This is my first attempt at a chapter length fanfiction story so I ask that you please be nice. I recently saw the new Hannah Montana movie and even though I am not a huge fan of Miley I loved the movie! I thought it was really cute and Lucas Till was hot! Anyway, I got to thinking about what would happen after the credits rolled and my friend Amber told me to write a FF story on it. So Am I took your advice and here it is! I hope you all enjoy!

"Miley that was amazing!" My best friend Lilly exclaimed as she entered my room back at my grandmother's house.

I had just given the performance of my life to the most important fans in the world, my family. I really consider everyone in this little town family because no matter what I know that they're always there for me. After all they promised to keep my Hannah secret so that I could continue to live a normal life or at least continue living the best of both worlds.

I smiled at Lilly as she went on and on about my performance. She especially loved the onstage costume change but my personal favourite part about today was that I got the guy or at least I think I did. Considering he kissed me I figure he feels the same way I do. The only factor standing in our way is that in a few days I'll be heading back to Los Angeles and he'll be staying here.

I couldn't help but laugh at Lilly as she went on and on about the performance. I placed my hands on her shoulders and tried to get her to breathe a little "Lilly!"

"What?" She asked looking at me clueless.

I giggled a little more "I get it I think it was my best performance too but can you calm down? Right now I don't need a Hannah fan I need Miley's best friend for a bit of advice."

She instantly clamed down once I said that and looked at me curiously "okay, what's up?"

I smiled at her question. It seemed that whenever Travis entered my mind I found myself with a goofy smile on my face and my heart starting to race "Travis that's what's up" I confessed.

"Travis? What about him? I thought you two made up."

"We did and I'm really happy about that but in two day's you, me, Jackson and my dad will be heading back to L.A. and then what happens? Do Travis and I just forget about the kiss and everything else that happened or do we try the long distance thing?"

"Miley," I ignored Lilly.

Instead I continued to talk "I don't even know if I would be good at the long distance thing I mean I can barely remember my classes in order how am I suppose to remember to call him every day?"


Once again I ignored her "maybe we try the long distance thing and he finds someone prettier or smarter than me and picks them over me. Then I'm left heart broken and the only good thing that could come out of that is a song but still I don't want to loose him to some pretty little country girl!"

"Miley" Lilly yelled, this time catching my attention.

I stopped talking and looked at her "what?" She pointed behind me and I knew what was coming. Travis was going to be standing right behind me like in every movie and television show. Sure enough I was right and standing in the doorway was Travis with a perfect smile on his face. I could feel my cheeks start to burn as they turned as dark crimson colour. I leaned over to Lilly and whispered "how long has he been standing there?"

Lilly smiled at him before turning to me and whispering back "pretty much the whole time." She then hurried out of the room leaving Travis and I alone. I suddenly felt very awkward.

"Hey" he smiled as I walked toward him.

My cheeks got hotter and I looked down shyly "hi. Listen I didn't mean for you to hear any of that it was just girl talk." I told him hoping that we could avoid the serious conversation that I knew was going to have to happen in the very near future. I just wanted to put it off for another day.

He nodded "well, I'm glad I'm not a girl then. That's a lot to think about all at once." I smiled at his attempt to lighten the atmosphere in the room.

I looked around the room and walked over to the bed gesturing him to follow me and sit down beside me. "So what did you think of the concert?" I asked hopeful. If there was anyone I wanted to impress I was most certainly him.

Instead of answering my question he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine letting me let go of every insecure thought and every bit of doubt that had been flooding through my mind.

One of his hands soon cupped my cheek as we continued our sweet and soft little kiss. I sat there without anything else entering my thoughts. All of my attention was on Travis and this moment. I knew that this could be the last time we kissed and I wasn't about to let anything ruin this moment for me. I was happy.

He pulled away all too soon but I still couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face "it was the best concert that I've ever been to" he whispered as his forehead leaned against mine. I had to admit that for a guy he was very smooth.

"Maybe the next song I write will be about you" I told him and it wasn't until after I said it that I realized what I had just said. I probably just completely freaked him out and lost any chance I had with him.

"I'd like that" he answered leaving me surprised but happy. He really wasn't like most other guys. He was genuine and sweet. He seemed to have an answer for everything and always left me smiling, he was a perfect gentlemen.

I leaned back towards him and connected our lips once again. I don't know why but this just felt right. Every kiss was important and meaningful. I shifted my body closer to his and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me.

Once again he pulled away too quickly but I still found myself smiling "so I don't suppose there's anything I can say or do to make you want to stay and go to school here is there?" As much as I wanted to say yes I realized today that Hannah too big a part of me to give up, even if it would be for the perfect guy and Hannah had go back to L.A. I bit my bottom lip and slowly shook my head. He sighed "I didn't think so."

"Is there anything I can say or do that would make you want to move out to L.A.?" I asked already knowing the answer but I thought I would try anyway. He smiled that gorgeous smile but shook his head. I dropped my arms from around his neck and stood up "well at the very least we still have two days together" I reasoned with myself.

He stood up as well and pulled me into a hug "what do you mean we only have two days?" Oops I didn't realize I had thought out loud.

I rested my head on his shoulder as I slowly took in a breath and took in the scent of his cologne. For some reason I was now feeling tears swell up in my eyes and I inwardly cursed myself; the last thing I wanted was for his to see me cry. "Well in two days I go back to L.A. and you stay here. We only have two days left together."

He slowly pulled away and wiped a tear from my cheek that I didn't know had fallen "hey, look at me." I tilted my head upwards to look him in the eyes "yes in two days you'll go back to L.A. but that doesn't have to be the end for us. I mean if you don't want it to be."

I took another deep breath before asking "what do you want?" Well instead of answering my question he leaned forward and kissed me again. I know that it sounds like all we do is kiss but if you could kiss him I guarantee that you wouldn't be complaining.

Both of his hands were rested on my waist as I reached my arms up so that they could wrap around his neck. "You" he whispered only breaking the kiss for a second. I pulled him closer upon his answer and deepened the kiss by licking his bottom lip begging for entrance. He immediately opened his mouth and my tongue entered his mouth and I tasted mango.

Never had I kissed a guy like this. This was the first time I had ever felt comfortable enough to push my limits and allow myself to become a little vulnerable. I could feel when Travis wrapped his arms around me tightly and let go of a bit of his limits as well. This time it wasn't Travis' idea to stop the kiss but the idea of the person who had just cleared their throat and was standing in my doorway. I realized then that I needed to make a habit of closing this door.

Travis and I both jumped apart when we heard said person clear their throat and I turned around to see my dad standing in the doorway. Talk about embarrassing. I could feel my cheeks heat up again and I even saw Travis blush as well as he attempted to wipe the lip gloss from his mouth.

My dad was leaning up again the door frame with a goofy smile on his face. I swear parents take pride in embarrassing their kids. "Hi daddy" I greeted him hating the awkward silence.

He stood up straight instead of continuing to lean against the frame and turned towards Travis "why don't you go clean that stuff off in the washroom son. Trust me it comes off easier with warm water and a towel."

"Yes sir." Travis instantly left the room obviously uncomfortable.

I watched Travis leave and then placed my hands on my hips "so how's Lorelai?" I asked trying to avoid any questions about what he had just seen.

"Your one saving grace is that you were both vertical" I smiled innocently at my dad as he said that. "I just thought I would come up here to tell you that that may have been your best concert yet. I wasn't however expecting to see you so preoccupied. So are you two together now or what?" To my surprise he wasn't yelling he was just talking calmly, actually interested in what my answer was.

I then crossed my arms awkwardly and shrugged my shoulders "I don't know. I think so but we haven't exactly had that conversation yet."

"Mr. Stewart?" A familiar voice sounded from behind my dad. He turned around allowing Travis to be visible to both of us. "I was wondering if I might speak to you in private for a moment." My dad looked from Travis to me and I took that as my signal to leave. So I quickly made my way down the stairs and out the front door to see Lilly sitting on the front porch with some of my grandma's homemade ice cream.

She smiled at me when I sat down beside her "this is the best ice cream I've ever had!" she exclaimed.

"My dad found Travis and I on the verge of making out" I told her causing her to drop the spoon back into the bowl. Her jaw dropped open and I starred straight ahead not knowing quite what to say or do.

She placed her head on my shoulder "well at least he didn't find you naked in the barn." I slowly turned my head towards her as my eyes narrowed. "I found your brother naked in the barn" she explained. I didn't want to know anymore so I didn't ask. Instead I rested my head on top of hers. "I can't believe we have to go back to L.A. It's so peaceful and quiet here. I love it."

I couldn't agree with her more "yeah. Plus we have to go back to school and deal with another year of Amber and Ashley." She groaned at the thought of that. "I wish summer vacation could last all year long" I confessed.

"Me too" it wasn't Lilly who said that. Well unless her voice deepened a lot in the last four seconds. I lifted my head from hers and looked behind me to see Travis standing there.

Lilly turned around as well and once she saw him she stood up "I'm going to get some more ice cream" she told us before she ran back into the house and left us alone together.

"So…how was your conversation with my dad?" I asked as Travis occupied the seat the Lilly was just in.

He placed a hand on my knee "it was good actually. Your dad's a cool guy."

I couldn't help but laugh at that "did you just say my dad is cool?" I asked in disbelief. My dad basically invented the mullet. His idea of exercise is walking to the mailbox and back and then rewarding himself with a piece of chocolate cake. My dad was really the furthest thing from cool. I didn't tell any of that to Travis but I still laughed a little.

He laughed with me "what I meant was that he's a cool guy to talk to. He's a really good listener."

Then I knew I had to ask "so what exactly did you and my 'cool' dad talk about?" I asked with a small giggle.

"You" he answered and as far as I could tell he was being completely honest.

I was kind of thrown with that answer so I stumbled for words "what about me?"

He took a deep breath and turned his body towards me. I looked at him curiously "well there was something I wanted to ask you but I needed to get your dad's permission before I could. It just seemed to be the proper thing to do."

I nodded trying to keep up with him "okay…so what did you ask him?"

"For his permission to date you." My eyes quickly found his at that. I couldn't believe that he had asked my father's permission. "Now there is something I would very much like to ask you Miley Stewart."

I smiled at him "do you want to ask me or Hannah? I have the Hannah wig upstairs and it only takes a second to put it on" I told him obviously stalling and neither of us knew why.

He shook his head "no, I only need Miley for this but before I ask..." he reached into his pocket and took out a small box. "This is for you." I slowly took the box from him and untied the ribbon before lifting the lid to see a sterling silver bracelet with two charms dangling from it, a small silver horse and a heart. My jaw dropped open once I saw it.

I took it out of the box and I was about to put it on but then stopped and turned to Travis "will you help me?" He nodded and took the bracelet from me before securing it around my wrist. "Thank you" I touched both of the charms on it and then looked back at him.

"You're welcome it's just a little something to remember your time here. Now I just have one thing to ask." I sat still waiting for him to ask but he seemed to be getting nervous.

I touched his arm and he looked up at me "please jump" I asked of him causing him to smile a little.

He nodded and took both of my hands in his "will you, Miley Stewart do me the honour of being my girlfriend?"

I bit my bottom lip before a brightly lit smile spread across my face and I nodded "yes." I answered receiving a smile from him and a hug. I held onto him tightly as I looked around the yard and took in the beauty of this place. I slowly pulled back and asked a very obvious question "so I guess we're going to try the long distance thing?"

Travis nodded and smiled "I guess so. I'm willing to try if you are." I rolled my eyes knowing full well that he already knew I was more than willing. "So what are you doing over your Christmas break?" He asked almost hopeful that my answer would be nothing.

I looked at him surprised since that was still a few months away. I didn't even know what I was getting anyone yet. "Oh umm I guess what I always do. Hang out with Lilly and Oliver, any unwanted homework my teachers assign, shopping, Christmas obviously and the occasional Hannah thing, why?"

He looked around nervously "would you consider flying down here? There's always this dance at my school and I usually just go with the first girl that asks me but I'd really like to go with you." I smiled at him but then wondered about the whole 'I go with the first girl who asks me'.

"How many girls usually ask you?" I asked receiving a small chuckle from him.

"Why are you jealous?"

"No not jealous just curious, so how many girls?"

He could tell that I was being serious and he thought about it for a minute "three or four and then by that point it's usually gotten around that I'm taken." Oh great, he was popular at his school. I can't say I'm overly surprised I mean he is unbelievably gorgeous and who couldn't love that smile? "I'm sure Hannah's used to girls wanting her man."

I nodded "Hannah is but Miley isn't." That was a lie "well except for Jake but that's completely different."


"I dated Jake Ryan for a little while as Miley" I explained assuming that he had already known about that. It just slipped his mind.

Travis looked at me stunned "you dated Jake Ryan? The zombie slayer guy and you're concerned about a few girls at my school? I think I should be the one concerned about you. Who else have you dated?"

His question caught me off guard "well Jake was my one semi-serious boyfriend. Then there was this guy Trey but his parent's didn't like that I was from Tennessee and there were a few other minor guys. What about you?"

He looked at me confused "what about me?"

"Any ex girlfriends I should know about before I come down over the holidays?" I asked slightly concerned.

"Only one serious ex girlfriend" he replied. "Other than that I've been on a few dates here and there but nothing serious."

I nodded but now my curiosity was getting the better of me "tell me about this serious ex-girlfriend." I tried to sound sweet but instead I sounded a little too anxious.

"Well her name's Melanie. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She's a pretty good horse back rider and she's won the beauty contest here in town for the past two years."

Melanie the beauty queen? Why did that sound so familiar? Then it dawned on me. "Wait, are you talking about Melanie Avery?" He nodded his head slowly. "Huh, I made her cry once" I recalled which caused him to look at me stunned "not on purpose!" I defended myself. "I beat her in a talent contest. We both used singing as our talents and I won."

He tried to think back to that "why don't I remember that? I went to school with both of you." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah, so your ex-girlfriend pretty much hates me. Does she still go to your school?" He nodded much to my disappointment.

I turned around when I heard Lilly's voice behind me "hey Miley? Your grandma says that dinner's ready." Travis stood up and then reached back down to me to help me up as well.

I walked towards Lilly and linked my arm with hers as we walked into the dining room with Travis following right behind us. He pulled our chairs out for us which I could tell was earning him extra points from my dad as my dad watched his actions.

Lilly leaned over to me "now you've got the best of all three worlds." I looked at her confused. She help up one finger "pop star girl" then another finger "normal girl" then a third finger "and girl in love. Face it Miley, your life just got a whole lot crazier."

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