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To Bat

Director Vance handed me two folders that had two men he wanted me to choose as my next Senior Agent. I didnt want one of these men to be my Senior Agent I only wanted Anthony DiNozzo to be my Senior Agent. Yes, he could be immature at times and he quoted a lot of movies, but hes a good Agent. Ive never said that I was proud of him, but I think that he knows. Maybe one of these days Ill tell him that he makes me proud. I have yet to tell him that it wasnt his fault for Jenny being dead. She was the one who told them to leave. If they didnt then Tony and Ziva would have both been dead.

I throw the two folders onto Vances table and tell him that I want DiNozzo back. I know hes probably not happy about my decision, but I dont care. I want Tony back on the team and wont take anybody else. He seems to think Im serious and hopefully Tony will be back on the team soon.

I stand at MTAC looking at Tonys face and talking to him about this latest case. I wonder if he still thinks its his fault that Jenny died. I hope he doesnt. Ill have to tell him that I dont think its his fault maybe that will help. When Vance said that you better pack you bags your boys going to need you. Thats why Im going to bat for him is because I see him as a son. Vance is right Tony is not my blood son, but who says you have to have the same blood inside to be a father and son? I know that he really didnt have all that great childhood because of the few clues hed dropped a few times and so I have became Tonys father. The father hed never had.

Id go to bat for him every time. Just like Id go to bat for anyone of my team. I watch as the team gather in front of Tony and listen to his tale that he is telling about his time as Agent Afloat. I glance up at Vance as Tony tells them that hes back on the team by Vances orders.

The End