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Oh my God!

I swear to God, I'm going to kill him. My patience has limits. This was the second time in a week.

I looked at the clothes which I had just washed. The sun was shining brightly, which is something really rare in Forks, the rainiest town in the USA, and I just thought it would be a great opportunity to dry the clothes outside. They were all dirty now. Some of them were lying in the grass, the tiny little paw prints revealed who the culprit was. I looked at him, sitting in the grass, his tail wagging from side to side as if he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Really Cookie! When will you understand that clothes are not for play and eat and…do whatever you do to them."

He just barked and jumped to me.

"Okay okay. You know I can't be mad at you don't you?" I sighed as I patted him. I heard a giggle from behind and turned around to see my best friend Alice, leaning against the door frame, holding mine and Edward's son in her arms, Edward Jr.

When I knew my baby was going to be a boy, I didn't think twice. I wanted him to have the father's name. I walked to them and took Edward from Alice's arms. I kissed his forehead, he just giggled.

He looked just like his father. He inherited his bronze hair and his beautiful green eyes. He was going to be a heartthrob in the future, just like his father.

Edward claimed he had my lips and nose.

"You know, I can´t help and laugh about the dog's name. Cookie huh? Make sure my brother doesn't pick your second child's name." Alice said.

I rolled my eyes "You know exactly why his name is Cookie."

Cookie has been with us for 5 months now. Edward thought it would be good to our son have a puppy to play with, I agreed too. So one day he brought me a 6 month Dalmatian. He was adorable and he quickly became very attached to little Edward, following him everywhere. My son adores him.

On the second day we caught him eating cookies like there was no tomorrow, and that's where the name came from. The dog just loves cookies.

Cookie came running when he heard little Edward giggle.

"Come on let's go inside, I have something to show you" Alice said.

I put my one year and half old son in the carpet and he began to play with Cookie, while we sat on the couch.

Alice picked a bag from the floor.

"This is my new jeans collection. What do you think?" she said as he showed me the jeans.

They were tight jean, but they had small cuts everywhere, as if some cat had ripped it with his claws. I liked them.

"Alice, I like them. Very fashion."


"Yeah, I mean I would wear them if I weren't 3 months pregnant." I said. Yup, Edward and I were waiting for our second child.

Alice squealed and hugged me.

"Oh thank you Bella, I wasn't very sure about this. But now I am."

In case you're wondering, Alice is a fashion designer. And since she created her own clothing line, called Sweet Bandit, every store has her clothes. Seriously, everyone in America wears her clothes.

"And if it makes you feel better, I won't be able to wear them in a month or two, too." She winked.

I smiled, Alice and Jasper were waiting for their first child. She was 2 months pregnant. When our sons are born they will have the same age, practically.

"Oh and I showed them to Rosalie too. She loved them."

"I bet she did." I winked.

Rosalie and Emmet married four years ago. They have a beautiful blonde girl, named Lyra. She's two years old, and Rose is already planning the weeding of her and my Edward Jr.

"How is she by the way? I talked to her three days ago, she was thinking of taking some vacations." I said.

Rosalie was an Infancy Educator, because first of all she loves children. And Emmet, surprisingly became a Detective. He had muscles and was smart enough. Everyone was proud of him.

"Yeah, she's been really tired lately." Alice said. I nodded.

We heard Alice's phone ringing.

"It's a message from Carlisle. Right now they are in Rome." She said.

Carlisle and Esme decided to take vacations and flew to Italy. They were travelling through the whole country. And they were in love more than ever.

"I know, my mom called me this morning. They look like they're having fun." I said.

We talked for a couple of minutes. Alice told me Jasper was defending a very important case, he is a lawyer. Then she told she saw Jessica the other day with Mike.

"I thought they broke up." I said.

"Me too, apparently they are still together, but I heard she is the same bitch she was in High School." Alice laughed.

High school…I still remember the first day Edward and I assumed our relationship in public. The whole school freaked out. In less than two days, the whole town knew about us. Jessica was one of the girls who gossiped more about it. And according to Alice she was just jealous, because she always had a thing for Edward.

The gossip, the stares and the whispers only lasted one week, after that no one bothered to even look at us.

I had just finished feeding Edward Jr. when I heard my husband's car.

"Uhh, hot husband is here. I'm going now. So tomorrow…are you up for a baby shopping trip?" she asked.

I thought about it, I needed to buy some clothes for me and for little Edward. And also for the baby.

"Sure. See you tomorrow Alice." I hugged her.

She walked to Edward "Come give a hug to Auntie Alice."

Alice kissed her nephew and when she was about t open the door Edward came in.

"Oh, Alice. Hi! You're going already?" My husband asked.

"Yeah, twin but I will be back tomorrow. Your wife and I will be going on a shopping trip. So see you then." She said before kissing Edward.

"Wow, that was quick!" He said.

Edward walked to our son and pulled him from the floor to a loving hug.

Edward Jr. giggled and opened his small arms to hug his daddy.

"Daddy! Daddy!" he said.

"Hello son. God, I swear you grow up every day." Edward said and kissed our son. Then he put him on the carpet and patted Cookie who licked his hand.

"And how is my beautiful wife today?" he asked as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Good." I giggled as I ran my fingers through his hair.

Edward fell to his knees and lifted my top to caress and kiss my belly where our son or daughter was.

"And how are you baby boy?"

"Baby boy?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a feeling it's going to be a boy." He smiled.

"Hmm, this time a want a girl." I said.

"Oh I hope it's not a girl." Edward said. I glared at him, why wouldn't he want a girl.

Edward kissed me "Love, if it's a girl, I'm sure she will be as beautiful and her mother and then I will have trouble trying to keep away all the hormonal boys."

I laughed.

"So how was your day, darling?" I asked.

"Very very tiring. I had two surgeries today." He said.

Edward, fulfilled his dream, and just like his father he became a doctor and one of the best surgeons ever. Some people didn't understand why would a namely doctor like Edward, work in the small hospital of Forks, when he could be working in one of the most prestige hospitals in US.

Well the answer was very simple. We had memories here. Very dearly. That's why we decided to live in here, we love this place. It was where all began. And that's why our friends live in here too. This place was the beginning for all of us.

"But I don't want to talk about it, right now I want to make out with my pregnant wife." He said.

Edward picked me up and carried me to the couch.

"Don't get upset love, but you are getting heavier." He chuckled.

I slapped his arm.

"Well I'm pregnant you know."

"I know, with my child. My second child." He said proudly.

Edward locked his fingers in my hair and pulled me for the most amazing kiss ever. Okay, I know I say this every time he kisses me, but I can't help.

"I love you. So much, I can't get enough of you. I always want you, more." he said through the kisses.

"Me too." I replied. This thirsty for him will never end. I felt a pair of eyes on us and looked to see our son and Cookie looking at us. Edward and I laughed.

"Come here son. I love you too, all of you." Edward said as he grabbed our son and put him on his lap. I tapped the spot beside me and Cookie jumped to it, nestling to my side. I patted him.

This was my dream, having a family with Edward.

"What name will we give to our baby?" Edward asked, holding my right hand and intertwining our fingers.

"Well if it's a boy, I would like to be…Gabriel or Riley." he nodded.

"If it's a girl a want her to be called, Rosemary." I said. Rose was from Rosalie and Mary was from Alice, whose first name his Mary. They have been such a good friends.

Understanding my decision, Edward smiled.

"It's a beautiful name." he said.

Our son yawned and soon closed his eyes cuddling to his dad.

"You know, I've been thinking. What will you tell to our son when he begins to ask you how you met his father." Edward asked before kissing my neck.

I looked at my wedding ring as all the memories came back to me. It's been 10 years, but it looks like everything happened yesterday. Our first meeting, our first kiss, our first touch, our first time making love to each other.

I was 17 years old, and I didn't know what love was. In that year I didn't even know I would end up here, happy, with Edward and this beautiful family. But life has these things, and when you are fated to be with someone, no matter who that person his, you can´t change your fate.

And when life offers you the chance to be happy, all you have to do his grab it with all your strength and never stop believing in it.

Believing is a virtue.

"I will tell him the truth. How it all began." I smiled and kissed my husband passionately.

We had to face some barriers and we fought to stay to together. And I know there will always be new barriers that we will have to go through. But that´s what life is about. Facing and falling in love with the unexpected.

Because, it all began when I fell in love with Edward Cullen, my Stepbrother.

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