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Chapter 1: What is love?


What is love? I don´t know...

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, I'm 17 years old and I've never fallen in love before. Yeah I know it's kind of odd since I'm a teenager but don't blame me, I just haven't found him yet!

Sure I had some guys interested in me before, but I couldn't think of them as lovers.

"Bella what do you think?" My mom, Esme, asked me.

We were at a bride's store, she was trying some bride dresses because...well she's getting married. Maybe I should ask her what love is, she surely must know since she is getting married...

"Its beautiful mom, you should definitely buy this one." I told her, and I wasn't lying, she looked beautiful in that dress.

"You're right, I love this one! I'm taking it"

We walk out of the store to the parking lot to our car. During the journey to our house all she could talk about was her wedding. She was so exciting, I was happy for her; she deserved happiness after all my dad had done to her. You see my dad wasn't very faithful; he used to cheat on her frequently, so she decided to get a divorce and took me with her to live in Washington. But I would be leaving Washington soon, for I will be living in the small town of Forks, also in the state of Washington, with my future step-father, Carlisle. I´ve met him only once, but I liked him, he seemed to be very kind and caring and I can tell he loves my mother. He is a famous doctor. They met at the hospital and since then they have been together for one year.

"Oh, honey I'm so excited, the wedding is tomorrow! Can you believe it? Soon we'll all be living together, like a family. You will love it Bella, and Carlisle sons are very nice. We will be so happy." Oh right, Carlisle has one son named Edward and one daughter called Alice. They also have both 17 years old, they are twins. I've never met them, but my mom has always told me they were really adorable and sympathetic.

"And don't forget, we will be leaving early tomorrow so pack your entire things today okay dear?"

"Don't worry mom, I have already packed everything"

Once we got home I went to my room and listened to music. After a while, sleep took me.

I woke up next morning with the smell of sweet pancakes my mother was doing. After breakfast we took our thing to the car and it was time to go on the road.

Forks seemed to be a calm town, but it was rainier than any other town in the USA. We reached Carlisle house, and for some reason I was getting nervous and I don't know why. We stood in front of Carlisle's house, for a minute or two. I was stunned, the house was so big, and it was so beautiful. I can imagine myself living here...

Suddenly the door opened only to reveal a young girl with short spiky black hair; she was very pretty and looked more like a pixie. I smiled at that thought.

The pixie girl, who I presumed to be Alice ran in my direction giving me a big hug. Damn, this girl may look like a pixie but she sure is strong.

"I'm Alice, Carlisle's Daughter. You must be Isabella. You are really cute." Cute? Me? Yeah right...

"Thank you, it's so nice to meet you, but please call me Bella" I told Alice. She seemed really nice, I already like her.

"Oh, we're going to be best friends. I can feel it." And it looks like she likes me too.

"Honey, you've arrived!" Carlisle said as he descended the entrance stairs.

"I've missed you Carlisle." Esme, replied with a hug and a kiss. They were getting all lovey-dovey and I didn't want to stay here and see it. Alice must have read my mind:

"Uh, come on Bella, I will show you the house."

Alice showed me the kitchen, which was huge. Actually I've always dreamt of having this kind of kitchen. I love to cook. Then we went to the bathroom and it was huge too. After a while she showed me the living room. It was very warming and beautiful.

Alice took me upstairs, holding my hand. Then we were in a long corridor.

"The room to your left is mine and the next one will be yours. Come on let's have a look at it. I made de decorations, hope you like it. " She said.

The room was beautiful, it was white and purple. It had some shelves so I could put my books on it, I liked to read. It had a desk, the bed was big enough for two people and its sheets were light purple. I walked across the room to the window, it had a nice view of the forest. I turned around to look at Alice.

"Alice...this...I mean...I don´t have words to describe it. Thank you so much really. I love this room, thank you." I said. I was truly grateful. I could tell Alice was trying to make me feel comfortable, as if I was in my own home.

"Please Bella, you don´t have to thank me. I know its hard moving out and adjusting to the new life thing and all but..." She paused. " I want you to feel in home, because this is where you will be living from now on, and I don´t want you to feel uncomfortable. Besides it's my duty to make you feel happy as a sister, well actually step-sister, and as a friend"

I was so touched that I could feel my tears starting to form. I hugged her.

"Thank you" Was all I could say.

We came out to the hallway again. Alice told me Esme and Carlisle would be staying at the second floor. The bathroom was at the end of the hallway. Suddenly I noticed there was a door right in front of my room.

"What about this room Alice?" I asked pointing at it.

"Oh, that's Edwards's room, my twin brother. You will be meeting him soon and you will like him."

We went downstairs to the living room. Alice's cell phone rang and she went to the kitchen leaving me alone. I figured it must be her boyfriend because she blushed a little when she saw who was calling her. I noticed there were some lions made by wood I walked slowly at them to have a better look at it.

"Those came from Africa"

I jumped at the male voice which I didn´t recognize. When I turned around I was stunned: right at the end of the stairs clinging to the wall was the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my entire life. His hair was bronze and messy; his eyes were an emerald green. I could tell he was muscular. I was completely hypnotized. Damn it Bella, say something, say something.

"I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Isabella." He said with a crooked smile.

Oh God! Oh God, Oh God! If was stunned before, now I was astonished by his smile. Oh right, you are supposed to answer Bella.

"Hum...yes, but please call me Bella."

"So what do you think about the house?"

"It's beautiful and very warming. I really like it."

We stared at each other for a moment, it was as if we were lost in each other's eyes but then Esme and Carlisle entered the room. Suddenly I froze. The guy I was starring at seconds ago is my step-brother, I couldn't feel attracted to him, it's not right. I had to get out of here.

"Hum...I...I will go unpack my things. I will see you guys later." I said. As I walked to the upstairs Edward put his hand on my shoulder, electricity run through my body.

"It was nice to meet you Bella." He said. I only nodded and ran to my new room.

I throw myself at the bed and stared at the ceiling.

What is love? I don't know... but I have a feeling I will discover it soon...

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