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Aboriginal native tongue – Spelt how I think it sounds.

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Chapter 1.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941, The Imperial Japanese Navy steamed south, unleashing their fire on Darwin, a city in the northern territory of Australia.

'The Territory' was a land of crocodiles, cattle barons and warrior chefs, where adventure and romance was a way of life.

It was also a place where Aboriginal children of mixed-race were taken by force from their families and trained for service in white society.

These children became known as The Stolen Generations.

September 1939

Early morning creatures stirred as the great orange sun rose above the horizon. Aboriginal chanting is heard but not seen. Sunrise. The time of peace, solitude and calmness. Two silhouetted figures stand close together, one short, one tall. Throwing a Boomerang, the short one, perhaps a small child, gets the lesson of how to throw a Boomerang properly. Teaching the Aboriginal way to hunt, to survive. Failing, he re-threw the bent object. Still no success. Practice makes perfect. The taller one educating the short figure all life's lessons, all that he needs to know about what life brings, what surprises awaits him.

My grandfather, King George, he take me walkabout. Teach me black fella way. Grandfather teach me most important lesson of all. Tell 'em story. That day I down the billabong, King George, he teach me how to catch 'em fish using magic song.

Water splashed around the child's waist, as he stood perfectly still, ready with his two-pronged spear, ready to catch the fish, ready to eat his meal. King George's hands were deep in the cool liquid, steading the ripples and small waves that were created with the slightest movement. Soft breaths followed by a small chant hypnotized the large fish, as it slows to a halt. Captivated by the subtle noises, it doesn't expect what comes lodging in fate's corridor.

See, I not black fella. I not white fella, either. Them white fellas call me mix blood;

Splash! Having been stabbed straight through the body and neck, the fish was instantly shocked, yet still flapped around on the sharp pointy spear tips. Cheering, the small boy lifted the spear into the air, shook his arms and jumped.

Half-caste; creamy. I belong no-one.

Deep, manly groans came from across the billabong. A gigantic herd of cattle were being forced to cross the waters over to the other side. Turning, the small boy's face dropped. The water droplets fell from the fish onto his head, face, back, but he didn't care, he was too preoccupied with what was going on with that herd. Whips cracked. Water splashed. Cows cried but continued to move.

That day I see 'em, them white fellas, they were pushing them cheeky bulls across the river onto Carney land.

The boy was in a trance. Nothing could snap him out of it. That is, until King George grabbed the two-pronged spear tightly in his fist.

"Whya kiana weana unakapri." (1)

He gasped for breath as King George wandered off, leaving the small boy to disappear. Become invisible. He sunk to the bottom of the lake bed, cheeks puffed full of air, eyes wide, fingers glasped tightly round his nostrils, continuously on the search of change.

King George angry at them white fellas. King George say them white fella bad spirit. Must be taken from this land.

The water has been disturbed. A lifeless body flung carelessly into the water almost hit the small child, and floated above him, bubbles patterning his facial features, eyes loosely open. Lying completely still, the boy dared not move, for fear the lifeless body would move and grab him. It floated silently away, and showed the spear that had been lodged through his chest. The bubbles rose to the waters edge, but the body did not. Red. Blood. It spread like wildfire in a forest, covering any clear water it possessed. Thickening the fresh lake water to an intoxicating iron smog. A deep rumble echoed through the water, as a crocodile skin boot steadied itself on the stones, sprinkling dust particles in all different directions. The lifeless body was pulled from the water, and disappeared. Unable to hold on any longer, the boy emerged from the waters, blinking the murky liquid from his eyes.

A horse. A lone horse, deep in water and scared. It kicked and wailed to be free. The boy chanted and sung softly and calmly to the creature, much like the fish, tempting it to trust him. Emerging closer to the boys outstretched hand, the horse stood still, and allowed the boy to hop on its back. Struggling to get free of the water, it slowly grasped a groove that worked and was a prisoner no more. Quickly and quietly, the boy and the horse rode away almost all day; the boy wanted nothing more than to reach his destination, his sanctuary. The dust gathered behind the horse as he galloped fast and true, obeying any command the boy gave him.

Passing high mountains and scorching temperatures, the boy finally arrived at the one place he really wanted to be. Hot and covered in sweat, the boy halted the horse, looking out to the distance. For in the middle of no where, the heat waves engulfed the ground, rising towards the burning sun, was a car, covered in dust and material from who-knows-where, slowly driving towards where he was. The boy descended from the horse and grabbed the reins. Slowly, he turned to look again at the small car which had gown larger and much closer in the passing time.

"Coppers." he whispered, fear strung to every breath.

Them coppers come take me away! They want to put me on that Mission Island.

The gate he pushed to get through read Faraway Downs; with the W and the O missing. He ran. Slowly disappearing into the grey mist that enveloped around the large house. Jumping the fence, h ran still towards the water tank on the other side of the yard. King George guided him, telling him it was safe in there.

Make me into a white fella.

He climbed the tall and hot wooden ladder, looked back to see if the coppers had spotted him. He was safe.

But they're not coppers.

In the distance, he hears the horse panicking and galloping around frustrated at almost being run down. "Whoa, girl, whoa, whoa." came a deep yet distant voice. A man. He held a long gun in one hand, stretched almost to the length of his arm, the other reached out to try and steady the horse. Attempting to grab the reins and stop her before the horse fell and would hurt herself. The boy looked through a small peep hole, to check and see if it was still safe, that he hadn't been caught yet, and saw a woman.

And that first time I saw her, that Missus Boss.

Through the tiny gap, he watched as she clambered out of the car, and walked powerfully towards the house. The dust had still not settled, so she would disappear then reappear from time to time, making her track hard to keep up with.

The strangest woman I ever seen! She's not from this land. This land my people got many names for. But white fellas call it Australia. But this story not begin that day, this story begin a little while ago in a land far far away. That land called England.


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