Well here it is! This is the continuation of my one-shot 'My Mistake'. I recommend reading it before you read this, but you don't have to. It's going to be a Roy/Ed, but I'm going to try and make it as realistic as possible, making there relationship credible. That doesn't mean that I'm going to be able to keep everyone totally in character but I will try my best, making slight alterations as their relationship develops.

If you don't like Roy/Ed, but did want to read a Roy/Parental I am also shortly going to post another story which will be an alternative sort of sequel to 'My Mistake' where it is a Roy/Parental, so just watch the space.

Just a few warnings I've got this as a Mature just to be safe because chances are later on I will be putting some more visual things into it, for now however it's going to be pretty calm.

Warning: Swearing, Mentions of Abuse/Possible-Rape/ And Good old Shonenai. (it'll turn into a Yaoi later on.)

Disclaimer – Don't own, but if I did I would be doing everything my power to bring Hughes back to life!


Mustang looked up toward his doorway as a knock sounded again. He blinked, and stood placing his glass down and going to go and answer it.

Opening the door he allowed Maes into the room with a small nod of the head, before moving sluggishly back to the sofa and sitting down again.

"Edward gone?" Hughes asked looking around, Roy inclined his head, taking up his glass again and taking a sip from its amber coloured contents.

"He woke about an hour ago and excused himself quickly after that."

"I'm not surprised, he was probably embarrassed."

"Yes. Probably." Roy flopped his head back on the rest and gave out a small moan. "Ugh, I'm exhausted."
"You don't look to sharp, I'll admit it." Maes sat down next to him and nudged him on the shoulder. "What number are you on?"


"Glass. What number?"


"How much have you drunk already Roy-"

"-I know what you're asking Hughes, I'm not an idiot. And it's only my third." Roy swished the brandy in his glass, watching the dark golden liquid catch the light. "Maybe my fourth."

Hughes took the glass from his hand and pushed Roy back onto the sofa as the man attempted to make a protestant grab for it. "Enough. It's a week day Roy, you're not usually this bad even during the holidays. What's been bothering you?"

"This is why I hate you. I can't do anything without you psychoanalysing it."

"Drinking excessive amounts randomly isn't just doing 'anything'." Hughes gave a little chuckle.

"Nothing get's past you does it?"

"No Roy, nothing."

"It'll kill you one day."

"Of course it will. Now would you like to stop avoiding the conversation and talk to me about what's bothering you?" He took a seat once more beside the man, placing the glass out of reaching distance. Roy didn't appear drunk, or crazed enough to try and make a mad grab for it anyway. If anything the man just looked sober and relaxed….hmm, no, maybe not relaxed, more like open.

"I've just been thinking a lot…about the past." His voice didn't sound strained or emotional, but instead rather thoughtful as if he didn't know quite which emotion to grasp when thinking about such a delicate topic.

"Ah. And I suppose Ed's antics earlier didn't help with ridding yourself of those muses then."

"…" Roy shrugged, "I just don't know anymore Hughes…I must have been mentally scarred somewhere in my childhood…"

"It's pretty hard to find a time when you probably shouldn't have been mentally scarred when it comes to your childhood."

"Thanks. I feel so much more normal now."

Hughes gave out a long sigh. "You were going to have to talk about it sometime, but I can't image why you would bring the topic up now."

"…What is wrong with me Maes?" Roy put his hands to his face and rubbed his eyes. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

"…This is because you have feelings for Ed, isn't it?"

The Flame Alchemist froze in place, his hands paralysed over his eyes, and even his breathing stilled. Hughes shook his head and pocked the man in the ribs.

"Don't act like that; I guessed that it was the case a little while ago."

"…Is it that obvious?"

"No, I'm just perspective, and I know you."

"…" Roy gave out a sudden half strangled dry sob and doubled his body over so that his head was planted into his knees and his hands were scrunched through his hair.

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

"There is nothing wrong with you."

"He's sixteen!"

"Roy, it's perfectly natural to-"

"-Perfectly natural to what? Be a paedophile?" he sat up and stared daggers toward his friend. Hughes raised an eyebrow at him as the Alchemist continued his rant. "I can't help myself! I see him and I just… hell I don't know! It's not like when I see some woman in the street, I get her back here and any lust I had can be over and done with by the time she sneaks out of my apartment in the morning. But Edward! No! He's just so difficult! Loud, obnoxious annoying little brat! And I-" He cut himself off and put his head into his hands with a loud groan, "This is all my fathers fault, I know it."


"I'm turning into him…I know it."

"No Roy. You are nothing like your father, do you understand? His thoughts and views on the people around him are nothing like yours. Ok?" He moved in closer to his friend and took him by the shoulders.

"How…how are they any different?"

"Roy even I don't consider Edward a child anymore. It's true that some aspects of him are still child like, but his mind is as much an adult as yours and mine are, only perhaps more innocent."

"…Yeah, an innocence I'm trying to steal."

"Roy, you don't like him because he's a young boy, you like him because he's Ed."

"I'm not even gay." Roy moaned, "I've only ever lusted over women. Women."

"Your narrow-mindedness on the subject is your fathers fault. I know that he dismissed any homosexual behaviour saying that it was ethically wrong. Deciding sleeping with little girls on the street was fine instead."

"…you can take on a tone of disgust when you say that, so what's the difference with me?"

"Your father slept around with whored children for fun, you actually have feelings for someone."

"Yeah; a child, and not only that but a boy too."

Hughes narrowed his eyes, "I've told you before Roy, you don't fall in-love with a gender, you fall in-love with a person. Age, sex, race none of those matter."

"Yeah, until you're a thirty year old looking for someone half your age."

"He's sixteen and old enough to make his own decisions."

"He's sixteen, and I'm fourteen years older then him. Hell in the slums I could technically be his father."

"Roy that's disgusting."

"That's my point."

"I wasn't talking about- don't twist my words! I meant a fourteen your old being a father."

"My father was only fifteen when he and my mother had me."

"…" Maes stared forward in shock, as Roy hung his head, his eyes hidden behind a curtain of black hair. Maes slowly moved his hand up and around the mans shoulders and then slowly pulled him into a one armed embrace. "What did he do to you Roy?"

"…To damn perspective for your own good."

"Roy! What the hell did he do to you?"

"Piece things together like a little puzzle…hell, piece things that don't even look like jigsaw bits and solve a riddle that no one asked. That's what you do."

"He didn't only sleep with those girls on the street, did he?"

"…" Roy gave out a long sigh and lent back on the sofa, tilting his head back to look up toward the ceiling. "No."

"…Oh my God."


"…Why did you never tell me?"

"I haven't told you anything yet."

"…You're going to defend him even now!? When you've practically already screamed out to me that he-"

"-What are you going to do to him?" Roy raised an eyebrow with a small smirk.

"Get him sentenced to life in jail of course! I'll have him hung up and-"

"-You can if you want." Mustang chuckled, "You'd have to unbury him first."

"…Unbury who-what-now?"

"If you can find his grave that is."
"…Your father's dead?"

"Didn't I ever tell you?" the Colonel closed his eyes, "he died in a terrible accident. Yes, a terrible terrible accident."

"…What terrible accident?"

"He fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth, and accidentally set alight to the house. Nasty things cigarettes, always telling Havoc to stop but does he listen? Nooo." He shrugged. "Lucky for us the rest of the family weren't in the house at the time."

"…You killed him?"

"I didn't say that."

"You might as well have."

"Just because I use flames now doesn't mean that I killed my father. If you would care to think you would realise that at that stage in my life I hadn't even learnt how to use flame alchemy yet…but the incident, well it is so poetically justified, isn't it?" Roy grinned, and then sighed. "Listen to me babbling on…I sound pathetic. He wasn't a bad father you know."

"Yeah, I can tell." Hughes scoffed, his face twisted and appalled.

"No. Really he wasn't. There was a time I remember when everything was all good." The boy shrugged, "But things happened. Ah, whatever. I don't care anymore. I'm more messed up by Ishabal then I am by anything that my father did to me, and not only was Ishabal 'legal' I was called a hero for my crimes during it." He stood. "I'm going to bed, I feel like some one's attacking my brain with a hammer."
"…Alright. I take it you won't be coming into work tomorrow?"

Roy raised an eyebrow, "What gave you that impression?" he asked before banging his shin into the coffee table. "Ow! Bugger!"

"Well, seeing as not only has your coordination gone down so much I doubt you can even find your bedroom right now, you seem to have forgotten that you're going to have one hell of a hang over in the morning."

"It doesn't matter Maes if I can't find my bedroom, because I'm in my flat and I have grown accustom to sleeping-" he flopped down onto his carpet, "-on the floor."

"Wow…you're even more stupid when your drunk then I remember."

"As for the hang over, well, whatever, it can't be that bad. Goodnight."

Hughes shook his head stooping down and pulling on his friends arm. "Come on. You're not sleeping the middle of the room like a collapsed war victim."

"I am a collapsed war victim, now have some respect for the nearly dead and bugger off." Roy feigned a stab wound and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Hughes laughed and tugged at his friends arm again.

"Of course you are Roy, now come on."

The Flame Alchemist gave a little moan of annoyance and then slowly allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. With Maes's help he was navigated to his bedroom.

"Right, I'm going to go and clear up your mess outside. When I come back I want you out of your uniform and in bed."

"I am not your three year old daughter Maes." Roy stuck out his tongue and began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

"Your right, you're not nearly as cute." Hughes closed the door and Roy was left to his own devices.

The flame Alchemist slowly undid his trousers, slipping them off and slinging them over his chair. He pulled off his socks, and then his shirt and rubbed his hand through his dark hair, yawning as he did.

Then he pulled back his covers and slipped under them into the bed. He rubbed his face in the soft cotton of his pillows and released a long sigh. He was already feeling queasy, but somewhere in the back of his mind something was reminding him that he when he woke up he was going to want to kill himself.

The bedding was soft and he could already feel himself being lost in the kind scent of his washing up liquid. It always made him think of home.

Yeah…any minute now his mother was going to come through the doorway, her gentle face pale as it had always been, cheeks as soft as petals, eyes large adoring and light. She would lean over him, pat his hair and kiss him good night whispering for him to have good dreams, and then she would go to the twin bed opposite and do the same thing again to his other siblings. Yeah…they were being quite tonight. Maybe he was the only one in? Had mother already taken them away? Had-

A shadow appeared in the doorway, eyes blurry Roy couldn't see clearly who it was. He sniffed and blinked. "Goodnight daddy." He mumbled hopefully.

The figure came into the room, and Roy remained very still. Slowly he felt a hand stroke across his forehead and a sigh.

"Night Roy, I do not want to be you in the morning."

"…Hughes…sorry, I thought you were-"

"-I know, go to sleep. I'll show myself out."

He closed his eyes properly now, his mind relaxed and slowly he dozed into another dream.


Roy ran his fingers through Ed's hair, and the boy felt a tingle travel down his spine. He liked that, there was something so ghostly about the Colonel's touch when he did that. Ed moved his hands up to the man's chest and he slowly encircled his arms up around to his back, pulling him into an embrace.

Roy did the same, tilting his head down to the side and gently kissing the Elric's neck.

"Ugh…" Ed moaned, "…Mmmh"

"Fullmetal…Sorry, I can't-

Ed's eyes shot open and he sat bolt upright. Instantly his hands flue up to his neck where he could almost still feel the soft trail of kisses that lined down it.

Of course that was ridiculous! He blinked; It had all been a dream. Well of course it had been a dream! In what reality would he and the Colonel be…being doing…


Edward leapt out of his skin with fright as his brothers voice came from the gloom.

"O my God Al! Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry Nii-san, are you alright?" the suit of armours eyes glowed in the dark almost eerily from where he was sat in the corner.

"Yeah…I just had a weird dream is all."

"What was it about?"

"Nothing! Uh…I mean, I can't remember." Edward gave a nervious laugh, "It was something totally ridiculous though, yeah, totally-ahahaha…ha….Well anyway, I had better get back to sleep now, lots to do in the morning! Goodnight!" he threw himself back down onto the bed, and turned to face the wall, his face red.

Unbelievable. He had just had a dream where he was willingly, and wantonly about to kiss Colonel Roy Mustang and had forgotten that his younger brother was in the same room as him. Oh God, he really hoped he hadn't been moaning aloud!

But what the hell was the dream about? That was freaky as hell.

'I mean Mustang? Mustang?!'

He had never once considered his feeling concerning the man to be anything other then hate, friendship, and a mild form of respect. I mean it was Mustang! Womanizing, blackmailing, lazy bastard Roy Mustang!

"I'm just sorry I didn't arrive sooner, I'm sorry."

That must have been it. He had fallen asleep thinking about that once in a blue moon kindness that the colonel had shown him earlier when he had nearly blown up the office, and his brain must have become mixed up by the strange messages and conjured up that stupid dream. Yeah. That had to be the answer.

But the way that he had reacted in his dream, the small rush of excitement when he had woken and thought just for a minute it was real…Ah his stupid body! This was all because he was a teenager! His damn hormones were trying to eat him!

"Nii-san, are you sure you're ok? Are you cold?"

"Uh…No, I'm fine."

"But you're shaking."

"…I just need the toilet that's all." Ed rolled out of the bed landing with a soft click on the floor and moving toward the on suit bathroom. Honestly the Military dorms open for Alchemist were sweet, for any other soldier they would have to trek down the corridor to the shared ones.

He closed the door and went to the sink, turning the tap and splashing some water across his face. He glanced up at the mirror and cursed. His face was still a faint pink from the dream. Stupid dumb damn dream!

"Nii-san." Al was stood in the doorway. "I'm not an idiot."

Ed stopped the tap and shook his head, letting water droplets sprinkle across the mirror. "I know Al."

"Did you dream about Mum?"

"No. No it wasn't anything like that. Really. You don't need to worry, I'm just a bit confused right now." Ed suddenly snarled, "Geez! What the hell is there to be confused about! For God sake Fullmetal! Get a grip!"

Al gave a little laugh.

"What? What are you laughing at?"

"You called yourself 'Fullmetal', as far as I remember only the Colonel Mustang calls you that."

"Graaaaagh!" Edward smacked his head tightly against the wall, his hands gripping his fringe. "Not that bastard again!"

"Don't be mean Nii-san, he was really nice to you earlier on. Lt. Hawkeye told me, you could have been in so much trouble if the Colonel hadn't made sure that it was all hushed down. He even helped you to stop the flames."

Ed sighed, "I know Al…I know…I guess now I just don't know what to think of him. How do I act around him? I can't just…be how we normally are, but…then what the hell am I meant to do?"
"Is that's what's bothering you?"

"Well I did fall asleep in his apartment…God that was so embarrassing." Ed shook his head and slapped his palm to his forehead. "I mean…he didn't even look… annoyed."

"There's probably a lot more to him then we know Nii-san. It's like Mum always said, you have to get into some else's skin and walk around in it before you can even begin to understand them." Al told him.

"Hah…sometimes I wonder am I really the older brother or are you?" Ed sighed, and sat down his head resting against the sink. "I guess I'll just have to act what I feel when I see him next…I'll just see what he does first. If he acts normal then I will, if he doesn't then…I dunno, we'll see."

"Yeah." Al nodded, "Now come on, it's late and you have to get up tomorrow, so go to bed."

"Hm? Why do I have to get up?"

"You have the physical assessment tomorrow, remember? All the Alchemists do."

"…Oh dammit! I forgot! Thanks for the reminder Al, I really had better go to sleep."

Ed allowed himself to be pulled to his feet by his brother as the two walked back into the bedroom. He flopped down onto his bed and gazed up at the ceiling.

"Hey Al…"

"Yes Nii-san?"

"…Mustang's an asshole and all, but he's pretty cool."

"Yes Nii-san."

Ed smiled and closed his eyes. There was no way he was interested in Mustang in that way, but perhaps he could actually get on with the man…maybe….


"Oh dear God in hell." Mustang groaned as his alarm clock went off, it's high pitched beeping stabbing through his soft ear drums. He sobbed dryly into the pillow as he shoved his face roughly against it to try and drown out the sound, an action that caused his head to spin and stab out in complaint.

Yesterday he has claimed that the hang over couldn't possibly be that bad…Well he now had to correct himself. It was that bad. It was like having an army over oversized people shoved through his ears into his brain. He officially wanted nothing more then to die.

Incidentally the alarm's repetitive desperate bleating was not helping with his pounding headache and quickly forming suicidal wants.

He went to smack it hard with his fist only to miss his side desk my inches. The momentum of the movement caused him to tumble out of the bed onto the floor, and to add insult to injury he slammed his head against his side table, and the alarm clock was knocked down to his side shattering. "ooow….nooo, please…pain!" he gripped his hands to his face and cursed.

'…Well…I'm out of bed now I suppose…Oh no-'

Standing slowly he stumbled as quickly as he could to the bathroom and vomited rather un-majestically in the toilet, so glad that no one in his staff had ever seen him like this. "I feel like I'm dying." He moaned, pressing his forehead to the cool sink basin as he flushed the toilet and turned on the tap. Washing his hands he splashed the water to his face and looked up at his reflection. Just as he had suspected: he looked like shit.

Shaking his head he immediately regretted the action as it caused his world to spin around him, and he fell back into the shower curtain tearing it as he landed in the bath.

"oooh…." He dry sobbed, lying completely still as he tried with all his might to find a single part of his body that now did not hurt.

After many years of practise Mustang had been able to train himself to get up and move in all situations, even if his arms and legs were broken, and he couldn't tell the difference between the sky and the floor he could force himself to get up and move. It was a matter of survival; he had to be able to live no matter what happened to him. It had worked wonders in Ishabal, and it had worked wonders in the after mass of Ishabal when he had tried to drink himself to death too.

'Come on Mustang you pathetic piece of shit…get up.'

With this strict coding now stuck in his brain he was able to lift himself out of the bath and go back to his room where he proceeded to dress, an action that was wired into him and therefore did not take much brain effort on his part.

After this he went to the kitchen, his stomach turning at the idea of food, and he got himself a large glass of water which he downed, refilled and downed again.

'I feel like a whale…'

He refilled it one last time and forced himself to drink it all down to the last drop. Now if his body claimed dehydration he would stab it.

Putting on his glove he put his hand in his pocket and moved out. Hughes had locked his flat after he left and Mustang had a little trouble trying to work out the mechanism on how to open it again. He had given Hughes a key years ago on the off chance that he went a little over board on a depression cruise and tried something rash. Yeah…Hughes was the only man who had ever seen him break down, and he planned to keep it that way.

He decided to walk to work today, the distance not being particularly large. He managed to cross most of it in a daze, and before he knew it he was standing in the doorway of his office quite amazed that he hadn't been hit by a car on the way. He felt queasy again from drinking so much water, but his head was much cleared.

"Well well well! I had my serious doubts! But there you are!" Maes chirped happily from across the room where he was standing with Lt. Hawkeye.

"Hughes…I swear to God…if you speak that loudly again…I will shoot you." His brain was wringing – so much for his head being clear.

"Aw! What's the matter? Can't hold your drink?" Hughes grinned.

"Don't you ever have any work to do? Or you know what, better yet, anything to do other then annoy me?!" Mustang demanded.

"He doesn't look that hung over." Havoc mumbled from the side, "just pissed off."

"Wait a minute, stay with me on this one." Hughes cackled, "Hey Colonel Mustang, tell me this, what's three times sixteen?"

Roy bent his leg up behind him, undid his shoe and threw it at Hughes, hitting him square in the face. "Shut up. I feel like I just got hit by train. Continue talking on pain of death."

"Wow…you're aim is superb this morning…You must have already vomited everything up! No fair!" Hughes complained from the floor as Mustang moved to his desk and picked up his shoe.

"Keep talking if you want to die." He said putting it back on.

"You're no fun."

"…I'll show you fun in a minu-" Mustang was cut off by Lt. Hawkeye placing a large mug on his desk. "…What is that Lt. Hawkeye."

"The cure to your hang over. Drink it."

"…" Mustang blinked at it, and felt his stomach turn at the idea of him taking it any more liquid… then there was also the fact that the drink looked like a disgusting mixture of eggs, orange juice and other substances. "Thank you but I am fine."

"Drink it."

"…" he looked up at her, looked toward the door and began calculating and judging his chances of reaching it before she got to him. It was worth the risk. He leapt up and made a dash, unfortunately his lieutenant wasn't a slow woman. She caught him by the collar and forced him down, and only not that but managed to hold the mug of liquid without spilling a single drop.

"Get off me Lt. Hawkeye!"

"Stop being a baby!"
"I am not being a baby! Not only do I feel fine, but I have now regained feeling in my brain so this is all really rather unnecessary!"

"Drink it!"

"You can't make me!"

"Hey…maybe he is hung over." Havoc raised an eyebrow before handing a fiver to Hughes who grinned.

"What did I tell you?"

"Uh…What's going on?"

Everyone stopped to look up toward the doorway where Ed and Al were now stood, both (though you would have though it impossible in Al's case) wearing expression of confusion.

"Um…" Mustang began, and then drooped his head in defeat. "We're just…re-enacting something from Ishabal for…Fuery's sake."
"What?" the small man asked from where he had been watching the whole scene from his desk. "I don't remember-"

"-And this is the part where I, Colonel Mustang, blew the Ishabalian warrior up into smithereens." Mustang shot him a look and the man eeped.

"Riiight." Ed raised an eyebrow as Roy sat up straight and looked toward Riza.

"Ah, Lt. Hawkeye, my morning coffee thank you." He took the cursed drink which was anything but coffee and, forcing his stomach down with his will, downed the beverage. The moment he had finished he passed the mug back to her and stood. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and speak with someone." He announced before walking as briskly as he could past Ed and Al who still stood in the doorway.

"He's embarrassed." He heard Havoc say behind him and made a mental note to have him killed later. But first- more pressing matters.

He made it to the bathroom in time, and vomited again, not even having time to close the cubicle door behind him. He felt, amongst the confusion of retching that someone was holding his head.

"You're a bastard Hughes." He managed to mumble when he was finished, resting his forehead against where his arms were crossed over the basin. The smell wasn't nearly as disgusting as it was earlier on. Now it was all mostly water along with Hawkeyes strange hang over smoothie.

"Hah, well I get that a lot from you. You haven't eaten anything today have you?"

"Yeah, I can't imagine why."

Maes chuckled and patted him on the back. "Well I did warn you."

"Save me the sermon of my sins."

"Might as well say it now while you're less dangerous." Hughes laughed, "Do you feel better?"

"Good. I had to say I had my serious doubts about you coming into work today, despite what you said. But then I suppose you had to didn't you?"

"…Yes, or I would be dragged from home by a certain Lieutenant, which is much more painful in the long run." Mustang murmured sitting up slightly and flushing the toilet.

"Um…Well actually I was referring to the fact that you have your Alchemy Assessment today."

"…" Roy looked at him face black for a moment, and then breaking out into panic. "Shit! I forgot!"

"You honestly didn't know?" Maes felt his mouth drop, "you thought it was a normal day and you still dragged yourself out of bed!? Roy! I'm impressed!"

"Who gives a crap about that!? I'm screwed! The higher ups are going to go lightly on me because I have a hang over!"

"Relax, you were hung over, ill and drunk half the time you were in Ishabal and you're alive."

"That's because in Ishabal I was just blowing things up! There was no order or anything, I just killed relentlessly!"

"Hmm…." Maes's face went thoughtful for a moment and then he looked over to his friend, "You have something on your nose."

"Thanks." Roy rubbed the tip of his nose and Maes burst into a smile.

"See, if you can find your own nose, fire a shoe directly into someone face and make witty death threats your fine."

"Now go back to your office and get ready. I'll be watching the assessment, apparently it's going to be great this year, can't wait to watch you one by one getting annihilated."



"…I really hate you."


Edward looked over to his brother who shrugged as Mustang swept past them, his face pale but cheeks very slightly tinged pink. This was clearly one aspect of the Military that the Elrics were unaware of.

"He's embarrassed." Havoc chuckled to himself as Maes walked after the Colonel stopping only to pat Ed on the shoulder and give Al a brief smile.

"What on earth is going on?" he asked as Hughes disappeared out of the doorway.

"The Colonel has a hang over and these guys thought it would be funny to annoy him." Breda said taking a sip of coffee.

"These guys?" Ed blinked, "Why, didn't you agree?"

"Well…it was pretty funny, but I stayed out of it because the Colonels going to turn them into chow main when he's feeling better."

"Relax." Havoc gave a puff of his cigarette and rolled his eyes. "The Colonel's got more to worry about with the assessment coming up."

"…Why would the Colonel be worried about the assessment?" Al asked as his brother came forward a took a seat in the room.

"You haven't heard what you guys have to do yet?"


"Well it's a physical."

"I know that, but what does that mean?" Ed asked.

"That's right, you haven't had to do one yet, have you Edward?" Riza hummed under her breath. "They happen every four years; there designed to be able to assure that Alchemists can also be used in battle."

"No way, I thought it was all about handing in your research unless you were a specific ranking in the army." Ed blinked.

"Normally yes, but as I said, they need to make sure that Alchemist will also be useful in battle. They are, after all, the secret weapon of the military."

"Yeah, look at Ishabal." Breda nodded, "They sent the Alchemists in to clear the whole place up…or more to the point burn it to the ground, quite literally-"

"-Anyway" Lt. Hawkeye interrupted him "the physical normally consists of Alchemists fighting one another, or perhaps fighting off troops. The exercises can change and vary from fighting in groups and going solo. You're only told what to do minutes before you go on, which is meant to represent a war situation where you can get orders on the spot at a battle field which you must obey straight away."

"…So I still don't get why Mustang's in trouble." Ed leant back, looking toward the ceiling. "He can just blow anyone who's causing him trouble up."
"Yeah but the Colonel ain't exactly popular." Havoc blew out a train of smoke and blinked lazily. "He's one off the younger Alchemists of us all, though naturally not nearly as close to your age but yeah."

"So he's younger then some of the other old geezers, shouldn't that give him an advantage?"

"Well yes he's younger, but he's also a Colonel already, and funnily enough people don't like that. He has a lot of enemies around the older generation of Alchemists, in the younger they mostly look up to him…but still…" Havoc shrugged, "Chances are if they're allowed those who don't like him will probably form a mob and lynch him."

"Yeah, that's what they tried to do the last time." Falman added.

"Ahahaha, and failed epically if I recall." Breda laughed, "f'you ask me he'll be fine."

"Hm…we'll be sent to fight huh?" Ed looked up toward the ceiling and blinked lazily, "That's alright seeing as that's nearer my forte then just research notes."

"Will you be alright Nii-san."

"Yeah, it's cool. This actually sounds like it's going to be quite fun." Ed grinned, and clenched his fingers into a fist. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Well that's good to hear." A voice spoke from the doorway and he sat up to see the Colonel standing there, his face a more normal colour now, and smirk set in place. "Because they've called for us. Ready to go Fullmetal?"

"Like hell I am." Ed jumped to his feet. "See you guys later after I've totally kicked those old bastards' asses!"

"Good luck Nii-san, Colonel, we'll be watching!" Al waved as Ed reached the doorway, and began to follow after his commanding officer who strode, hands in pocket and demeanour relaxed.

'Hm…he doesn't look fazed…this should be easy.'

Ed thought to himself as he fell into step with Roy and the two walked in silence toward the large gathering of Alchemist outside the Fuhrer's office.


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