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Splinters POV

One Body

My sons are all unique in themselves. It is easy to see they are all different. Donatello is the smartest. Michelangelo is the most easy going and joyful. Raphael is the strongest. And Leonardo is the one who holds them all together. A force in himself. But when they're all together, they become a single unit. One body.

They become a single force in battle. They work together in sync. So much so that if they're together, they accomplish ten times as much than when they're apart. They become one unit. Working together to defeat all who are against them. Because they, together, become one body.

Think about the way the body works. It needs all of its parts to be fully functional, correct? Without one, the others wouldn't be able to function. All the way down to a single cell, there are different parts depending on each other to work properly. To keep the body alive.

Think about the brain. What does it do? It thinks, correct? It evaluates. It is what sends messages to the other parts of the body. It controls actions. It controls how the body lives. Because it is what makes decisions and learns.

This is Donatello. He is the brain of this body. He is who thinks. Evaluates. Sends messages to his brothers. Controls their actions by deciding what is safe and able to be done and what is not. He controls how they live. Because he is who gives them everything they need. He is who makes decisions on complicated problems and learns to be able to teach them.

Think about a body without a brain. Without a brain, there would be no thoughts. No problem solving. No communication or inventing. It would be impossible to be functional without a brain. Because that's what gives everything the messages to move. To function. To live.

This is how life would be without Donatello. They would be a body without a brain. They wouldn't be able to get through some of the things they've gotten through. Some of the problems they've had wouldn't have been solved. They wouldn't have their communication tools or other useful inventions. Functioning would be a lot harder.

Now think about the heart. It is the source of life for a body. The heart pumps blood throughout the body. It goes through the entire circuit, taking oxygen to the rest of the body. It gives life to the owner. It causes all things to work. It helps the body breath. In a way, it keeps the body warm. The body needs the heart to function.

This is Michelangelo. He is the source of life for this body. Without him, there would be no life in this family. He is the one who keeps them alive. Gives them a reason to live. He keeps their attitudes alive with his happiness. They need him to keep their happiness alive. Because he is what sends it through them.

Without a heart, the body wouldn't be able to live at all. Without the heart, the blood would not travel to the limbs of the body. It would become dead when circulation is cut off. It would not be able to function. It would not be able to breath. Because there would be nothing to cause it to do so.

This is how life would be without Michelangelo. There would be no happiness in between them. They would become dead within themselves if there was no happiness. Without him, there would be no more reason to be happy. They would not be able to function correctly. Not be able to be comfortably happy. Because there would nothing causing them to be so.

Now think about the muscles of the body. They enable the body to move. When the brain sends a signal to them, they move. They help the body walk. Talk. Breath and think. Because many things in the body are muscles. They enable the body to travel. Fight. They help the body function.

This is Raphael. He is the muscle of this body. He enables the body to move. When he gets the signal, there is nothing able to stop him from going. He's the one who walks and talks strength. He enables them to function in the way that he gets them through many enemies. He is the one who takes them all down. Because he has the muscle to do so.

Without muscles, the body would not be able to move. There would be no walking. No talking. No heart or brain, for they are muscles. There would be no way to travel. No way to fight. No way to do anything. Because without muscles, the body is not functional. It can't move.

This is how life would be without Raphael. Without him, they wouldn't be able to move in the sense that he is who gets them out of problems where help in strength is needed. Without him, his brothers would be dead many a time. There would be no way to fight as strong as they used to. They would be defeated. Because without the muscle, the body cannot move. They would not be able to take down their enemies.

Then there is the spirit. The center of the body. Without the spirit, there would be no reason to do anything. The spirit lives in the body. Dwells in it. It is what makes the body want things. Need things. It's what makes life worth living. It is life. Because it is what's living. Not the body. The body is only the house for the spirit.

This is Leonardo. He is the spirit of the body. He is what gives reason to everything. Who lives and dwells in the middle of the circle of his brothers. Because he is what makes their life worth living. He is their life. Because he is the one who is always keeping their hopes up. Directing them and helping them through things they want and need to do. He is their leader. Their guidance.

Without a spirit, what would a body be like? It would be chaos. It would be fighting amongst the brain, heart, and muscle. There would never be any peace between them. Because they would all want and need different things. There would be no focusing on life. There would be no guidance. It would be harder to keep the body alive.

This is life without Leonardo. There would be constant fighting amongst his brothers. And though they would work it out between themselves, it would happen again. And at one point, there may not be an end except for the final one. Because they all want and need different things. There would be no focusing on survival. It would be harder to stay alive when fighting between each other.

Recall all of the things I've listed. Brain. Heart. Muscle. Spirit. What do these all add up to when it is taken out of the physical extent? Sprit. Soul. Mind. Body. These are the four elements of life. Without one, there is no other. Just like without one, there would be no true others in this body of brothers.

If you take out one, there could never truly be the others. Because they all have parts of each other in themselves. Take away one, and none of them will be whole anymore. Take away the Spirit, and the body fights and wanders. Take away the Soul or Heart, and the body is no longer happy. Take away the Mind and the body can no longer think or function intelligently anymore. Take away the Body, and there is no longer functioning properly. There is nothing for the others to go on when you take one away.

The same applies with each of them. The complete each other. There is no improving on themselves individually, but together, they can function. And they begin to mold into a single unit. Taking in pieces of each other to become one single team. They become one body.

i thought of something after i wrote this. splinter must have learned a lot from donnie. haha. betchya didn't know he knew so much about the body!!! haha.