up her spine. She shook her head and sat down of her bed looking at her bandaged knees with a sigh. She wrapped her arms around her chest, wincing from the bruises she knew were there.

Though luckily today she didn't have any new bruises, Cassidy had actually been leaving her alone the last couple of days. Maybe it was because Mr Stewart had transferred to her private school.

She smiled, she wasn't sure why he was at her new school now, but she was glad to have a familiar friendly face around. Even if he was trying to get her to admit about being bullied.

Chris frowned and hugged her knees to her chest, she didn't want anyone to know about that. Didn't want anyone to know how weak she was, especially Sonic, he would be so disappointed in her.

The redhead blinked back tears as her stomach churned a bit, she had felt sick lately and was chalking it up to stress. She sighed, heading to the bathroom, she wanted to take a shower before Sonic got home.

Knowing her lover, he would love to sneak in with her and engage in some 'extra-curricular activities' as he liked call it when they had sex soon after she got out of school. It made her cheek burn as she pictured his voice saying that, purring the words as his eyes sparkled.

She flailed a bit trying to clear her mind of naughty images, since the bullying had increased in violence she had been hesitant to sleep with Sonic. They still made out a lot, but Chris didn't want to take her clothes off and show her bruises till they had healed a bit more.

There was no way she could lie about where she got them and get away with it.

Lying to him had never been possible before, even more so since they now had a empathic link between them. She could omit things, change subjects but if she even thought of trying to lie, he would zero in on her and sniff out the truth.

She stripped out of her school uniform, before walking to the bathroom and flinched back from her reflection in the mirror. Large bruises covered her torso, still an ugly purple in the middle, but the edges had started to fade to yellow, showing that they were healing.

Yet they stood out against her pale skin, she thought as she studied her reflection, then noticed something. She looked down at her stomach and ran her hand over the edge, then looked back at her mirror.

Sure enough there was a swell to her stomach, maybe she should cut down on the after school snacks that Sonic had insisted she eat. Though those snacks were usually healthy things, fruits and vegetables, no fast food though, unless it was chilidogs. Everything was out except for those.

Woe betide the fool that denies the blue hedgehog his precious chilidogs.

Still the pooch she had going on was a sure sign she was going wrong somewhere. She shook her head heading to the shower and resolved to figure it out later. Right now she need to shower before her lover got home.

She had just gotten the water to the right temperature when the locked door to her bathroom fell forward and her lover stood on the other side.

Guiltily holding the hinges for the door in his gloved hand.

Chris forgot her nakedness for a moment and stared at Sonic with an annoyed look with her hands on her hips, "Sonikku! You took the hinges off my door…" She trailed off as she remembered the reason that door was locked in the frist place.

She paled as Sonic stared at her torso in shock and horror, "S-sonikku, I..get out!" she stuttered, backing away and trying to cover herself. Her foot catching the edge of the shower and sending her falling into the spray of water.

She blinked and suddenly Sonic's hands were on her, catching her before she made contact with the floor, settling her at the bottom of the walk in shower. He moved her arms away so he could see the extent of her bruises and he didn't look too happy.

"What the hell happened to you?" he growled, emerald eyes blazing in anger he traced the outline of one of her bigger bruises, located just above her stomach. Chris felt tears well up in her eyes as he looked at her, he was so mad at her.

Something flashed over his face, visibly calming himself down, "No, no, no I'm not mad at you. I'm just…Kurisu, baby, what happened to you? Who did this to you?"

The redhead shook her head, blue eyes closed, not wanting to look at him, Sonic brought his hands to her face, "Hey sweetheart look at me, how can I help you if you don't talk to me?"

"I'm sorry," Chris hiccupped, her tears mixing with the water raining down around them, "I didn't want you to find out, I was afraid you would hate me if you did."

Sonic shook his head, pulling her into his arms, running his hands through her hair as he nuzzled and kissed her, "I could never hate you, Kurisu, you're my mate." Chris leaned into his hold, burying her face into his neck as he talked to her.

"I'm sorry, Sonikku. I just didn't want you to think…that I was weak." She mumbled into his fur, causing Sonic to look heavenward for a moment. "Oh you silly adorable human, you're gonna drive me grey." Sonic sighed, leaning back to kiss the side of her face, "I've never thought that, never will. Hell just to put up with me and the things I've put you through the way you do you deserve the highest medal."

He pushed her back, looking into her eyes, blue to emerald, "Look Kurisu, I love you, got that? That means you're not getting rid of me. EVER." He kissed her to make his point, "Even if you wanted me gone, I'd dog you till you'd take me back." He smiled after gaining a giggle from his human lover and kissed her again, soft and slow.

Chris sighed into the kiss, leaning into her lover's arms, letting him take control as his tongue traced her bottom lip. He pulled back after a bit, looking at her with half-mast eyes, "We're still going to talk about this, I want names, addresses and it's going to take an act of God to keep me from hunting them down."

The human frowned at that, but Sonic just kissed it away, "but first I think we both need a little 'us' time." The hedgehog said, a smile on his lips as he brushed the human's wet hair away from her face. "Let's go to Angel Island, we'll have a picnic, just me and you. It's nice, peaceful… private," Here Sonic wiggled his eyebrows into way that made Chris giggle and blush.

"Well private if you don't count Knux, but we can ignore him." Chris snuggled close to Sonic, rubbing their cheeks together, "I'd like that. I like that a lot."

"Now that we got that out of the way, lets finish this shower and we'll head out in the morning, you don't have school tomorrow. So we have all night to play." Sonic purred deeply as Chris leaned forward kissing him as she wrapped her arms around his back.


For those who don't Dr Kai Narasu is the guy from episode 2 of Sonic X, he was the guy on TV that thought Sonic was a Robot. He has a Bigger part in the Archie Sonic X Comics as a member of S.O.N.I.C.X.