A Game For Two Chapter 1

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It was a hot summer day in August. The sun was sending out strong sunshine's that was reaching over the big and green schoolyard where many students had taken their time to enjoy its warmth. Two weeks had passed by since school start and the students had gotten used to the routines again.

The sunshine's was climbing on the brick walls of the big building and soon they were reached through the crystal clear windows and into the bedrooms. In one particular room there was a boy who did not wake up before the shines hit the side of his face that was not hidden in his white pillow. He woke up by the warm feeling and smiled before opening his chocolate brown eyes.

With one stretch he decided to not spend more time sleeping because he knew this was a very important day. With a jump he left the bed and hurried into his bathroom to take a morning shower. The bathroom was not very big but nicely decorated with all that was needed to begin a day with lessons.

He left the shower with a white towel around his waist and stood in front of the mirror while he pulled his fingers through his short and brown locks. With a comb to help he soon got a organized hairstyle, but it did not give his appearance more than his fiveteens years.

After brushing his teeth he entered his bedroom again and took out an hanger from his closet with his usual school uniform. It was his green pants with matching jacket, white shirt, and a Christmas red tie. Once again he stood in front of the mirror and checked if he looked presentable. In normal cases he didn´t care about his looks that much, even if he did come from a rich family. But today was different. It was very important he looked his absolutely best. After spinning a little, he approved the look for the day and pulled forward the reason to his excited behavior from his jacket pocket.

A envelope with a postmark and stamp to confirm its traveling background was first seen, and the boy knew by the soft handwriting of his name in the front who the sender was before he even opened it and pulled out a little note with the same black line on.

See you soon,


The brunette smiled of the little but yet valuable message. He had almost hit the roof with his joyful shout, who had brough much attention to him by classmates who had been nearby at the time when he recived the letter and he knew immediately that this year would be more great now when his idol was coming back.

Just the thought made him shiver by excitement and with a joyful jump he rushed out from his room and slammed the door behind him. Outside he just made it a few steps before he was met with attention.


The boy turned around and met his two friends who looked at him with slightly surprised expressions, probably because of his happy behavior.

"Hi there Oskar, Zen. Beautiful morning, isnt´t it?"

"Coming from someone who hasn´t even been outside yet." Zen commented. "Your grinning face is the only thing we see these days."

"Is it becaurse you boyfriend coming back today?" Oskar added with a smile.

Wyatt smiled as he felt himself blush as they continued walking down the stairs.

"Kai is not my boyfriend." ´If it only could be that way...´

"Oh, you havn´t told him yet? Well, we´ll see what happens then I guess. Meanwhile you two have to help me with the math test or Im in big trouble. My parents does not accept a note home for failing a course." The pale teen complained as he shook his black bangs out of his eyes.

"It be alright, we help you, right Wyatt... Hey Wyatt! Where are you going?" The friends reacted as the brunette avoided the classroom door with a laugh as they were entering it. He waived to them both as he was running to the main front door to the yard.

"I think I will clean out a little at Kais place until he comes back! Later!"

Zen and Oskar just signed before entering the classroom.

"How come Wyatt always ditching class when Hiwatari is in the picture?"

Wyatt ran under the bridge where he and Kai had shared many hours talking about beyblading. He could barely believe the day was here. He was so full of energi that it felt like he was flying to the place Kai had unwilling showed him a school term ago. But when he got there he did not find what he expected. Not at all.

Three teenages who looked like a couple years older than himself was moving out the furnishes from Kais apartment.

All his positive feeling changed to panic and concern as he ran over to them.

"Hey! Stop it immediately, what do you think you are doing!?" The boys looked up at him a second before continue with their task. They were right now passing boxes to eachother down the stairs.

"Get lost Kid, don´t you have class to attend to?"

"I´m happen to know that those furnishes are not going anywhere. The owner is coming back today!"

The three teens laughed at his try to stop them and the guy who was standing the closest to the truck just shrugged as he fixed his red cap.

"WE happen to know that the owner hasn´t been around in the past months. And when that happens we come along and clear out the premises. There are other people who can use all that space so get lost and let us do our job."

Wyatt felt so helpless. Kai would come home and find his place empty and there was nothing he could do about it. He looked around and noticed the big, grey moving truck that was half loaded with Kais stuff. When the others went inside to get more boxes he climbed up in it to see if Kai had left some of his Beyblades there. At least he could save them. Just as he thought, he found the green blade that had been next to Dranzer in the display case. He opened the glass door and removed it from its place.

"Hey you brat, what did I just tell you, get down from there right now!" the teen with the red cap climbed up and ran over him to see if he had taken anything. He glared at the brunette as he backed away with the blade behind his back. He moved one step at the time backwards as he glared back at the older boy.

"You should be aware that these things a very important to Kai! How can you just throw away the owners belongings like this!?" He angry yelled at the other.

"Look, kid..."

"When Kai found out about this, you are going to be in deep trouble..."


"Im mean look at this!" He held up the blade."Anyone can see that this is a masterpiece who has to be taken care of!"


"And don´t forgett..."


But it was too late. The boy stepped outside the opening of the truck and felt himself fall as he stepped on air before the guy could reach him.

Wyatt closed his eyes and waited for the impact on the ground, but got suprised as he landed on something soft that felt like two arms. With a relived sigh he opened his brown eyes and was met with crimson red. The same crimson red eyes from his dreams the past year. The owner to them was showing a mature, confident but at the same time slight teasely smirk.

"Always do things the hard way, huh Wyatt?"


"Who else? What are you doing?"

He put the boy back on the ground who didn´t seem to want to be to far away from him. He shortly explained why he was there and that the guys were moving Kais things. But he didn´t get the reaction he expected.

Kai just shrugged. "I know. I have already given my permission to have the apartment clean out, didn´t they tell you?"

The rookie blader turned and glared at the teens who was grinning at his direction. But the glaring contest did not last long and Kai went passed him and sign a paper for the guy by the truck. He checked the sign as he got it back.

"Where would you like your things...Hiwatari?" Wyatt got annoyed by the tired tone the guy was using. Didn´t they know who the world best Beyblader was when they saw him? They should have shown his Kai a little more respect. ´His Kai.´

"I don´t care, do as you wish." The russian said and left, the younger brunette close behind like a tail.

Nothing was said during the walk, but Kai knew the boy was eager to drown him in questions. When they reached the bridge they took seat in the grass. Wyatt showed him the blade that he had rescued from the truck. Kai only glanced at it.

"Keep it, I don´t have any use for it anymore."

Wyatt took it in both hands and held it to his heart. "Thankyou Kai, I will treasure it forever."

"Hn." Kai had to smile a little, every time he gave the boy something he acted like it was the most precious thing in the world.

They spend mostly of the day together and as they returned to the school Wyatt was sent to the principal immediately.

Kai was waiting outside the office, leaning against the wall in his signature pose, with closed eyes and arms crossed. He could clearly hear the steady voice of the headmaster telling his friend that hookey was not a subject on this private school. He was very glad that it was not him in there with all that nagging. But then again, maybe that was just what Wyatt needed to hear.

The door opened and the little boy came out with a pale face, but tried to hide it with a smile as he noticed his idol next to him.

"Nice note. For proud mom and dad I presume."

"I´ts n-nothing Kai, don´t worry about it." He did his best to keep up with Kais fast steps to his room on the second floor.

"Don´t go around and get into trouble Wyatt. Tend to your schoolwork instead." Kai unlocked his door and was going to leave the other with those words, but that only resulted that Wyatt was almost pinned in the doorway. Kai raised a eye brown at him and the brunette blushed at the close contact they shared.

"I... was... just gonna offer you company while you unpack?" ´Unpack, I love that word! `

"Why? Don´t you have class?"

"I´ts almost lunch."

"Hn." Kai opened the door enough to let the younger one inside. He quickly took seat at one of the beds while Kai opened his traveling bag. The russians bedroom vas bigger than Wyatts and there was two beds. The older students usual got to share rooms, but since nobody had been quick with picking Kai, he had been blessed with this room all to himself. He had of course offered to share room with his idol when the subject was up but since he was in a class under Kai, then it was not possible.

As Wyatt could have guessed, Kais clothes were almost all black. That was one of the things he liked about him. The mystery.

When all the clothes were in the closet Kai approached the window. His Rubin eyes scanned the school area as if he was looking for something and Wyatt saw he was deep in his thoughts.

"What are you thinking about?"

He didn´t answer and the boy laughed slightly as he lay down on the bed and looked over his gift from earlier. "You are still the same Kai, but is great that you are back. The school wasn´t the same after you left."

"And that´s the reason why´d you misbehave and ditch school?"

"Hehe, I didn´t knew you cared so much." Wyatt smiled with a light blush. Kais eyes met his but he couldn´t read the stare. His smile got bigger and he jumped up from the bed and stood next to him by the window.

"Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day! We only have half of our classes and we also gonna study right over there in the park." He said as he pointed to the green area. "Oh, you should see the park Kai! It so nice this time of year."

Kai only nodded as answer.

"I really looking forward to it. Now I´m gonna find Oskar and Zen, I see you later Kai!" With that said the younger boy ran out and slammed the door.

Kai couldn´t help but smile at the slamming door and turned to the window once again.

"Yeah, Im also looking forward to tomorrow Wyatt. But it's not for the park."

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