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~~~~~~~~~~ABOVE BEST FRIEND~~~~~~~~~~


17 years old. Present.

„YOU WHAT!?" I snapped unconsciously at what he had said earlier. It couldn't be true! Don't do this to me!

"Huh?" No wonder he's dumb-founded! I'm his best friend and he was just sharing his secrets and joys with me! It's normal for friends! But why it must be this? Why? Couldn't he say that he accidentally killed neighbour's cat or something? "Um… I have a girlfriend… You know… it's her." While saying it he is so embarrassed! His cheeks are burning up, he must think about this girl! He must love her…

"Oh…" Just 'Oh'!? I don't have any idea what to add. I need to sit. I need to drink. I need to get out of here! Oh, now he's looking at me with those gray, innocent eyes! I'm so numb under their look. He must be even more confused than me; I see it inside those enchanting orbs. Must make up something, otherwise I'll lose him. "Wow… that's just… that's great! Congratulations!" I want to think like that, but sorry. I just can't, it's impossible in my state. But at least you don't look so weird. Your face changed, but you're not smiling. Aren't you tired of seeing through me?

"Something's wrong?" Is it my smile that gave me away? Or when I congratulated I was scratching my neck and you know that it's my bad habit? You know everything about me, I can't hide anything. We've been together since Primary School; I'm transparent to you and you to me. Recently you've been looking at her, haven't you?

"Nothing. Why do you ask?" But I tried to ignore it. I didn't want to think, that you're interested in someone else than me. I was aware someday you'll have to… widen your horizons. And that I'll stop being the most important to you. "I'm just happy, that you've finally found someone, who you can rely on and love." I'm honest. I've always wanted you to be happy. No matter what, I was supporting you. But recently… I don't know what happened… Every time we were together something inside me gave me a funny feeling. It's probably the same with you thinking about that girl. Not about me. "Listen." I hold his pale, fragile hand. "If anything happens, you know what to do, yeah?"

"Of course. Who should I talk with if not with you?" His smile, the one that makes every ice melt or every fire light, is not only mine. Not anymore. "Thank you."

"No prob!" I ran my fingers through his silver locks. I've been doing it so far during our friendship, but never have I felt so bitter like now. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but personally there's no possible picture of how things will go from now on in my mind. I can't see it! How can you do it so calmly? Oh, his cell phone is ringing.

"Hello? Oh, h-hi!" Cheeks are red. She. "Where am I? I'm in the Cream Café with Lavi." He looked at clock, eyes widening. "But I told you I'm seeing him first, and then we're meeting in the park at 5! It's 4:30 now." Another flow of words, barely audible for me. "Oh… Ok, ok, I'll do something. No, just stay there, I'll be in a minute." He hung up. From his look I can tell what's going to be next. "Um, Lavi, I-" I rose my hand, both in silencing him and defeat.

"If she's waiting for you, then go." I hate when every our meeting is interrupted like this. It's almost like it's done in purpose. She's doing it in purpose. But what can you say to man in love? Especially a dense man. One example is sitting right in front of me. And leaving.

"I'm so sorry." I waved him back and he disappeared from my sight. Thinking about it, I actually haven't said to him what I wanted to. Eh, silly me. Instead of talking we went bowling. Later all that girlfriend stuff in the Café turned up. And in no time he went. Everything great! My fault, I had let my guard off… But, even though I screwed it, why should I tell this to him? He's happy now; it'd be no point in ruining it with such a trivial thing. Oh, my pocket is vibrating. I mean my phone! Who is it? Oh, it's him. Hehe, no matter how many times I look at my phone's screen, it always makes a smile on my face. Me, hugging him around his neck, our cheeks touching and happy faces. I remember while doing this picture I tickled him a little so he wasn't smiling but laughing. It made him look more natural, plus I had fun. What the heck I'm doing!? He's calling!

"Um, ah, hello?" I wonder if he has the same picture on his screen. Maybe it's replaced with him hugging her?


"Who else would it be?" If you had called my number, who would pick up then? "Heh. What's up?"

"Um, you know, I'm in the central park right now."

"You need to inform me, that you've met her already? Are you 10 years old or something?" I'm not sounding annoyed. He made me laugh, actually. And I feel his embarrassment flowing through my receiver. "Baby needs to tell his big brother everything!"

"It's not like that!" Aww, he's so cute when he pouts. Though I can't see it. "I'm calling, because I've recalled that you wanted to tell me something important." Oh, yeah. I've arranged the meeting and that was the main reason, but we got a little carried away. Not that I'm complaining. "Can you tell me now?"

"Aah, no, no. Nevermind." It's not something to deal through phone. "We can talk about it later, when we'll be free, ok?" I hear quiet grumble, but that doesn't matter. "Now, now, now. You know it's impolite to talk on the phone, when a lady is near you?" Another embarrassment. Hahaha, I'll never get tired of it!

"R-Right. We'll talk later. Bye." I wish he was here. Or I was in the park.

"Yeah, yeah. Good luck on your date, Moyashi-chan~!"

"It's Allen!" I could talk like this for ages, but I need to stop right now. So much free time, how spend it? Normally I would call him and we would hang around somewhere, maybe make fun of people and go home. Normality is going to change, I guess. Nothing can be done.

Maybe I should think about how I am supposed to tell him my eye is going blind?

- - - - - - - - - -

7 years old.

There's always been something weird about him. Something, that always catches my attention whenever he plays football or tag with other classmates. I've always wanted to ask him if I could join in games, but others' glares never let me do it. He has never looked at me like that. He has never noticed me. Hidden behind a bush I'm like an observer. It's my hideout. Well... it was.

"Ouch!" Suddenly I felt a pain on my forehead. Nearly crying, I opened my eyes and saw a ball for a basketball. Who threw it here?

"Oi! Where is the ball!? Where did you throw it!?" Hearing annoyed voices from playground I panicked. If someone saw me here, they would think I stole the ball and, as a punishment, they would lock me in the bathroom for a whole day. Maybe around nighttime janitor would release me. No! I grabbed the ball and started thinking furiously. If I just give the ball, maybe they'll only shout at me and torment a little. It's certainly better than being captured. "I think it flew somewhere in the bushes. I'll get it." On the second thought, maybe I should leave it here and run away? But they'll notice me for sure, asking what I have been doing there. Oh, whattodo? Whattodo? WHATTODO!? Uh... the bushes were...parted?

"Hey, it's here." Gulp. I think I won't be home in time, Uncle. Sorry. "What are you doing with our ball?" I'd better not look at face. Looking directly means provoking. Looking down means cowardice. Cowards are bullied often, but not beaten into a pulp. "Hey, you're listening to me?" Gah! His hand is on my hair! I'm an idiot, I'm going to be beaten! "Wha!? Why are you shaking?" Isn't it obvious! I'm going to regret holding your ball and interrupting in your fun, and... just being here, and... and... UWAAAA! "Wait! Wait, wait, wait! What have I done? D-Don't cry! Did I do something? Or say? Don't cry!" Sniffing and sobbing I was waiting for a sentence, which, to my surprise, never came. With glassy eyes I looked up and saw a blurry face. I tried to make my view better, so I rubbed my eyes and looked again. "Geez, what's with you? I just wanted our ball back." It was him. A red flood of locks, captured in a small bandanna; green, like emerald stone, eyes; manly, despite of being a child, shape of face; rugged T-shirt and pair of jeans. That was the boy I've always wanted to talk to, but didn't have enough courage to do it so. "Is something wrong?" Without saying anything I shook my head and gave him the ball. "Thanks." On his face a big grin appeared. It was a first time anyone in my school smiled at me (not including teachers). Smile surely makes people nicer, and on him it looks even better. I can't even hold my blush. "Hey, you don't do anything particular, right? Why don't you play with us? We're missing one person in our team and you seem to be The King of a Basketball!"

"N-No, I've never..." I've never played basketball before! But I couldn't finish my sentence, because the boy grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me out from my shelter. We two reached the group of boys. All of them were shocked when they saw me. "Ah... um..." No use releasing form the redhead's grip. Maybe he tricked me and now torturing begins.

"Hey, I've found someone for Daniel's place! Now we can play in full teams!" Words sounding careless, cheerful, encouraging. I don't think he's a bully. But is he even aware of my situation among others?

"Why did you brought him?" The biggest from the group asked. I know him, he's the scariest first year on playground. Every weak person has already been tormented by him a few times. It was my 7th. "We don't let weaklings come along!"

"But he found our ball and gave it back! I think we should let him." He's talking like it wasn't a big deal. Everyone roared with laughter, the biggest was the loudest. I want to go away... "What is so funny?"

"Are you out of mind? Look at him!" Now the bully grabbed me and held me tightly, turning forcefully my face to the redhead. "Look at his face! He's a freak! Only old men have a white hair, so what kind of style he has?" Everybody laughed again. My vision is getting blurry, single tears are falling. OUCH! The boy pinched my left cheek, which was totally painful. "And look at this ugly scar! I bet he killed someone, who was struggling and left this mark! Or maybe a ghost cursed him!"

"N-No..." Killing is the worst! I've never killed and won't kill anybody! Nor torture! It's against The Ten Commandments!

"Shut up!" Another pinch. Everybody seem to have fun, making me feel more and more embarrassed. I tried to break free from the big guy. No success. "Now, not convinced enough? Then look at something more ugly!" Oh no! I know what he wants to do. I held left sleeve of my black sweater tightly, but the bigger wasn't affected by this. "Now, now, now. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Just give us a look." He held my hands and tried to roll my sleeve up, but I didn't want to. "Be obedient or you're gonna regret this."

"N-No!" Everything was fine. Everything, but not making fun of my left hand. It was the worst part of my body. I hate my arm! I blame it for everything! My shout seemed to be heard, because the bully acted rougher and shook my hand violently. I didn't care what was the redhead doing but everyone surrounding us started to cheer on the big. I tried my best, but I lost. The bully ripped off the sleeve, showing my bloody-red arm, with black nails, visible veins and totally deformed. Now not only basketball teams were looking at me, but also whole playground was attracted. Everyone made a sound of disguise and laughed.

"Look at that! Look at this hideous arm!" I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. UWAAA! "His is surely a work of a demon! The demon is among us, trying to filth our minds! There's no place among us for such a creatures! They have to be banished!"

"Yeah! Banish the monster!"

"The cursed Allen! Get rid of him!"

"Curse! Curse! Curse!"

"Disgusting! Revolting! Horrible!"


"Hahaha! Yes! This is the monster!" Let go of me! Let go! Leave me alone! "Allen Walker, the child of Satan!" Please, I'm begging you. Stop it! Everyone is laughing at me! Everyone thinks I'm disgusting! You've won, now go away! "You should be careful while touching him or the curse may be given to you! Hahaha!" Stop. Stop. Please...

"THAT'S ENOUGH! FREAKING ENOUGH!" Silence. Why? The familiar voice appeared. I looked back and saw the redhead, standing in front of me and bully. He was biting his lips, eyes full of hate. "LET GO OF HIM, YOU FREAKING MONSTER!" Though everyone considered me as a monster, he wasn't looking at me. The bully caught his all attention.

"Huh?" He was surprised. "You're actually saying this to me?" The redhead moved closer and grabbed the big's arm painfully, so the other was forced to let me go. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"SHUT UP!" I brought closer the boy, almost hiding behind his back. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? SOMETHING BETTER?" There were quiet chuckles on the background and the bully couldn't help but to smirk.

"You're protecting the cursed one? You have guts." I'm surprised myself! Why does he even bother? "It seems you're affected with his curse. You're the Devil as well."

"Not as big Devil as you are." He spoke calmer this time. "You want it? Then you'll get it!" He punched the big right on his nose. Some of kids held their breaths.

"Why you little-!" The bigger stood up and tried to punch back, but the school bell started to ring, disturbing a fighting atmosphere around everyone. The two boys glared at each other furiously and the bully, holding his bleeding nose, walked away. On the playground only sobbing me and furious redhead were left.

"Hey, you." I jumped in fear. "Are you ok?" I nodded, rubbing my eyes. "I see you're out of luck, man! Do those kids do something like this everyday?" I hesitated for a moment, but then shook. Average is once a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. "Don't worry, they're just a bunch of assholes."

"Y-Yeah..." My eyes are swollen and my face is a mess. I really want to go home. "Thank you..." If not you, I'd be probably locked in the bathroom. I'm grateful for being saved.

"No problem. Call me anytime you need some help." The second time I was able to see his smile. Something near my heart moved. "Nah, I don't feel like attending classes now. Wanna skip?" I widened my eyes in disbelief in his words.

"B-But... Escaping from lesson... is illegal." I said it as careful as I could, still afraid of being abandoned.

"We'll make a reasonable excuse later." Smile for the third time. "Now, let's have some fun on our own." He took my hand and both of us ran through the school gate. I don't know where's he dragging me, but I don't think he wants to do something bad to me. After running for maybe 4 minutes we stopped on a meadow, right near a big lake. I looked around in interest. "Nice, isn't it?"

"Y-Yeah..." The water reflecting a blue sky, the sweet scent of wild flowers, the juicy green grass, covering the endless hills and fields. It is pretty. "It's beautiful..."

"Yeah, I know! I love coming here after school." He drew near me, capturing my eyes on his. "Now we have some free time, let's play something!" Again my heart moved. It became warmer. I held my gaze for a moment and, carefully, smiled. "Allen was it, right?" I nodded and a hand appeared in front of my face. "I'm Lavi. Let's become friends!" My eyes grew even wider. Joy was squeezing some tears from my eyes. Single tears became a flood. "Wha!? No, not again! What have I done!? Why are you crying? Hey!" Those are tears of joy.

I've always wanted to feel how is it to have a friend.

- - - - - - - - - -

17 years old. Present.

Ugrh... What is it? Something is ringing... Yawn. Where the hell is my phone? Ugrh, moment, moment, please! Where is my pocket? Where are my trousers? What is it, someone is on fire? Wait!... Oh, here you have it. Who the heck... Allen?

"Ngh'Ello?" Why is he calling at that time? It's past midnight, damn!

"Lavi?" Who else would it be, Geez... I need to bring my consciousness together.

"W'zp, Al'n?" I sound like a retard mixed with drunken man. Nice cocktail.

"Can you open the door?"

"Ngh? Ohyeah, just a min't, Al'n. Only- WH'T!?" What door? Where is he?

"I'm at your door. I tried knocking, but you didn't answer." It's unusual. It's freaky! Why Allen came here past midnight? What does he want from me? "Could you please open? It's freezing out here." I nodded. Tripping my way through variety of books and unrecognizable in dark stuff I reached the door and opened them. Behind them was Allen and a freezing cold wind. He looked at me in surprise, blush crossing his already pale face. Giving him a questioning look I shivered as the wind blew. I got it, my torso was naked. Allen chuckled and went inside. "Sorry for intruding late."

"VERY LATE, if you want to be accurate." He gave me an apologetic look, but I only sighed and took his coat to wardrobe. Yawn. Allen at this time isn't a good sign. "You want something to drink? You look cold."

"Tea." We both went to the kitchen. I put a kettle on the oven and sat on the sideboard. Minutes passed in silence when the water was brought to the boil. I poured the water firstly to the cup with Allen's tea, then to my cup. "Thanks." I gave him his cup and sat on the chair, facing Allen directly.

"So, what's bringing you to me?" He took a sip and put the cup on his knee, holding him with both his hands.

"I've just came back from my date." Here we go... No way...

"Uh-huh? Aaand?" It's not my fault that I'm reacting like this. Not so many people wants to be woken up just to hear a sentence 'I came back from my date!' and other flowers and butterflies. Please, Allen, realize I'm not in the mood. Oh, he realized. His face is mixed.

"W-Well..." Why is he so embarrassed? Don't tell me that girl dumped him already? "I, um... Whole day I've been thinking about what you wanted to tell me in the Café." You're kidding me? It's a joke, right? My face went dark with my gaze being blank. Oh, Allen, I hope you feel uncomfortable... "L-Lavi?"

"This is the only reason of waking me up? ONLY THIS?" He gulped. Sometimes his actions may seem to be cute, and I'd be probably happy-silly about him worrying about me. BUT NOT WHEN I'M HALF ASLEEP... "Allen, please..."

"I know! I know it was stupid of me! But I was worried." Eh, he's giving me that innocent look again. I give up. Against that kind of face I can't be angry.

"Gosh, sometimes I can't understand you..."

"Pretty sorry?"

"I get it, I get it... Geez." I wanted to talk about it tomorrow, but his stubbornness won't let me wait. "Uh, so the thing is... Eh..." How should I say it? Directly, no beating into the bush? Or softly, not making it as serious as it is?

"So?" No, second option would only worsen the fact.

"So... Um..." Why is it so troublesome to say it? It's not like I'm confessing him love! Though it'd be even more ridiculous. "Remember when I went to the oculist about two weeks ago?" Allen made a focused face, which is rather funny on him.

"Hm... Yeah, I remember. You complained about your right eye, that you sometimes see with it brighter than you're supposed to." Huh, and I thought you were completely busy with not-your-girlfriend-before that time.

"Well, I guess it makes it easier for me." I smiled, but Allen's face wasn't as pleased.

"What's wrong with that eye?"

"Hehe..." Now is the worst part. "I don't even know myself..." He knitted his brows and came closer. "The doctor said he can't help me at all."

"What?" Maybe it's an anger or agitation building inside him? "S-So? What's the final sentence?" Hate to tell you this, but...

"It's going blind..." Good thing my cups are rather strong, because Allen's tea fell on the floor. Now his skin was almost as white as his hair. I only scratched my neck and smiled. "Probably one day, when I wake up, I'll notice there's a black screen on my right eye." Allen's head fell down, fists shaking on his knees. See? This is why I didn't want to tell him!

"Blind..." He copied, sounding depressive.

"Now, Allen! No need to be so gloomy!" I stood up and patted his shoulder.

"You'll be blind..."

"Not completely! I still have my left eye!"

"But you won't see normally..." AGH! What have I done?

"Allen, stop being so dark. It's freaking me out!" Now, look at me directly. Oh god, is he nearly crying? "I'll be fine, Allen. I'll manage to live somehow. More faith in me!" He nodded, silver locks showing his whole being. "Nah, doing that kind of face makes you look cute!" Whatever I have to say, I don't want to see you sad, Allen. But seeing you so worried makes me feel fulfilled and needed.

"Heh, stop it. It's embarrassing." I love the sound of his laugh. Even more than his smile.

"But you promise me not to think about it?" Good to see you're in the mood again.

"Not completely." Don't be too worried, alright? "But tell me everything afterwards, ok?"

"Yes sir!" I hugged him tightly, just to make sure he's alright. Under his touch I feel so excited, it's such a pleasurable feeling. I could only hug him and hug him!

"Lavi, I need some air." Reluctantly I had to let go. But he wasn't displeased. He was smiling even wider. "Thank you. Now, I think I have to go." What?

"You really need to?" My puppy face is a powerful weapon. Though Allen is immune...

"Hm... I told my Uncle I'll be back in the morning, so..." Hey... What kind of plans you had had while setting off your home...? It sounds suspicious... "But I don't have anything with me."

"No talk! I'll lend you my things!" I pulled out from my wardrobe a white T-shirt, some loose pants and a towel wit soap, teeth brush and a cup. Allen caught them in the air and walked to the bathroom. Sleep was trying to take me again, but, bravely, I made a place for Allen and waited for him to come. He went out, completely refreshed. Seeing him in my clothes, which are too big for him, made me giggle. He was sleepy, just like me. Noticing his bed he smiled.

"I guess we're going to sleep. Yawn." Too cute! "Can I turn off the lights?"

"Do it! The atmosphere is going to be more sexy and hot." Teasing him is the thing I'm living for. He's my world.

"You're a pervert, Lavi." A pillow was thrown right on my face. Allen doesn't sleep with pillows. 'It's harmful to your spine' blah, blah and other crap!

"What's wrong in being a pervert?" His chuckle. "You should try to be a pervert too! Pour some colors into your grumpy life."

"I'm not grumpy!" I know. You're cute, you're kind, you're lovely, though sometimes dense and naive. It's so perfect to me. But I'll think about it later. I'm so sleepy. And so do you. The darkness appear before my eyes, calming me even more. Allen is probably in the same state.



"How was the date?"


"Only 'fine'?" I turned around to see his face. He was looking at the ceiling, probably waiting to be overwhelmed by sleep. "No juicy moments? Or lovey-dovey things? Or even a hug?" His face flushed. "Allen-chan~? Are you hiding something from me?"

"N-No. Just thinking about what you said... Gosh, I can't imagine it!" Heh, he's just not used to 'going out'.

"Huh, no fun at all." I joined Allen in staring at my ceiling. Another yawn was heard on my left. "Passing out?"

"Something like that." He turned his face at mine, burying himself in borrowed blankets.

"Than I guess it's goodnight, my Moyashi-chan~."

"It's Allen, Baka-Usagi."

"It's Lavi, my Dear." Quietly I laughed and looked at Allen's peaceful face, lying right behind me. What could I do, when I have only double bed in my room? Whatever, it's not the first time he's staying over. But it's the first time I feel to nervous to sleep... What the hell!

"Goodnight, Lavi." Smiling while sleeping. Only he can do it and make his face even more gorgeous.

"Goodnight, Allen." Took a deep breath and closed my eyes, 'cause what else could I do.

It's not like I'm going to confess my love to him.

He's not only mine anymore.


~~~~~~~~~~ABOVE BEST FRIEND~~~~~~~~~~

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