A/N: My respect for Tom and Saint went down so much at one point during this book, that the anger group became my favorite characters. I hated Elsa and Caitlin irritated me. I liked the two other girls in their group though (Not the anger group, unless you want to count Kelly as a girl, but Tom and Saint's group). It's a little strange my favorite characters are all girlfriend beaters. But, then again, my favorite characters are normally the bad guys. The way this book is written though, I'm not really sure if these guys could count as "bad" guys. After all, like Mario said, it's all from the way they were raised.

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Nick sighed, finally answering his phone. It was the third time Leo had called, and his father was getting irritated that the phone kept ringing off the hook.

"Look, Leo, man, I don't know what to tell you. My old mad is getting mad you keep calling though."

There was a pause on the other line. Had Leo hung up? A part of Nick wished he did, but another part wished he was still there. They had become friends, after all. But no, he could hear Leo's uneven breathing on the other line.

"I'm sorry, man. But I need back in the group! Mario won't listen to me, and it's the only way to get Neysa back. Come on, I need this!"

Nick wasn't exactly sure what Leo wanted him to do. He doubted he could talk Mario into letting Leo back in the group, and he knew he couldn't get Neysa to get back together with Leo. After seeing the way he had treated her, he wouldn't of anyway. The girl had wised up. He wasn't going to dumb her back down. So he said the only thing he could think of.

"Look…Why don't I just come over?"

Nick regretted it the instant it left his mouth. Leo was-and he hated to admit it-as unstable and violent as he was. He had never hit him, but then again Nick wasn't a girl. Still, he wasn't sure if it would be completely safe.

"O-ok. Yeah. You do that."

Then again, they had been alone together plenty of times and Leo had never hit him. Never really gotten angry at him either.


Nick sat on Leo's bed while Leo paced back and forth in the room. Leo's room was messier than usual, and things looked like they had been thrown around. It wouldn't surprise Nick after the way Leo had behaved when they were at the fair with Neysa.

"I need her."

Nick looked up. Until now, Leo had been silent. He had barely even glanced at Nick when he got there.

"I'll go crazy without her!"

Isn't that how Nick felt about Caitlin? Like he would explode or go crazy without seeing her everyday?

"Look, you've been through worse." It was true for him as well then. "Calm down." Nick smiled, fake as always.

When Leo turned to finally face him, he had an expression Nick had never seen before. Nick thought he was going to call him a hypocrite and punch him in the face. But, instead, he just walked closer to Nick.

"You're right." Nick didn't believe that. Even he thought he was lying. He couldn't live without Cat. Leo wouldn't be able to live without Neysa either then, would he? "I just need something…." Oh, God. Leo was coming closer with that strange look on his face. "Different to take my mind off of her."

What? What was he doing? He was getting closer and closer until he was sitting right by Nick, that was what he was doing.

"Leo, what are you-"

Leo pressed his lips to Nick's and slipped his tongue in his mouth before Nick's mind could register what was happening. Different, huh? This was definitely different. It was an option Nick hadn't thought of.

If Leo hit, unlike Neysa, Nick could hit back.

If Nick hit, unlike Caitlin, Leo could hit back.