Chapter 20, Last Chapter.

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For the last time in this; ON WITH THE STORY!

It was a warm day, with the sun at its highest point on the blue sky. In this particular neighbourhood the sound of traffic was lacking. Only a couple of bypasses were seen from the yard of the Granger Family. Inside the wooden dojo was not the usual sound of martial arts it was quiet.

Suddenly a shadow was shown against the door to the residence. The shadow of a person with a stuffed boxing- sack over his shoulder.

Tyson was sitting by his little pond cleaning his Beyblade. He had done a good match against Max today. Dragoon was in good shape since he changed the attack-ring. Kenny had complained about it at first but he was stubborn when it concerned his Beyblade and bit-beast.

He was stubborn about most things.


"Out here Max." he called back without looking up from his task. The ship was shining in the sun now almost like Dragoon said thanks.

Max came running and grabbed the wooden door frame to stop his motion. "You never guess who´s back in town!" he said and stepped aside so their Captain could come out on the backyard.

Kai was wearing a pair of torn jeans, and a white T-shirt. Over it he had a black jacket and also black sneakers. His white scarf was always a trademark just like his war paint.

Tyson´s eyes widened and he quickly got up from his seat and ran forward. "Kai! You´re back! Come here buddy!" he said and held out his arms with his goofy grin. Kai just looked at him but settled with a smile. "Nice to see you Tyson. How have you been?"

"Not as good as I´m now! The team is gathered again!" he said, the rejected hug quickly forgotten.

"Are you going to stay here with us, Kai?" Max asked and yanked the boxing-sack with the Russians belongings from his shoulder. It was not a real question. More like a statement.

"I guess so Max. So, care to update me with your training. I need to know how much Tyson needs to step it up now after his vacation."

"Nice to see that you haven't changed Captain." The champion said with a glare. Max laughed it off and started to carry Kai´s bag inside. "Kenny has all the data for you. He´ll be over tomorrow."

"That´s fine. Where is Ray?"

He wasn´t surprised that both of them lost their smiles a little. He knew that if the raven has seen him come in, then he would most certainly keep out of his way. Just because they had breaking up, did not mean he didn´t know the tiger still. Ray hated confrontations.

Coming back home was really strange. It felt like a reword but at the same time not. During the six month he had solved his emotional problems but if it would give him a new chance with his ex boyfriend was still a question that waited to be answered. Wyatt had been there for him during his confusion and depression and he had found out that there was no future he wanted to investigate with his friend. He didn´t have the same feelings that he had with Ray. The raven's absence had made an impact on his heart and he had realized that he had been happy from the beginning. Many times had he wanted to call his team and solve it all with Ray, but he had made another discovery during his soul searching. Something that he needed to tell the Tiger in person. So he had returned to Japan to do just that. To begin with at least.

"Just tell me if he is ok." He said, knowing what a difficult situation his two teammates were in.

"Yeah, he is ok, Kai. Just… "Tyson started but turned to Max for help. The blond took over."These six or seven months have been tough on him. He hasn´t really talked about it but we have seen how sad he is sometimes."

"And you don´t have to worry about his training Kai." Tyson finished. "I think he has blocked out everything that happened between you two so he has been training like a madman. He has improved a great deal the last month, but it has not been healthy.

"I see. Where is he now?"

"Out training again." The champion grinned stupidly and put his hand behind his head. "He defeated Max and me two times each this morning and didn´t want to train with us anymore, so he walked away to train alone."

Kai smirked a little about that. It would have been great to see that. "So what are you waiting for? Start training, the team need to be stronger not just individuals." He said and took back his bag from Max and walked inside.

After putting out his pillow and cover beside Max, Ray and Tyson´s beds on the dojo floor he put on his shoes again and left the house to find his last teammate.

He walked around on the other side of the yard, trying to listen and pick up any sound of a Beyblade or from Drigger.

"Welcome back dude." Was heard behind him, making him turn around. Mr Granger came out with his arms full of fire wood. He looked as happy as always, even though a little tired.

Kai nodded back in greeting and stepped over to him.

"How have it been on that school of yours? Been teaching the little ones how to rock it out with a blade?" he asked as he put down the wooden parts near the house.

"Something like that. Have you seen Ray?"

"You are lucky. Just fallow that path into the forest a bit. Ray is so into his training that he helped me cut down branches for the fire tonight with his blade. That tiger certainly is on fire today."

"Thanks see you later."

He hadn´t walked far until he picked up sound of trees breaking.

The sweat ran down over Ray´s cheek as he leaped off the ground ran three steps up on a tree trunk and made a back vault at the same time as he send away Drigger with a growl.

The white tiger appeared with a roar and his grey blade cut through another three that Mr. Granger had pointed out as target. The wood went flying at every direction.

The blade landed on the other side and quickly recovered it´s balance, Ray continued to run through the trees and jump over every obstacle with ease. Hi concentrated on a new branch that was twice as thick as the others and the blade launched for it.

Ray growled like his tiger to get more power for the attack and the blade cut through the branch with a green light.

As soon as the blade landed and avoided the branch that fell to the ground it was knocked away by a blue blade. Ray´s eyes widened but quickly turned to slits and he lunged for it with Drigger. The blue blade burst up in flames and a very familiar Dranzer revealed itself with a high pitch shriek.

"Drigger attack!" he yelled and the tiger came out a second time. Both bit-beast knew what to do and lunged for each other head on. With a bang was both thrown back by the force and they regrouped. Nobody wasted any time to attack again, but Ray made a swift movement to the side and changed angle.


Sparkles came from the collision of the blades and they were thrown back again and into a tree each. They cut trough like it was a knife through butter and the owners catched them swiftly in their hands.

They stood there watching each other in silence until it was broken by the two trees that collapsed by the strong force. The dust cloud slowly disappeared making them see each other again.

"You have gotten stronger." Was Kai´s first comment as he glanced down on his blade. It had good scratches on it."

"Not much left, before I´m good enough to take you on for real." The raven said in a serious tone, making the Russian to smile. "Think so?"

Ray didn´t answer, just put his blade back in his pocket and looked around.

"I know Tyson liked when you taught him to train like this in Russia."

"It is a good way if you have many things on your mind that needs to come out." He agreed and stepped a little closer so they were not in yelling distance.

He had hoped it would not be too awkward between them, and as Mr. Granger had said, he was lucky. Ray seemed quite calm to see him. That was a good sign.

"And knowing you, that´s exactly what you were trying to do." He said after a while.

Ray dried his face from sweat with his arm before looking up. "It´s been half a year Kai. Still think you know me that well."

"Maybe some things have changed but I still see that the same person I was in love with."

"You say you knew me then, and yet you didn´t expect me to leave you like that." He said in broke the eye contact.

"Yes, I didn´t expect that. It was the cruelest thing you could do to me."

The raven frowned and lowered his head more. If he had own a pair of cat ears, then they would be standing back right now. "If you really knew me Kai, then you would know why I left." He murmured and was turning to leave.

"I just told you what I felt then. But I can also tell you now that I understand why you left." The Russian said and stepped even closer, ready if Ray was going to run.

Ray looked at him over his shoulder sceptically. "You can?"

"Yeah, I can. You took a chance. Hoping and trusting me that I would find strength in us like you had your entire visit. You knew that I had to face these feeling for Wyatt to truly be sure that it was with you I belonged. Even if I didn´t want to, I had to. And it was going to be impossible with you around."

He didn´t dare to go any closer but he held out his hands. "You trusted me Ray. And it worked. I have come back to you if you still want me. And for the record, Yes, I still think I know you;

The most important thing in your life is Drigger and the traditions of your clan. Your favourite food is rise and you love long nights watching movies with Tyson and Max because you didn´t have movies when you were a child. I know that you like to try on my scarf when you think I´m not looking. And I know you don´t like to swim and hate when I compare you to cats even though I make my point because you don´t like water except from showers."

He took a little pause until he saw Ray get a vulnerable expression by his words and he continued.

"I know you are afraid of the wind, because it reminds you of you battle with Bryan in Russia. Even though you know it´s not dangerous you always jump slightly or show other signs of distress if a strong wind hits you, almost like you expect it to rip you to pieces….And I know you love me because every time I´m trying to leave the bed in the morning you pulls me closer to keep warm and you stay close to me even if you not even awake. You always whisper my name."

After he finished, there was only silence between them. Kai waited and waited, trying to hold back the will to take the raven in his arms and beg for another chance. But his pride didn´t let him. He had just spoken from the heart; it was more than he ever thought he would be able to do in the Abby. Feeling very depressed he admitted defeat to himself and turned to leave the other alone. Maybe he would get another chance to show Ray that he was back for real. They were going to be on the same team again after all. He felt a cold shiver in his back when the soft voice behind him said;

"I know you too; you have always claimed to hate Tyson but deep inside you consider him as a brother and you favourite food is pirogue. You are very proud to be Russian despite your dark past. Everyone one who likes you, claims that you don´t show feeling very good because you can´t. I know you also choose not to, because that´s part of who you are. You simply don´t like being nice sometimes.

I know you don´t always like movies because you get annoyed by the actors so you enjoy Max comics better when he and Tyson are not around. And I know that you love me, because you told me that every day and I knew if you would come back to me and say that it was me you wanted, I would ask you Why do you think I left? And I knew that you would have the right answer. I have never been this happy on being right, Kai. I can honestly say that I know you."

And then it came. His honest smile showing his white fangs. And it was all clear to move forward for Kai and hug him tightly. He took in the scent of his partner and didn´t want to let go. "Let´s start over." He whispered making Ray to agree. Feeling happier than in a long time he pulled back and leaned in to have a much missed kiss. He was therefore surprised when his lips met two fingers. Ray snickered at his shocked expression.

"If we are going to start over, then we should do it the right way. You are taking me out tonight, and you pay for the food." Kai´s mouth fell open when the tiger left his arms and backed away.

"And I don´t kiss on the first date." He said with a wink and started to walk back towards the house.

"Are you kidding me! We have been together for two years!" he yelled after him.

"I´ll be ready to leave at 8." Ray laughed and felt very victorious. That, until Kai tackled him from behind, making him yell out in surprise as they hit the ground.

"You little teaser. I know what you trying to do, you are short in money again aren´t ya!" Kai accused and managed to turn Ray around on his back before he sat down on his waist. Ray looked at him with big eyes, confirming that thought. "Ha! I knew it; I saw that new restaurant when I arrived in town. You want to eat there and make me pay! Not fair so don´t try and play shy with me, I´ve seen more of you than you have so cut the bull and kiss me."

Ray could only laugh as Kai pulled him up and covered his lips with his. It was such a familiar touch that made his whole body burn as Kai deepened the kiss and forced his tongue in to meet his. His moan made Kai smile as well when they pulled apart. With a sigh he called out Kai´s name and leaned back on the ground as his partner attacked his neck with hungry kisses. Ray leaned his head back to give Kai more access and at the same time pull his legs up over the backside of the Russian's thigh, trying to get so close contact as possible.

When Kai felt the other´s hand going under his shirt he reluctant pulled away with a laugh. "Ray, let´s not start something here…it´s not the place." Ray nodded with understanding and reached up for another deep kiss before he got up from the ground.

Looking at each other Kai held out his hand who Ray gladly takes, this time, they would make it without doubt. They left the damage area of broken wood behind, like symbol that all bad feelings between them were gone.

"So how come you lost all you money?" Kai asked as they fallowed the small path back to the house.

"I learned the hard way yesterday that Tyson is really good in poker."

"You know that he uses a mirror, don´t you?"

"What!" the raven shouted and glared at the house. "TYSON!"

(A week later)

Wyatt was standing by his window with a letter in hand.

Dear Wyatt,

Things went as well as I hoped. Thank you for letting me discover this happiness again. You are my best friend.

I see you soon. Ray sends his regards. Honest.

Your friend always.


Wyatt smiled and put down the letter on his desk while he looked out the window. "Good luck Kai." He murmured to himself.

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