(A/N: This was inspired when I was thinking about how the imprint could use their power over the imprinted wolf to make them their servant or something.)


In the end, it was Leah's imprint who made up her mind about running away with Jacob.

Leah's imprint was lazy, obnoxious, and a pain in the neck.

He treated Leah like his servant while he sat around and played video games all day.

Jacob had made fun of Leah's imprint from the time Leah imprinted, but Leah thought he was just jealous that she imprinted before him.

But then Jacob opened up her eyes to how horrible her imprint really was.

Her imprint didn't really like her. He just liked his video games and junk food.

Once, Leah had been blinded by imprinting, but now she saw how terrible her imprint was.

So she was breaking the imprint, running away with Jacob.

Her imprint would never even know that she was gone.

(A/N: I'm not totally sure how much I like this. If you want a more detailed description of Leah's imprint, think about the most obnoxious boy you've ever gone to school with. You know, the one who doesn't know the meaning of personal space, who sits next to you in all of your classes annoy you, who puts Styrofoam in your hair…er…never mind. Let me know if you see any typos, and reviews are love!)