Hey guys, it's Big D.

I'd like to thank you for reading "It's a Grand Old Team to Play For". It started this in 2009 after a frustrating season for Celtic. I wanted this to go on to showing the team winning the Scottish Premier League and making it deep in the Champions League. However, as time has gone by, I've lost interest in this story. And since I've begun writing Stern Des Sudens, it's really taken up my attention and I intend on finishing it within a year.

This story will always have a special meaning to me. It's my second-most read story, after all, but I think it's time I wrapped this up. First off, I apologize if the last chapter felt rushed. Originally, Tai and Sora were supposed to hook up later on, but I decided to make them hook up in chapter 13. I'm sorry if it seemed sudden, but I think I dropped enough hints on both sides that they had it bad for each other. I'd rather if they took their time, but I wanted to wrap this story up. At least it's better than "Million Points of Light", right?

But, that does not mean the book is closed on this story completely. I may continue this story one day. When, though, is up in the air. If you guys encourage me enough, I may write some extra chapters for this story. I'm willing to do it!

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for reading and reviewing this story. You guys have been great.

Hail hail, Mon the Hoops and go Celtic!