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Chapter 4.

The scorching temperatures of the dry land was too much for Sarah to handle. The heat waves rose up from the ground. Being the only truck out there, it was hard to tell where they were headed.

Drover take Missus Boss to Faraway Downs in a great big fancy truck!

Sarah, being that she was used to colder climates, was dressed fully, unaware of the blistering heat. Her hat covered in a thin fabric to protect her face from mosquitoes, a pair of unflattering glasses framed her eyes, shielding her from windswept sand or dirt, preventing it from reaching her eye sockets. She looked out the window, wishing she was any place than where she was now. Drover was driving the big truck, turning from Sarah to the road, to the dog that had perched itself between Drover and Sarah, watching her every move.

He even let her sit in his special seat.

Turning, she glanced at Drover, who had taken a big swab of water into his mouth, swallowed, and offered the dog some refreshment.

She even drinks Drover's own water bottle.

"Thats it, thats it," Drover smiled. The dogs lips and tongue wrapped round the opening and obeyed her master to drink and refresh her throat. Sarah looked on in disgust. As if she would drink out of the flask. She'd much rather dehydrate than drink out of something a dog had slobbered over.

They get along like a burning house. Now Magarri, he sit 'em up top. And Magarri's cousin Goolajibaloong, he come along for the ride.

Goolajibaloong ran along side the truck, not that it was hard to keep up, going only around ten miles per hour. He clambered on top, with help from Magarri, sticking his foot on the open window frame, showing Sarah his crouch. Exclaiming in disgust, she shielded her eyes form the view and turned away.

They make 'em friends right away.

Bang, bang. Drover fisted the top of the cab, to grab Magarri's attention. "Water." he boomed, as he lent across Sarah to pass his flask to an open hand. She moved slightly back, not waiting Drover to touch her with his dusty, sweaty hands.

"Thats it. Stay Jedda, stay, stay." Drover coaxed the dog to remain calm, as the movement made her think it was time to move too. Drover wrapped his free arm around the dog and pulled her towards him, keeping her at bay.

Sighing, Sarah turned to look out the window once more. She couldn't believe she was in this situation, going out all the way to Australia just to get her husband back. The Drover looked over to her, smiling at the thought that she wouldn't last a day in the outback. "'Trusted man'" she tutted, "typical of my husband."

Rolling his eyes, he looked out his window, then back out the front window, ready to rely with whatever she threw at him. "Actually, your husband's a pretty good bloke."

"Yes, well," Sarah turned and faced him, a smug smile on her face, "he certainly knows how to choose his employees."

"Employee?" Drover laughed.

"No wonder the place is bankrupt!" Sarah exclaimed, throwing her hand in the air.

"Lady, I'm not an employee."

"Really?" Sarah queried. She lifted the soft mesh from around her face and placed it atop her hat, out of her way so she could look at Drover properly, "So you're just driving me all the way out to Faraway Downs as a personal favor to my husband are you?"

Drover had to think, he furrowed his brow and wondered where she was going with this. "No."

"Him being such a good bloke and all?"

"I'm driving out there because he promised me a drove of 1,500 head of cattle." He smugly replied, returning his view to the road, or lack there of.

"Sarah was confused, she watched his every move, yet still seemed puzzled. "What, to buy?"

"No you goose to drove." Drover laughed in return, switching from the road to Sarah, explaining himself to her fully so she would understand. At least it was some sort of conversation. "I'm a drover, right? I move the cattle from A to B, alright? I work on commission. No man hires me, no man fires me."

Cattle were spread out in the road as the truck trudged along slowly. Sarah had returned from looking out the window, not really that interested in what he was saying. "Oh, thats-"

"Everything I own I can fit in my saddlebag, which is the way I like it." He interrupted. Reaching over again, Goolajibaloong had returned the flask, holding it for Drover to reach. Sarah exclaimed in fright and disgust, as she moved back and braced herself for the quick change in movement.

"Yes well, it's all...all very outback adventure isn't it?" she cried, slightly bumping her fist in mock excitement.

"I'm not saying its for everyone" Drover replied.

"No." Sarah chuckled, "Definitely not for everyone."

"Most people like to own things. You know, land, luggage, other people." He glanced at Sarah, watching her expression change from annoyed to shocked. She owned two out of the three things he said. "Makes them feel secure," Drover continued. "But all that can be taken away. And in the end, the only thing you really own is uh, is your story." He glanced at her once more, checking to see if anything he was saying is going into her mind. He rose his eyebrows, and turned back to the road. "Just trying to live a good one."

Sarah looked at him, smiling slightly and chuckled. "Yes, yes an adventure story." She turned back to look out the window again, "You sound just like my husband."

Drover looked over at Sarah once more, then sigh a big puff of air and rolled his eyes back towards the road. There was no getting through to her. She obviously wasn't paying much attention and had no idea what he had just said. Was there any point in trying to communicate with her? Well, the trip would be long and awkward without conversation. As Sarah looked completely out the window, she gasped and did a double take. "Oh!" She cried as she raised her hand to point, "Oh, they're kangaroos!"

"Big Reds."

"Lovely!" Sarah cried. She turned to Drover and smiled. Maybe this trip wasn't so worthless after all. "Beautiful!"

"Uh," Drover replied, completely thrown off guard at her reaction and sudden persona change from stiff and miserable to soft and gentle, "Yeah, beautiful."

"I've never seen a kangaroo!" Sarah cooed as she looked back out the window, "Beautiful, jumping."

"Yeah," Drover replied, glancing out the window to see the creature for himself, making sure Sarah hadn't gone completely mad, "They're jumpin'"

"Oh it's beautiful!" She cooed once more, admiring the view in front of her, "Oh, look at them jumping-"


She screamed, as the kangaroo fell limply to the ground with a bullet wound ploughed through its chest. Her voice was like scraping nails down a black board to Drover, as he had fully known what was about to happen. Lunch time! With a thud, a foot fell forward, and placed itself in full view of Sarah's side of the window. Blood trickled down the windscreen. Sarah was gob smacked. The view was unnatural to her, and she didn't like it one bit. How could someone hunt a beautiful creature like that? Drover was completely unfazed by this, being used to how Goolajibaloong hunted and cooked kangaroo. He heard Goolaj laugh to himself, happy with the success of the hunt. Or lack there of.


Nigh time had sprung round quicker than Sarah had expected. The night creatures stirred and make noises, as the campfire crackled away, slowly burning whatever wood it touched. Everyone was at separate parts of the camp; Magarri was on one of the seats that was placed around the fire, one of his legs draped over the arm; Goolajibaloong sorted out the freshly cleaned clothes onto a piece of robe and set it out to dry for the morning; Sarah was hidden by the material of the tent, more that likely getting ready for bed; Drover was situated just outside the camp, still in view, cleaning himself with soap and water. Finished with the soap, body covered in soap suds, Drover picked up the full bucket and raised it above his head, oblivious that Sarah had poked her head out from the opening of the tent and was staring, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. She gulped down the lump that had formed in her throat and watched as the water cascaded down his well sculpted chest and back, missing a few suds.

"Mr Drover..."

Oblivious that she had just said his name, he shook his head to rid himself of the liquid that stuck to his head and wiped his face clean. Goolaj was fortunate enough to see Sarah and called out to her. "Hey, Miss Boss!"

Magarri, being the polite one of the trio, reached out a half chewed piece of meat, probably from the kangaroo they just killed. Sarah wasn't sure, but she was certain she wouldn't be touching it with her mouth. "Tucker, Missus Boss?"

"Mr Drover." Sarah called, completely ignoring Goolaj and Magarri.

"Yeah?" Drover replied. He turned and slightly shook his head, still trying to get rid of the water.

"There's only one tent."

Drove raised an eyebrow, curious to find out if she had a point. "Thats right."

Sarah gasped. No way was she sharing with three men. Strangers no less! It was not allowed. Not in her head anyway. "For the four of us?"

"Well you know," Drover began, scratching the small of his back slightly and looked to Magarri. He winked, obviously wanting Magarri and Goolaj to play along with whatever he was planning, "It gets pretty chilly here at night, we like to bunk up together, eh, Magarri? Goolaj? Huh?" he started to wrap his arms around himself, and hinted for the others to do the same. "Nice and close, you know?" The boys got up and jumped up and down, proving that it would be cold later in the night and would have to share the tent. Sarah was mortified. She couldn't believe it! She looked from Drover to Magarri to Goolaj and gasped. Goolaj gave the game away when he hid teasingly behind a shirt and laughed his goofy laugh. All this excitement made Jedda bark and want to join in the fun, though she had no idea what was going on. Sarah exclaimed in disgust and annoyance and hid back in the tent, wiping the material together to shut the makeshift door.

"Oh, come on Lady Ashley," coaxed Drover, "We're just havin' a laugh." Jedda was still barking, still excited about what was happening around her. Goolaj and Magarri retreated to the fire, sitting comfortably to relax for the night. "Never really slept in a tent in our lives!" The Drover continued, trying hard to persuade Sarah to come out. He shoved his toothbrush into his mouth, preparing himself to brush his teeth before sleeping, which made his speech full and crunchy like, "We just bunk around the fire, see?"

Sarah peeked through a hole she made in the doorway, as if checking to see if it really was Ok to come out. She didn't really know these men, so how could she trust them?

The Drover chuckled at her, as he approached the tent to help coax her out. "See we're not really used to-"

"A woman?" Sarah challenged. She stepped right out of the tent, her silk pyjamas shone with a mixture of the moonlight and the came fire. A towel of some sort was draped over her left wrist. Jedda ceased barking and watched Sarah's every move. Much like in the truck. "I suppose you think I should be back in Darwin," Sarah challenged, "at the church fete, or the ladies'...uh...whatever you call it." Drover continued to walk closer to her, listening intently to her every word. He stopped dead in his tracks when he got within arms length of her. "Well I will have you know that I am as capable as any man." Sarah continued, Finished with her rant. Her pride never letting her down.

"Guests." Drover spoke simply. "We're not used to guests. Thats what I was about to say." He raised his eyebrows, laughing inside at her for her false accusations and her face as it dropped at the realization of her being wrong. "But, now that you mention it, I happen to quite like the women of the outback." Shoving his toothbrush in his mouth again, he slowly scrubbed, watching as Sarah's expression change dramatically.

"But, they're mostly native women."

Magarri, not feeling offended or threatened, stopped what he was doing and turned to Drover, ready to support him with whatever he would reply back with.

"Aboriginal women." Drover said simply, correcting Sarah with pride. His face showed annoyance, as again he disliked the separation of skin colour. "They're very easy to, uh..." he stretched his stomach muscles, releasing some pressure of the top of his trousers, showing his pelvic bone and raising it back up again. He watched as Sarah looked down with curiosity and looked straight back up again once she figured out what he was doing, "to get along with, if you try."

Sarah had trouble breathing. He had that affect on her and she hadn't known him that long. Her eyes fluttered open and shut as she took deep breaths to calm her rapidly beating heart. Drover looked on concerned, but smiled, showing Sarah he had no problem with admitting he 'got on' with the Aboriginal woman.


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