Author's note: Had to do two this week. The first one was an image that got stuck in my head and had to be written down. The second one was pushing a metaphor and I can't resist.

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Words: 100. What else did you expect?

Splinters of Betrayal

"Get OFF me!" Dean growled, violently shaking off Sam's grip in a jangle of chains.

He looked down on them, evidence of Sam's betrayal, and then met Sam's resolute, cool gaze.

Behind him Ruby and her splinter faction snickered.

"You ARE coming, Dean" Sam said, patient and grim.

"And if I don't?" Dean asked.

"I knock you senseless and we carry you" Sam answered promptly.

Dean wished he could beat some sense into the kid, wondering if a pleading, vulnerable look would soften Sam to release him.

But Dean wasn't much of an actor.

He wasn't frightened.

He was furious.